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Making a paper windmill – 50 ideas for a creative activity in the spirit of childhood

Today we are inspired by a manual activity from our childhood to bring color into our adult life. By its simplicity and harmonious appearance, the paper windmill has an important place in a large number of DIY projects that are both fun and aesthetic. You will be amazed by these pretty creations obtained by a few folds and notches on a sheet of colored paper. In addition, these decorative windmills are easy to customize thanks to the wide variety of materials used. All you have to do is make them yourself and find a place for them in your interiors and party decorations..

Newsprint windmill

an original bouquet of flowers in newspaper, how to make a recycled windmill, pretty arrangement of flowers in paper

Nice bouquet made with paper windmills

Necessary material :

  • old book pages
  • a paper knife
  • a pair of scissors
  • a hole punch
  • Parisian ties
  • skewers

Steps to follow :

  1. Cut a square that is 10 cm by 10 cm.
  2. To demarcate the middle, fold in half, joining the ends to form a triangle. Fold in half again. / Fold into a triangle.
  3. Deploy the square.
  4. Cut on half of each fold line.
  5. Take the hole punch. Drill a hole in the upper left corner of each triangle. Drill another hole in the center of the square.
  6. Prepare the Parisian ties. Join all the ends so that the four holes line up with the center hole. Secure with the Parisian tie.
  7. Fix the rod. Take a skewer and cut the sharp end with scissors.

To make the decorated windmill:

  1. Cut a slightly larger square (13 cm x 13 cm)
  2. Repeat the same operation as with the small mill.
  3. To make the center of the flower, use a piece of cream fabric, two cupcake boxes.

 Easy tutorial to make a windmill with little material.

how to make a windmill with newspaper, decoration idea inspired by childhood

Folding paper to make the windmill in the shape of a flower.

steps to make a newspaper windmill, how to make a paper flower arrangement

Looks like a real flower.

creative activities with rn paper folding, making a windmill, the steps to follow to make a paper mill

To make the bouquet more chic, decorate a few windmills with an original fake flower.

an original bouquet of flowers in newspaper, how to make a recycled windmill, windmill decorated with fake flower

Daffodil windmill

Necessary material :

  • 2 squares of yellow and orange paper
  • a Parisian tie
  • a box of eggs
  • green chenille thread / green pipe cleaner thread
  • a rod

Steps to follow :

  1. Use identical double-sided colored paper. Superimpose the two sheets of paper.
  2. Draw the diagonals.
  3. Mark two landmarks on each diagonal a few inches from each end.
  4. Cut a little more than half of each line to the mark.
  5. Fold the corners in the center as shown below (every other corner), secure them together with a stapler.
  6. To form the pistil of the daffodil, cut out the pointed part of the egg carton and paint in the color of your choice.
  7. Drill a small hole in the center of the windmill and the egg carton to insert the Parisian tie.
  8. To make the stem for the daffodil, wrap the chenille yarn around the head of the Parisian tie. Then wrap the chenille yarn around the stem.
  9. Curl the yellow corners with a pencil.

Double-sided paper daffodil to decorate your spring soliflore vase.

how to make a pretty decorative flower windmill, cute glass flower vase, double-sided paper daffodil

Paper windmill cake topper

Necessary material :

  • scrapbooking paper
  • a pair of scissors
  • glue or double-sided tape
  • a ruler
  • toothpicks

Steps to follow :

  1. Cut 3 sheets of scrapbooking paper (10 cm x 6 cm).
  2. Fold them like an accordion. Then fold each sheet in the middle.
  3. Cut the ends of the paper strip (the part that is not folded) by rounding the corners.
  4. Cut small triangles in the middle of each folded side to make a patterned paper windmill.
  5. Glue each leaf in the center to get a fan. Then glue the three sheets together.
  6. Attach a toothpick to the center of the paper windmill.

Small paper windmill – the perfect decoration for your cupcakes.

a simple tutorial to make a mini windmill in the shape of a colorful rosette, an ideal cake decoration for a baby shower

 Original do-it-yourself cake topper.

pretty cake topper to make yourself, mini windmill made with paper and a toothpick how to make a mini windmill with little material, a cake decoration in the shape of a rosette

Personalized gift tag

Necessary material :

  • colored sheets of paper
  • gift tags
  • mini round Parisian ties
  • a pair of scissors
  • a glue stick

Steps to be continued :

  1. Cut out small squares with rounded corners from the different colored sheets of paper. Glue the two sheets together.
  2. Connect the ends diagonally by drawing curves like those in the third photo below.
  3. With a pin, drill a small hole at each rounded corner and in the center of the square.
  4. Insert the Parisian clip into one of the holes at the corners. Pass the tie through the other holes, leaving the one in the center of the last mill.
  5. Drill a hole in the label to attach the paper windmill to it.

