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Take a seat at the bar on a pallet: DIY projects for outdoors and indoors

Recycling used pallets is good for the planet, but it’s even better for the wallet. If the creation of indoor or outdoor furniture in pallets has no secrets for us thanks to the many projects on the web, we are always looking for new DIY ideas. In the season of cocktail evenings, aperitifs and barbecues, we offer you a fun project that turns pallets into a garden or indoor bar. Whether for a drink with a few friends or to liven up a party, the pallet bar cabinet will be with you all summer long. For those who want an additional kitchen cabinet, the pallet bar easily converts into a central island or kitchen trolley.

Beautiful idea to make a bar out of a pallet

DIY outdoor furniture resistant wood material bar diy

Where to find wood pallets?

But before showing you some very creative and useful projects, you should first stock up on pallets. The most economical and undoubtedly the most environmentally friendly solution is of course to recycle old pallets. But where could one find such treasures, you will ask? Do not panic ! There are not one or two trades sectors that have goods delivered on wooden pallets. Once used, these areas of the business just seek to get rid of it. We are talking about construction sites, supermarkets and other sectors of industry, which use pallets as part of their activity. So, you just have to ask for them and they will most likely give them to you wholeheartedly and at a really ridiculous price. Otherwise, in the absence of an alternative, you could also buy your recycled or brand new pallets online, except in the latter case expect a higher price..

Refresh palettes with trendy paint

outdoor decor in white and black lantern chair white wood pallet furniture diy

© homelyrose

Is the wood of the pallets suitable for making a bar ?

If you ask whether the wood that goes into the composition of the pallets is suitable enough for such a piece of furniture, it is quite normal. Because in the end, the material used for the creation of a bar should be able to withstand a certain weight and in addition, in the case of an outdoor bar, it must still be quite resistant to the humidity ! Again, don’t worry! Robust enough to be able to withstand the weight of the goods transported while being very light, the wood of the pallets is renowned for its robust nature. Often made from coniferous species, this wood has perfect rot-proof properties, which makes it very resistant to bad weather and perfect for outdoor use.

An easy DIY piece of furniture to make the outdoor space more functional

DIY bar in pallet outdoor decoration garden chair light garland

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Some useful tips for choosing the right pallets for home projects

Since pallets are generally used for the delivery of different products, one cannot be sure of their quality and especially their condition. Indeed, some pallets can be treated with chemicals, which makes them dangerous for health. Others may be infected with bacteria, insects or molds. It is therefore very important to act with caution when choosing. Here are some clues to watch out for.

  • Carefully inspect the surface for traces of mold, stains or odors.
  • Avoid pallets that have been exposed to rain for a long time. The same goes for pallets used in food stores as they can be prone to bacteria caused by spilling food products..
  • Make sure the wood is in good condition: no cracks, no bends or deformations.

Carefully choose the wood that you plan to integrate into your interior or exterior decor

backyard layout with bar pallet wood cabinet pink paint stools

What are the design options ?

Normally, the project depends on your needs and above all on the specificities of the land. So, for example, if you have enough space, you can opt for a classic U-shaped bar, furnished with a few chairs or bar stools. Otherwise, a mobile mini bar could also do the job and keep you comfortable in any location in your home. On the other hand, such a compact model would be a very cool and original solution for the chic country wedding decor. Another suitable alternative for tight spaces is the wall-mounted folding bar. Not sure yet which is your favorite model? Find the inspiration you need in the following lines.

Rustic wedding decor with a pretty pallet bar 

wedding outdoor decoration with pallet bar bouteuilles furniture

DIY roller bar

Our first suggestion is this nice mobile bar with wheels. It only takes a few hours to make and you can easily move it to wherever you need it. So let’s see how to tinker with such a star element from its exterior..

Materials :

  • Liquid Nails construction adhesive
  • 2 solid rubber wheels
  • spray paint
  • drill
  • screw
  • patio blocks

Production :

  1. Start by preparing the pallets by cleaning them first with water. Let dry.
  2. Assemble the two pallets. To do this, apply the adhesive to the back of one of the pallets.
  3. Place the other pallet on top.
  4. Drill a few more screws in the pallets to secure them.
  5. Install the wheels. Start by measuring and then mark their location on the wood. Make holes. Drive in the T-nut and insert the wheel.
  6. Finally, paint the furniture to give it a fresh touch.

Bi-material garden bar with cement slab top

what to do with wooden pallets construction mobile bar cabinet

© onsuttonplace

What to do with pallets? An ideal hanging bar for a small area

Another very cool idea is to build a folding wall bar. The latter is the ideal solution for a small exterior where there is not enough surface to accommodate a classic bar. For this project, we use three identical palettes. The secret here is to first take the boards apart and then put them together again using screws to create a structure consisting of a back with two folding doors. Finally, you can decorate the wood according to your preferences. For the model below, we use matte black paint.

