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Christmas decoration to make for adults – ultra creative projects for a unique decoration

With Christmas fast approaching, it’s time to help our homes put on their festive attire. And while some will spend a colossal amount of money making sure their decor is the best, there are others who will steer clear of the crowds swarming the stores. They will prefer the comfort of the family home and rely on their own hands to make small, unique DIY decorations with high added value. Today, we’ll give them a little helping hand by offering them lots of great Christmas decoration suggestions to make for adults..

A small magical world to create for its Nordic spirit decor – wonderful Christmas decoration idea to make for adults

small scenes snow globe in a jar glass container with artificial snow and deer and fir figurines, Christmas decoration to make

Light garland in electric bulbs – superb Christmas decoration idea to make for adults with recycled objects

Materials and tools needed:

  • miniature light bulbs
  • acrylic paint in various colors
  • christmas garland to hang

Step by step realization:

  1. To first repaint the light bulbs, we will soak them in the paint. Then remove carefully and let the paint drain well. You will need some patience, as this is a process that will take a few minutes. However, make sure you haven’t left any excess paint !
  2. Then, turn each bulb over and let dry. In case the bottoms of the latter cannot remain stable, you can think of drilling holes in a cardboard, so as to create a drying rack..
  3. Finally, to compose your decoration, store the mini-bulbs on the garland by attaching with a glue gun. Install on a wall, decorate your desk, storage or even why not your Christmas tree !

Beautiful upcycling project as a Christmas decoration idea to make for adults

how to make a Christmas garland out of glitter garland and colorful miniature light bulbs of paint and attached, Christmas decoration to make for adults, Christmas DIY for adults

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How to make a table decoration for Christmas? Do-it-yourself potpourri tutorial to embellish your interior with Christmas scents

Materials and tools needed:

  • orange, lemon and lime slices
  • cinnamon sticks
  • cones

Step by step realization:

Important note: if you plan to air dry your fruit, the project should start weeks before its final completion; note, however, that you could dehydrate your fruit in the oven – in this case the drying time would be only 3 hours at a low temperature of 50 º C. However, as you will see below, the drying in the microwave -waves is another option to consider;

  1. Choose fairly aromatic fruits and cut them into slices of about 1/2 cm. Then let them drip on a paper towel. This will absorb some of the moisture before proceeding with the drying process.
  2. Place the slices on the plate of your microwave oven and put in defrost mode. Dry your fruit at 10-minute intervals, turning the slices each time. The drying time will depend on the power of your microwave, so be careful not to burn the fruit! If you are at such a risk, reduce the intervals to 5 minutes..
  3. Finally compose your medley. In the specific case, apart from the dried fruits, we also used cinnamon sticks and pine cones but you could also add star anise, whole almonds, essential oils and others …

Does it smell like Christmas at home? Not yet ? Do not hesitate to do this awesome manual Christmas activity

idea to make a pot pourri in a glass bowl with dried lemon and orange slices, cinnamon sticks and pine cones, Christmas decoration to make for adults

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How to make homemade Christmas balls ?

DIY Christmas balls are a whole different world of decoration that is also teeming with original suggestions. here, Two ways to proceed! Either we will decorate their outer or inner surface, or we fill them with small decorations. In the first case, it is most often small patterns drawn in paint, pompoms or glitter attached with glue. In the second case, your choice is even richer – confetti, pine branches, artificial snow and figurines to recreate small fairy scenes … But still, any other decorative object that you like, as long as it is. small enough! We present you below representative examples of these two general techniques which are super easy to perform..

white branch in a plastic bottle decorated with various size Christmas balls, copper cup, rosemary, dried orange slices

Christmas balls inside painted with gold foil Christmas decoration

Materials and tools needed:

  • transparent christmas balls
  • assorted acrylic paints
  • ribbon
  • brush
  • Golden leaf
  • glue varnish

Step by step realization:

  1. First choose paint colors that you like and that you think are appropriate for decorating your handmade snowballs. Then, pour a generous drop of your chosen paint inside the ball you would like to decorate. Close the opening of the ball with your finger, shake and swirl so that the paint spreads over the entire interior surface. If necessary, do not hesitate to add more paint !
  2. Then treat the outside surface with glue varnish before adhering your gold leaf. It is also up to you to choose whether you would like to cover the entire surface or only part of it.
  3. Let the glue dry until the surface attaches well. Secure the gold leaf to your ball by wrapping it around, making sure to brush off the excess with a brush. Apply a layer of glue varnish to adhere.
  4. Put the cap back on and hang on a strip of gold ribbon.