 Mini paper windmill labels to enhance your gifts.

wrap a gift package in an original way, DIY gift tag decorated with mini double-sided windmill

Colored sheets of paper. 

how to make pretty decorated gift tags, what to do with a mini windmill

The steps to follow to make a decorative windmill. 

how to make a double-sided windmill, original idea to decorate an original gift tag

Personalize the gift tag with this pretty mini windmill.

a simple gift tag decorated with mini windmill, how to make a double sided windmill

Windmill spinning


  • eraser-tipped pencils
  • a pair of scissors
  • sewing pins
  • needle nose pliers
  • double sided scrapbooking paper sheets

Steps to follow :

  1. Bend the tacks with needle nose pliers at a 90 degree angle.
  2. Cut out squares from the sheets of paper (10 cm x 10 cm).
  3. Draw the diagonals and make two notches on each diagonal, stopping 4 cm from the center.
  4. Place the sheet of paper on the table and fold every other corner towards the center.
  5. Hold the corners together and secure with a thumbtack.
  6. Poke the pointed end of the thumbtack into the pencil eraser.

   Tutorial to make a spinning paper windmill.

fun manual activity for children with paper, spinning windmill tutorial     fun manual activity for children, spinning windmill tutorial  

Monster-style paper windmill 


  • a windmill model to download from the website .
  • Parisian ties
  • straws
  • a pair of scissors
  • a hole punch
  • a paper knife

a fun manual activity for children, a monster windmill tutorial in pastel colors

 Give personalized guest gifts for a party in style.

decorate a small gift box with a decorative paper windmill, easy tutorial

   Choose pastel colored paper.

idea for a nice personalized gift wrapping, decorative mini pink windmill

Adorable little boxes ideal for a wedding reception.

an easy tutorial to make a mini pink windmill, give small gifts from personalized guests

 Double Sided Paper Decorative Mini Windmill.

super easy tutorial to make a mini double-sided windmill, original paper buttonhole

Use paper windmills to make original centerpieces. 

a colorful and cheerful centerpiece to make with windmills, what to do with a paper windmill

Glass bottle instead of a vase, windmills instead of flowers. 

original centerpiece made with a double-sided paper windmill and a straw what to do with a paper windmill, a pastel centerpiece decorated with paper windmills

 Original table runner composed of paper rosettes.

a table runner made up of rosettes a paper of a different color, a paper windmill in the shape of a rosette steps to follow to make a rose paper windmill, manual activity with paper folding

Striped Place Card Windmill.

a colorful striped paper windmill transformed into an original place card

Give a festive atmosphere to the sweet buffet by these colorful windmills.

cupcakes decorated with windmills, use a mini windmill in the decoration of the sweet buffet

a mini windmill to decorate cupcakes, decoration of an original sweet buffet

Rosette cake toppers.

a colored paper windmill in the shape of a rosette, original idea for a cake decoration an elegantly decorated wedding cake, a mini windmill cake topper

Baby shower decoration in soft colors.

a girl baby shower decoration in soft colors, decorative double-sided paper windmill

Turn wrapping paper into simple kraft by a few colorful windmills.

a personalized gift wrap to make yourself, a mini colorful ribbon windmill

A recycled paper windmill made with a child’s drawing and a straw. 

an original idea to recycle children's drawings, a windmill made with a recycled drawing and a strawA fun manual activity that combines painting and folding. 

a creative manual activity for children with a recycled paper windmill

Create an elegant paper windmill wall decoration.

a pretty paper wall decoration, a festive paper garland, a paper windmill in the shape of a rose window

Elegant wall decoration. 

how to make a paper windmill in the shape of a rose window, a simple decoration for an elegant party a composition of sun paper rosettes for the sweet buffet, paper windmill to decorate the wall golden paper rosettes for an elegant festive decoration, a golden paper windmill with different patterns

 The paper windmill is even included in the bridal bouquet.

a pretty bridal bouquet composed of flowers and a double-sided paper windmill windmills arranged in pretty bridal bouquet, wedding decoration on paper windmill theme an original alternative to the traditional bridal bouquet, wedding on a paper windmill theme

 Giant windmill for a whimsical touch in the decor.

a giant windmill tutorial for a fanciful and original decoration

 Zebra paper windmill.

a red and striped windmill tutorial easy to make, fun manual activity for children

Garden decoration to make yourself from recycled materials.

a garden decoration to make yourself with recycled material, paper windmill and tin can

 Sunny place cards.

 Paper boutonniere for a windmills themed wedding.

a paper windmill buttonhole fixed by a brooch, ideas for a wedding on a windmill theme a paper windmill buttonhole fixed by a brooch, original wedding decoration

Original recycling idea.

original reclaimed decoration, old wooden frames and a garland made of hemp twine and windmill newspaper

pretty bridal bouquet decorated with windmills, wedding on paper windmill theme

mini scalloped windmill to decorate cupcakes, original paper cake topper

Windmill card to hide a sweet little note.

fun craft with paper, surprise windmill greeting card wall decoration to make yourself, a windmill tutorial paper rosette printed with dots  a windmill tutorial in printed paper with polka dots, manual activity for young and old