Easy DIY Pallet Cabinet Wood Hanging Garden Bar

© blog.manomano

How to make a pallet bar for your garden ?

Necessary material :

  • two pallets
  • lumber
  • board for the top of the bar
  • jigsaw or wood saw
  • screwdriver
  • table saw
  • square


For the base of the bar in pallet:

  1. Cut one of the pallets into two equal parts which will serve as the wing of the bar.
  2. Place the two halves of the pallet to the side. Mark and jig saw 45 ° angles at the ends of the pallet you just cut.
  3. Take the entire pallet and measure the spaces between the dice, then cut wooden cleats to the correct dimensions and place them in the openings with a hammer. Hammer and screw the wooden cleats to secure them. This would be the assemblage point of the pallet.
  4. Assemble the base of the bar. To assemble the whole thing, screw the pallet halves to both sides of the entire pallet.
  5. To make the bar structure more robust, measure your pallets and attach wooden cleats the entire length of the structure, to the front and back of the pallets.

Take a seat at the bar and relax

manufacture furniture with recovered pallets to fit out an outdoor garden bar, cocktail bar in pallets

The stages of construction of the base of our garden bar

make a garden bar with recycled pallets, step by step tutorial to build the base of a garden bar

Make the top of the bar

You still have to make the top of the bar. Measure the length of the structure and record the dimensions on the wood plank. Cut the board into three parts so that the board follows the contours of the bar. With a nail gun, nail the boards.

The step-by-step to realize the work plan

make a garden bar with pallets, garden layout idea, garden furniture in recycled pallets

© bunnings

How to make a bar with a concrete top ?

Necessary material :

  • two wooden pallets
  • concrete slabs
  • drill
  • sander
  • glue
  • paint of your choice
  • wood screws

Sand the pallets to remove imperfections. Apply at least two coats of paint in your preferred color. Screw the two pallets together using wood screws. Glue the cement slabs on top of the pallet.

How to make a pallet bar with a concrete top ? 

DIY wood idea for the garden or the terrace, how to easily make a pallet garden bar and cement slab top

How to create a counter? A few more tips

Finally, know that there are not one or two little tips to make your wooden pallet bar even more functional. For example, consider equipping your bar with a few shelves to avoid having to go back and forth between the kitchen and the bar each time you prepare a small cocktail or aperitif. And then, to make it easier for you, don’t hesitate to mount your bar on casters, which would then make it mobile and easy to move. Finally, to personalize your pallet countertop, we advise you to repaint it with a paint color you like, to decorate it with a stencil, or to adorn and illuminate it with a light garland.

A thousand and one ways to make your bar both aesthetic and functional

DIY rattan bar chair outdoor furniture black paint pallet

Treat yourself to a garden bar to share friendly moments with friends

garden and patio landscaping idea, make a garden bar with reclaimed pallets, gray wooden cocktail bar with industrial style bar stools

Pallet bar cart with storage for wine bottles

step-by-step tutorial on how to make a bar with recycled pallets, drink mini-bar for the living room to make yourself

Complete your garden furniture with a space-saving pallet bar

pallet bar with storage for bottles installed next to the garden furniture in woven resin on the veranda

Kitchen bar for a quick meal

a kitchen bar in recycled pallet repainted in duck blue, recycled pallet kitchen island with two red metal bar stools

Wall-mounted pallet bar cabinet 

wall-mounted pallet bar cabinet with oval shelf and bottle storage, pallet cabinet to store your

Recycled pallet coffee corner

wooden pallet cabinet for the kitchen, DIY kitchen storage cabinet, coffee corner with recycled pallet, open shelf and cup holder

how to make a drink bar with recycled pallets, DIY wood idea to set up a garden bar or terrace

Scandinavian style gray and yellow bar corner

idea to make a garden bar with pallets, bar corner in gray and yellow Scandinavian style, wall bar idea in pallet

Lemonade bar illuminated by a led garland

build a bar in reclaimed wood for the garden, lemonade bar in pallet repainted in white illuminated by a led garland

A new life for pallets: making a garden bar

reclaimed pallet wood bar painted white, pallet garden bar with storage and refrigerated compartment

The successful pool party cannot do without a poolside bar

how to make a pallet furniture for the outside, drink bar in recycled pallets installed at the edge of the swimming pool, bar construction in simple pallet

how to make a bar out of pallets to set up a relaxation area by the pool, how to easily build a bar with pallets

