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DIY bookcase in pallet or wooden crate: creative ideas for top storage cabinet

Do you keep your books or decorative items piled up everywhere? Today, we are offering you a smart way to better organize the space in your home with the help of an easy and quick do-it-yourself storage unit from recycled materials. In the following lines you will find some tips and inspiring ideas for making a pallet bookcase or original wooden crate.

Pallet bookcase or wooden crates: an excellent idea for making a top storage unit

example of how to make an easy bookcase out of wooden crates, DIY project with repainted wooden crates

Make an original small bookcase with wooden boxes

Need some extra space to store favorite books in the kid’s room? So, you don’t have to invest a lot of money to find the perfect solution. Indeed, we can use recycled materials to make an original bookcase even in a mini version. So if you’re a DIY fan, here’s an easy idea to try..


  • wooden crates
  • paint for wood
  • wood finish
  • Sandpaper
  • corner brackets
  • wood glue

To make a pretty bookcase, you have to start by cleaning and painting the wood

the steps to follow to make bookcase in repainted and sanded wooden crates, easy tutorial of diy furniture in wooden crates

Production :

  1. First of all, we have to prepare the crates. Start by sanding them with the sandpaper.
  2. Then clean each crate well and paint to give it a touch of shine. Let dry well.
  3. Apply a wood finish coat. Let dry.
  4. Now you have to assemble the boxes. To do this, try a few different setups to find the one you like the best. Normally if you are using a small number of crates (3-4) you can simply lay them one on top of the other to create a small bookcase..
  5. If you want to secure the makeshift storage cabinet, use some corner brackets, wood glue and a few screws.

Here is the magnificent result of an easy and fun project with just 3 crates and a coat of wood paint

example of a small diy bookcase for the child's room made with sanded wooden crates and repainted in dark wood paint

How to make a bookcase from a salvaged pallet

In recent years, DIY projects with salvaged pallets have become very popular especially on hot days when looking for economical alternatives to furnish your outdoor area in a comfortable and chic way. DIY pallet furniture is another cool idea to sublimate your interior by bringing a rustic and personal touch. Creating a small wooden shelf is therefore a pleasant alternative to put your favorite books and objects in order. Below, we offer a model of rectangular bookcase in reclaimed wood planks.

Materials and tools:

  • recovered pallet boards
  • electric sander
  • pencil and tape measure
  • flat head nails
  • wood screws
  • wood glue
  • hammer
  • circular saw
  • goggles and ear protection
  • drill and countersink drill

How to make a bookcase from reclaimed wood pallets step by step

the steps to follow to make a pallet furniture yourself, DIY rectangular bookcase in recovered pallets

Steps to follow :

  1. Clean and sand the wood.
  2. Now measure and cut out the boards that will be needed to create a rectangular shaped module. The dimensions of the cabinet will vary depending on the space available. Here, we will use 7 horizontal boards of the same size (2 for the top and bottom of the bookcase; 5 for the shelves), 4 small boards to divide the space and create different storage areas, as well as 2 vertical planks to make the frame of the bookcase.
  3. To make the frame, make holes on the ends of the boards. Then, attach a vertical plank to a horizontal plank at a right angle. Nail the other vertical board and add the horizontal board to close the rectangle.
  4. Then nail the rest of the horizontal planks to the inside of the frame.
  5. To give the bookcase an asymmetrical look, nail small vertical planks between the shelves, creating modules of similar height but of different width.

Reclaimed wood rectangular bookcase model

idea what to do with pallets, do-it-yourself storage cabinet model with recovered pallet boards

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DIY bookcase-shaped wall decoration with wooden crates

example how to decorate your living room with reclaimed wooden crates, make a wall bookcase out of wooden crates

Another variant of a more modern and asymmetrical design

wall decoration with wooden crates in the shape of an original bookcase, diy pallet furniture or wooden crates on a wall

Create a modern and super eye-catching design using dark paint

home-made wall bookcase model with recycled materials, pallet decor idea or easy-to-make wooden crates

Easy and low-budget storage unit in a natural living room

diy pallet shelf or wooden crates, living room decoration with mint green walls with homemade light wood furniture

Another inspiring example of a homemade wooden crate wall

example how to make a shelf in pallet or wooden boxes, wall decoration with wooden crates in the shape of a bookcase

