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Simple and practical, the homemade earring holder

Just like socks, it sometimes happens that a pair of earrings are separated, or even the couple disappear without a trace. In question, a random and disorganized arrangement, which leaves the pairs without a really fixed home. Just as a wardrobe is necessary for clothes, a jewelry rack helps keep your collection together, avoiding wasted time looking for the missing left or right. the home earring holder will therefore be of significant use, also providing a decorative touch. This isn’t a long and tedious DIY session, knowing that for the simplest solution, it doesn’t even require any tools. This homemade recycling is called the cheese grater. Very practical, it allows you to put a lot of jewelry, mainly earrings, thanks to its four sides with holes. A stroke of paint to personalize it, and voila. Another easy-to-build system is the frame. Just grab an old wooden picture frame and staple a plastic or fabric grid of the right size from behind. Attach the frame to the wall and there you are with a wall mount earring holder.

Circular and wall-mounted home earring holder

Home made round wall jewelry holder jewelry holder

A decorative wooden box as a home wall earring holder

wall jewelry box necklace holder wooden case deco

Homemade wall jewelry holder with wooden circle and lace

home embroidery wall earring holder

The simplest homemade earring holder, the vintage cheese grater

vintage cheese grater house earring holder

Home hanging earring holder

home earring holder jewelry chain wall mount

Turquoise cheese grater as a home jewelry stand

cheese grater as a homemade earring holder

DIY earring stand designed with a photo frame and a piece of nylon canvas

homemade earring holder photo frame

Wall jewelry holders with frame and hanging earrings holders

wall frames as a homemade earring holder

Homemade earring holder

Idea deco jewelry holder homemade earring holder

Rattan earring box

decorative jewelry box for earrings

Home wall jewelry holder in braided iron wire

Homemade wire earring holder ikea jewelry tree

Small wooden picture frame on wrought iron support

small wooden photo frame earring support

Wall jewelry holder

make a homemade jewelry holder for earring

Folding white wooden frame with canvas support for earrings

home earring stand folding photo frame

A vintage tennis racket hanging on the wall as an earring holder

vintage tennis racket house earring support idea

Frame Range jewelry

jewelry holder jewelry holder home earring range

Plastic earring holder

simple jewelry storage idea for earrings

circular wall jewelry holder

home embroidered wall earring stand

Photo frame converted into an earring door

Wooden frame for earring holder

earring holder wood wall jewelry holder

Store your jewelry on a wall rack

DIY DIY wooden wall jewelry holder

Yellow hanging wall frame with lace brackets for earrings

lace frame wall earring holder

Wall jewelry holder for hairdressing accessories

hair accessories wall jewelry holder

One piece of burlap as a wall earring holder

burlap earring wall hanger

Small wooden frame as jewelry storage

wooden photo frame earrings holder

Wooden wall rack for jewelry

wooden wall jewelry holder shelf necklaces earrings

Support home Canvas

burlap wall jewelry box for earrings

Wooden frame and piece of wire mesh as a jewelry stand

wooden wire mesh photo frame for home earrings support

make a wall jewelry holder with wooden picture frame

Pink cheese grater for earring storage

DIY jewelry storage cheese grater earring holder

earring box store your jewelry deco photo frame holder

Flat cheese rape hung on the wall as a homemade earring holder

The cheese grater, an easy homemade earring holder

Deer jewelry holder box black cheese grated earring

Wood Wall Brackets with Jewelry Hanging Hooks

Wall jewelry holder DIY wall necklaces holder

A frame as a home earring holder

DIY wall jewelry holder home photo frame lace embroidery

wall mount for homemade jewelry earring holder

Small homemade jewelry tree

Ikea jewelry tree wooden house white cardboard

make a home jewelry holder with frame and canvas

Home earring holder

DIY home wall jewelry holder for earring earrings necklaces

Recycling a vinyl into a homemade earring holder

recycle diy vinyl record jewelry holder

The skate shelf, like clockwork.