Make Christmas baubles like no other – yes, because they bear the imprint of your own imagination and creative efforts

make a personalized transparent ball snowball with blue paint inside and a gold leaf

white Christmas tree decoration decorated with transparent Christmas balls decorated with blue paint and gold leaf on the outside

© thesweetestortunity

Christmas balls filled with confetti for a colorful handmade Christmas decoration

Materials and tools needed:

  • transparent christmas balls
  • glitter confetti
  • some water
  • sheet of paper

Step by step realization:

  1. First remove the tie from your Christmas bauble to fill the inside with glitter confetti. To do this, fold the sheet of paper in half, so as to create a kind of funnel, which will actually make your task much easier. !
  2. Then fill your Christmas ball with 2-3 drops of water. Place your thumb on the opening of the ball and shake, so that the confetti can hang on the inside surface of your ball..
  3. Let the balls dry well overnight before putting the hooks back in their place.

Fancy a colorful Christmas? … This DIY Christmas decoration for adults is what you are looking for

personalized transparent Christmas balls with glittery confetti inside, handmade Christmas decoration for the original Christmas tree

© blissmakes

Fairy Christmas decoration manufacturing: DIY snow globe in a recycled jar that will transport you to a magical universe

A magical little world enclosed in a recycled jar – nothing could be more wonderful and awesome to invite the fairy spirit in and have your little corner of the North Pole at home. Here is a tutorial that will help you make this decoration in two steps, three movements.

 Materials and tools needed:

  • glass jar
  • strong glue
  • white glue to put in the jar (a very common solution is to use a drop or a few drops of glycerin instead)
  • scissors
  • glue gun
  • Christmas tree figurine or other small figurine
  • glitter

Step by step realization:

  1. What you need to do first is attach the figurine to the inner part of your lid. If you want the little decoration you are going to decorate your lid with to gain height, you could attach an additional support. This could be for example the bottom of a plastic cup which you will have to attach with glue.
  2. Then also glue the small tree on it and you are ready to go to the next step.
  3. Now you need to fill your jar with a sufficient amount of white glue. Add the sprinkles (no more than 1/5 of the contents of the small pot of glitter) and finally, fill with hot water to the brim (but not to the brim) because the water level will rise again under the pressure of the figurine.
  4. Turn your lid over so that the figurine is inserted into the jar and screw on. You could also use hot glue for added strength.
  5. Turn the jar over, shake and watch the snow fall.

A Christmas decoration to make yourself that invites us to embark on an imaginary journey in the country of Santa Claus

make original snow globe with artificial snow and artificial Christmas tree figurine with glycerin, Christmas decoration idea to make yourself

© heyletsmakestuff

How to make Christmas decorations yourself using scrap items

Recycling a glass jar or jar to make a snow globe is quite a common idea, but still, there are plenty of upcycling creative projects with this popular recycled material. For example, you could make these beautiful vases you see below by repainting glass jars with a few coats of slate paint (smoothing dry after applying each one). Then, just use a hot glue gun to attach small artificial ornaments and you have a super elegant centerpiece !

A refined centerpiece for your elegant Christmas – excellent idea of ​​homemade Christmas decoration

Christmas decoration idea to make yourself in recycled glass jars decorated with slate paint and artificial holly and apple branches decorations

© designimprovised

A Scandinavian-style Christmas wreath for a refined festive touch: another cool DIY Christmas decoration project for adults

Materials and tools needed:

  • embroidery hoop
  • ribbon
  • wool yarn and fishing line
  • artificial pine branches
  • Christmas’ balls
  • scissors

Step by step realization:

  1. Your first task here would be to decorate the bottom of your embroidery hoop with woolen threads. For this purpose, first decide on the desired length of the bangs to hang. Then, cut double threads of the desired length because know that you will then fold them in half to attach them to the drum. Tie the threads at the bottom of the hoop at the lark’s head.
  2. Trim this same section with green pine branches, securing them with green fishing line. So that the knots of it remain well hidden, you could turn the drum over and perform this operation on the reverse side..
  3. Cut another long enough fishing line and string Christmas balls of various colors and sizes on it. Tie this garland through, clothesline style.
  4. Finally, you can also cut the bottom of the fringe of woolen threads so as to create an asymmetry.
  5. Hang on a white thread and decorate your wall with a nice festive accent.