A few models of recycled pallet shelves in a glamorous or rustic style

pallet furniture idea easy to do yourself, models of shelves in reclaimed wood pallets and repainted with wood paint

For an incredible result, you can combine pallets and crates

deco with pallet and wooden boxes easy to make, easy DIY furniture and low budget, bookcase in recovered pallets and wooden boxes

Small corner of rest in the child’s room with DIY furniture in crates repainted in pink

example how to decorate a reading corner in the child's room, with diy furniture, idea how to make bookcase with wooden boxes

DIY library model with contemporary and original design

idea how to make your furniture out of pallet wood or wooden crates, DIY original shelf with wooden crates

Dream reading corner with a nice DIY storage cabinet

decorative reading corner with wooden pallet or crates, easy and low-budget DIY storage unit with wooden crates

Another interesting way to put wooden crates together

example how to make a furniture in pallet or wooden boxes easy and on a low budget, model of original wooden shelf

DIY pallet or wooden crate deco, DIY and low-budget shelf model with recycled wood crates

DIY shelves with modules of different widths and heights

diy pallet shelf or wooden boxes, furniture design idea in pallets or recycled wood boxes easy to do

small shelf in pallet or wooden crates to make yourself, easy DIY furniture and low budget with recycled wood crates

Pallet wall shelf to optimize space under a bed or sofa

recycled pallet idea for original wall decoration, DIY shelf in recycled pallets to do yourself, homemade furniture on a low budget

idea how to make original bookcase with recycled wood crates, resting corner layout with wooden wall decoration

Create practical wall storage using recycled pallets

DIY pallet furniture model, original wall decoration idea with recycled wood pallets

DIY pallet of recycled wood in the form of a wall shelf, easy and low budget DIY furniture idea with recycled materials

Play and rest corner in the child’s room with easy, low-budget furniture

design reading corner and play in a child's room, make your furniture in pallet wood or wooden crates

original library model to make yourself with recycled pallets, idea what to do with wooden pallets

DIY furniture with rolling feet to be able to easily change its location

living room decoration with beige walls and light wood parquet covered with faux fur rugs with small DIY bookcase

example of diy pallet furniture in the form of shelves for books, idea what to do with pallets, diy storage for bedroom

A fantastic idea for fans of reading: diy armchair with integrated shelves

easy to make and low budget pallet furniture idea, armchair furniture with shelves for books in recovered pallets

idea how to create a wall pallet shelf, wall decoration with DIY storage in recycled wood pallets

Take advantage of the wall space to arrange all your books and decorative items

example how to make an original bookcase with recycled wooden pallets or crates, wall decoration with wood

small home library to make yourself with recycled materials, DIY storage cabinet model and low budget

Small bookcase in wooden crates

example of a shelf in a pallet or wooden crates to do yourself, idea of ​​furniture for home made children's room

how to decorate a reading nook in a child's room with a pallet cabinet or homemade wood crate

DIY Vintage-style cabinet with wooden crates repainted in white

DIY pallet or recycled wooden crates, decoration with wooden crates in the form of a shelf

DIY pallet shelf easy to do yourself, example of wall decoration with shelf-shaped storage unit

easy-to-make-yourself pallet shelf model, example of a small DIY and low-budget bookcase with recycled materials

Before and after: making a pallet shelf

idea what to do with pallets, easy to DIY wall storage cabinet model with recycled furniture, diy repainted pallet shelf

how to make a library in original wooden crates, example of a rectangular shelf to make with crates

DIY pallet furniture, idea how to decorate a wall with DIY storage furniture made of recycled wood

DIY with easy wooden crates, deco idea with pallet or wooden crates in the form of a shelf or bookcase

easy and low budget home bookcase model, how to create a bookcase with recycled wood crates

shelving model in pallet or wooden crates to manufacture, example of low-budget DIY furniture with recycled materials

teenage bedroom layout with DIY furniture, original homemade storage cabinet model with wooden crates

idea how to make an original wooden pallet or crates bookshelf, bedroom decoration with DIY storage cabinet

deco with pallet or wooden boxes, homemade storage cabinet model with repainted wooden boxes

how to decorate a wall with recycled wood storage, easy to make and low budget pallet furniture idea

what to do with pallets, DIY pallet bookcase models on a low budget, DIY book cabinet model