DIY Deco

Our suggestions for making an original and inexpensive soliflore vase

If you love flowers you will certainly appreciate the idea of ​​creating a pretty flower vase using your own hands and your imagination. This small vase, which is often used in floral art to create original compositions, is a nice way to bring a touch of freshness to a corner of the room. The DIY ideas that we will present to you combine DIY tips and the aesthetic sense of the art of arranging flowers. They also allow you to make unique and personalized pieces for a wedding party or other organized meeting. You are not lacking in the desire but nothing comes to your mind, let yourself be guided by our DIY project proposals.

One of the ideas to achieve at all costs if you like pretty bright colors and decorations that delight the eyes is the soliflore vase painted in acrylic. To do this you can use beer, wine or clear glass jars of any shape and height, the important thing is to clean them well before you start. It’s also a good occasion to pay tribute to the new upcycling trend which wants us to reuse everything we don’t need anymore. After choosing the paint, he does the application – whichever method is easiest for you, you can inject paint inside the bottle using a syringe or just pour paint in. Then turn the vase horizontally so that the layer completely covers the inner surface. At the end, place it in reverse on a cardboard or other surface to let off the excess paint. It’s as easy as pie, but the effect obtained would not disappoint.

For those who prefer to emphasize the originality and elegance of the creation while leaving the color out, an inexpensive vase made from the test tubes will be the ideal solution. This glass vase accentuates the flowers themselves and the aesthetic of the arrangement. You find a number of easy projects to make – test tubes hanging, magnetized, or fixed to wood and concrete surfaces, these flower vases will make the perfect centerpiece. Do not be fooled by the laboratory aspect because the test tube soliflore turns into a real decorative object combined with the right elements. The following selection of photos also show you other creations to try out to show you that DIY decor is within everyone’s reach.

For your acrylic-painted soliflore vase centerpiece, choose shades of the same color instead.


Small hanging vase – nice decoration in rustic style. diy-bulb-transformed-into-small-hanging-vase

Soliflore with old bulb to make yourself.

Magnetic soliflore – an original way to fix the vase.


 The spray paint turns our old bottles into clear glass. For an even prettier effect, paint the neck or bottom of the container using another color.


 The tutorial that will be useful to you.

The test tube vase on a natural wood base – simplicity and elegance in one piece.


  Simple DIY project – all you need is glue, glass bottles and glitter.


Soliflore vase made with creative concrete.


 We associate a simple wooden cube with the test tube to have an original soliflore.


 Handmade wall decor inspired by the rustic trend.


 Nice centerpiece of painted glass bottles.


 An unusual vase for a touch of authenticity.


Glue a magnet on an empty varnish flake to create a magnetic soliflore vase. 



 Pink in all its majesty.


 The Christmas ball comes to our table disguised as a soliflore.


Glass bottles tied with string – a country style wall decoration.



The copper trend is also found in the handmade soliflores. 

vase-inexpensive-soliflore-diy-rose-and-copper soliflore-inexpensive-and-original-test tubes-on-a-white-base

Lilac decoration for a breath of vintage trend.


 One-piece soliflore vase and candlestick. A striking contrast of materials.


Using masking tape and spray paint these bottles are completely given a makeover. 



 Reuse your empty perfume flakes to make chic little vases.

pretty-soliflore-cheap-perfume-flake-empty  empty-perfume-flake-pretty-cheap-vase

 The fragrance that lasts for a long time. Give a second life to the perfume flake.

empty-perfume-flake-transforms-into-small-vase    DIY-cheap-vase-idea-with-a-test-tube-and-wooden-base

 Another unusual DIY vase to hang on the wall.


The laboratory spirit in our decor.

pretty-flower-arrangement-vase-solifore-inexpensive-factory-of-test tubes


Apothecary flakes are very easy to transform into magnetic flower soliflores.



Do not hesitate to encourage children to participate in this fun activity.


To create very cute little vase, use empty nail polish flakes.

small-vase-soliflore-flake-of-varnish-empty DIY-project-small-vase-soliflore-flocon-de-varnish-empty DIY-project-for-a-small-vase-soliflore-flake-of-varnish-empty

A very original gift idea. 

small-vase-in-the-form-of-cactus-original-idea  small-transparent-vase-not-expensive-soliflore-bulb  DIY-project-to-make-a-cheap-old-bulb-vase

Pretty striped bottles made with masking tape and spray paint.

DIY-project-original-glass-bottle-transformed-into-soliflore inexpensive-to-make-wood-and-glass-center-table-flower-vase

An original way to pay tribute to Coca-Cola bottles.

empty-coca-cola-bottles-tall-solifore-vase-and-wooden-frame    project-diy-vase-soliflore-test-tubes-on-one vase

Pretty vases to give a romantic look to your table.  

cylindrical-vase-diy-project-simple-to-make  inexpensive-glass-vase-soliflores-colored-glass-vases

Pastel color with all its nuances.

high-colored-pastel-and-lace-vase-soliflore-for-wedding    high-golden-vase-wedding-table-idea-diy  vase-tall-project-diy-painted-bottle-in-soliflore-vase  vase-high-transparent-colored-glass-idea-soliflore-inexpensive

 A copper test tube transformed into a small vase bearing the marks of the minimalist style.

cheap-vase-how-to-make-a-test-tube  inexpensive-pretty-empty-perfume-flake-vase


A vase that looks like a real sculpted art object.


This creation of copper tubes doubles as a candle holder.  


Original Easter decoration.  


The concrete trend offers us pretty creations for our interiors.

original-cement-flower-vase-how-to-make-a-cement-block-flower-vase  original-cement-flower-vase-how-to-make-a-cement-block-flower-vase