Make a clean Scandinavian Christmas wreath – another creative Christmas decoration suggestion to make yourself

Scandinavian style wall decoration in wooden embroidery drum with macrame decoration woolen threads and pine branches and colorful Christmas baubles decoration, home Christmas decoration

The end result is pure elegance – hang on the wall and admire the result! Ah yes, it was you who made it ?

Christmas decorations to make yourself, handmade Scandinavian style Christmas wreath in a wooden embroidery drum decorated with woolen threads, pine branches and garland of colored Christmas balls

© fishandbull

Here are some videos for you that give a lot of ideas … and they are all too great

small Christmas decoration to make in wood, miniature driftwood tree with miniature pompom garland

A nice alternative to the traditional Christmas tree in glass jars filled with Christmas balls

a pyramid of glass jars filled with Christmas balls, example of an original Christmas tree, silver bead garland, wooden star, Christmas decoration to make yourself

Christmas table centerpiece decorative composition in glittery mini pine cones in a glass bowl, make Christmas decorations yourself

Once again the star of the Christmas decoration to make – the glass jars this time filled with light garlands

example of Christmas decoration to make for adults, glass jar with light garland, decorative composition of branches and pine cones

Christmas phorophore light in a recycled glass jar decorated with snow on the outside and light garland on the inside

Christmas decoration idea to make in wood, trunk branch of colored wood with colorful planted candles

how to make a diy floating candle in a glass jar with pine branches, holly and hemp twine decoration

Beautiful candle holders in cinnamon sticks for your Christmas centerpiece

Christmas decoration to make for adults, candle holder in cinnamon sticks tied with a string and jute band, decorative composition with branches and pine cones

recycled salt shaker to make a snow globe with artificial snow, Christmas tree figurine and pink and brown ribbon, handmade Christmas decoration

DIY Christmas candle holder in a glass pot with artificial snow, pine cone and holly, original Christmas decoration to make

mini Christmas scenes in a glass jar and jar filled with snow and Christmas tree and deer figurine, adult Christmas crafts

glass jar filled with artificial snow, gold figurine tree and light garland, fabric cap and woolen threads

The old recycled Christmas wreath could turn into a great decoration for your Christmas balls

white snowball decorated with glittery Christmas garland confetti, easy and fast Christmas manual activity

handmade christmas bauble rudolphe pattern, santa claus reindeer with red pompom nose, golden pipe cleaner antlers and movable eyes, white fir deco

Christmas DIY with transparent Christmas balls decorated with confetti, cut Christmas wreath and acrylic paint

Christmas table decoration idea to do yourself, glass vase with holly branches and transparent Christmas balls filled with holly

A decorative composition super easy to make in candles and Christmas balls

how to make a Christmas table decoration to make yourself, white tray with red and silver Christmas balls and red candles

Christmas decoration to make in wood, wooden trunk with candles in the holes, mini decorative Christmas trees

Christmas centerpiece decoration idea in rustic wooden planks with candles wrapped in rosemary and red pine cones decoration, homemade Christmas centerpiece

Christmas decoration to make for adults – glitter stars in fimo clay

small handmade Christmas tree decorations, glittery fimo Christmas stars, manual Christmas activities

Christmas decoration to make yourself with recuperated, large glass candy jar filled with colored light bulbs and artificial snow on it

Christmas wreath in mini decorative gift packages for a colorful party

make Christmas wreath in a hoop wrapped in navy blue ribbon with decoration of small colorful gift packages

natural Christmas wreath decorated with pine cones and purple miniature Christmas balls, Christmas decorations to make

Christmas decoration example to make yourself with recuperating, recycling candle holders plastic bottles decorated with colored paper Christmas balls and ordinary candles

recycling plastic bottle decorated with glued paper Christmas balls with led candle inside, diy Christmas tealight holder

Christmas wall decoration in green pine branches decorated with gold and blue Christmas balls, driftwood Christmas tree

The Christmas terrarium – a pretty staging to make to complete your handmade Christmas decoration

small terrarium in a tea cup with cup, pine branches and holly planted in potting soil, Christmas crafts

DIY adult Christmas, red and light green Christmas balls with gold colored glitter decoration for white Christmas tree

Christmas decoration to do yourself with recup, pine cone repainted with green paint with light garland and yellow wood star

small cardboard boxes with wooden beads decoration and white Christmas tree figurine, decoration for the Christmas tree

Simple example of a Christmas decoration to make for adults – garland made from dried orange slices

handmade Christmas garland of dried orange slices to decorate a classic fireplace, green branches decoration, candles, wood star

make christmas wreath recuperated from colorful electric bulbs, crafts for adults to decorate a window or a door

small Christmas elves to make oneself in repainted pine cones and heads in wooden beads, Christmas tree ornaments, felt and colorful pompoms

Christmas mobile to hang from the ceiling in vials filled with glitter and crown of stones and leaves of holly imitation paper

garland of colorful pine cones Christmas balls with glitter pattern on a red ribbon, homemade Christmas decoration

A Christmas decoration idea to make out of paper and a superb alternative to traditional Christmas balls

colorful paper Christmas balls strips assembled with hot glue gun, sheets of paper and felt

original handmade Christmas wreath in glittery colorful pompoms, hanging on a white wall, simple home Christmas decoration

Christmas table decoration to make yourself, copper teapot on a wooden log decorated with cinnamon sticks, orange slices, holly and pine branches

gray lantern filled with gold and silver colored Christmas balls, decorative blue ribbon, luxury elegant Christmas decoration

make your own Christmas wreath with antural pine branches and colorful pompoms, homemade Christmas decoration idea

Christmas wall decoration of a driftwood branch with hanging pine twigs

Christmas balls filled with confetti, ribbon and repainted with paint, Christmas decoration for Christmas tree

The mini pine cone tree – a project for the less gifted in DIY

Christmas ball manufacturing in a small transparent vial with artificial snow and gold-colored miniature Christmas tree figurine

small wooden logs with mini trees in green felt, decoration to make for Christmas, snowballs and rudolphe reindeer in gold

original Christmas decoration in transparent Christmas balls gold text and glittery ribbon, ball filled with elegant pearls

how to make pine cone Christmas elves, wooden pearl head and scarf and colored felt hat on wooden log, original Christmas scene

Christmas table decorations to make yourself, pot pourri candle holder and candle holder in cinnamon sticks, green branches or faux leather

Christmas ornament making in straws and decorative beads, simple homemade Christmas decorations to make to decorate Christmas tree

Scandinavian style wall decoration – original Christmas tree made of wooden slats and pine branches

making original Christmas tree in wooden slats with pine branches fixed on a wall, Scandinavian Christmas wall decoration

make Christmas tree out of wooden pallet with drawing green tree decorated with colored pompoms, gifts arranged around

example Christmas candle holder to make in glass decorated with pine branches and artificial wooden snowflakes

original Christmas ball decoration wrapped in red and white striped fabric, white bow ribbon and leaf decoration

Original Christmas bell inspired by the theme of Paris under the snow – magical Christmas decoration idea to make for adults

small Christmas scenes decorations under bell, Christmas tree figurines, the Eiffel Tower and other Christmas figurines

green branch deco with other natural decorations on a white wall, scandinavian wall decor

how to make candles in a glass jar decorated with pine branch and linen twine, Christmas decorations to make yourself

scandinavian christmas mobile deco, pine branch suspension and white candles, nordic gray and white living room decor

example of Christmas decoration to make out of paper, small paper Christmas tree with decoration of drawings, pompoms, buttons and others, Christmas scene

original Christmas decoration to hang in glass jars with small round hanging windows, original Christmas candle holder

Cork stoppers are also an original idea of ​​raw material that you could use for your Christmas crafts.

little angel in cork stopper and wooden bead head with ribbon decoration, diy Christmas ornament to hang

making a Christmas tree in a cone covered with corks, making original Christmas decorations yourself

Christmas decoration to do yourself with recuperation, recycling cork stoppers to make an original Christmas tree, paper star

small soliflore vase made in a red Christmas ball with a bouquet of pine branch, pine cone and holly

alternative Christmas tree in cardboard cone with tied red and green ribbons and a gold fabric star on top

Christmas tree on wooden slat panel with Christmas tree in colored paper triangles, gold colored glass jar and pine cones

original idea of ​​a green Christmas tree decorated with red fabric bands with snowflakes patterns, make an original Christmas decoration

Christmas wreath made of wooden branches with salmon pink felt decoration and brown artificial flowers

recycling glass jars with pine branches, holly and pine cones in a rustic raw wood tray

small sleigh in red and colorless ice cream sticks with pine branches and bells decoration, Christmas decoration to make for adults