Mobile pallet bar with storage

mobile pallet wood bar with storage space for bottles and glasses, make a pallet garden furniture

outdoor kitchen with barbecue and plancha in recycled pallet, garden furniture in pallets with shelves

DIY birthday decoration, drink bar deco with artificial plant garlands

A mobile pallet bar with refrigerated compartment to serve delicious drinks at any time

furniture with wooden pallet for the garden or the terrace, garden bar in pallets on wheels with storage space and refrigerated compartment

garden bar with two wings made with pallets and wooden planks, garden bar and its garden stools in pallet, build an outdoor bar in pallet

A refreshing lemonade bar will always be appreciated by the guests

country-themed bar decoration for a wedding with drink candy boxes and large decorative letter

rustic garden bar decor for weddings, drink bar to make yourself with pallets

wedding reception room with bar corner in reclaimed wood decorated with a garland with pennants, make a drink bar with pallets

Modern design wall bar cabinet for living room or garden

wall bar cabinet in pallet repainted in black on the outside with tilting door,

wooden pallet cabinet for the garden or the terrace, pallet garden bar decorated with a pennant garland installed next to the garden furniture

Pallet bar with plenty of storage for your bottles and cocktail utensils

furniture with wooden pallet for landscaping the garden, garden bar in white pallet with storage for bottles and cocktail utensils

furniture with wooden pallet for garden or terrace, pallet garden bar with cement slab top, how to make a bar with pallets

DIY bar in pallet arranged around the tree

furniture with wooden pallet for the garden, arrange a garden bar in pallets around a tree

Bar high table with storage

high bar table made of pallets with storage space, idea of ​​a wooden pallet cabinet to create a dining area

pallet furniture for the garden or indoors, pallet garden bar with two industrial bar stools in red color

Set up a tiki bar in your garden

set up a tiki bar in your garden with recycled pallets, make furniture with pallets for a bar area, corner bar idea in pallet

Tiki bar for a guinguette atmosphere 

deco bar guinguette with candy boxes, pineapple, colorful garland and paper lanterns, make a tiki bar in your garden

Outdoor kitchen in pallets

outdoor kitchen in pallets repainted in white with storage for the dishes, make cabinet with pallets for the installation of an outdoor kitchen

Made with stacked pallets, this kitchen island offers a worktop and additional storage 

central pallet island with storage for crockery, fitting out of a kitchen with central island in recycled pallets

Scandinavian style black and white kitchen with central pallet island in modern design with integrated cupboard

practical storage cabinet idea for the garden, wooden pallet cabinet for the barbecue area

outdoor kitchen with plancha, central island pallet and industrial style bar stools, arrange an outdoor kitchen with pallets

Seaside style bar area

seaside style bar decor repainted anise green with white wood bar stools, build a cocktail bar in reclaimed wood

mini garden bar in red painted wood with shelves, wooden bar area for the garden or veranda

make furniture with pallets for a small garden or terrace, bar with drinks in pallets for a small balcony

Pallet garden trolley

furniture with wooden pallet for the garden, outdoor kitchen with garden service in pallets

layout of a kitchen with central pallet island, kitchen island in pallets with aluminum worktop

Pallet bar cart

pallet bar trolley with storage for bottles, idea for setting up a bar area in the living room with pallets

Two-winged garden bar

pallet wood bar for the garden or veranda, build a cocktail bar for an evening or cocktail party

Wood and metal kitchen bar

pallet wood bar and metal base, kitchen bar with light wood bar stools

interior pallet wood bar layout with wood and metal bar stools, bar area in the living room or kitchen

garden bar decoration guinguette in pallets with garlands of lamps and pennants, arrangement of a bar area in the garden

Wedding inspiration: a bar 

DIY wedding decoration, champagne bar decoration in pallets with flowers and green branches

make a beer bar out of pallets, animation idea for country wedding, country palette decoration

pallet deco

wedding bar in overlay of pallets, rustic pallet deco for the animation of a wedding

DIY pallet wood idea for the garden or the terrace, garden bar in reclaimed pallets

wine storage cabinet in reclaimed pallets, lounge bar in pallet with wine storage and glass holder

cabinet with wooden pallet to store wine bottles, reclaimed wood mini-bar with glass holder bottle rack

landscaping of the garden with bar for drinks on pallets, furniture with wooden pallet for

Wine rack with integrated glass holder

wine rack with integrated glass holder, wooden pallet cabinet to store wine bottles

wall bar cabinet in pallet to store alcohol bottles, deco pallet of green plants and a led garland

Country wedding decor with pallet drink bar 

pallet deco for wedding, arrange a cocktail bar for the wedding reception

a large rustic wooden table with pallet top, central pallet island

reclaimed pallet wood bar with cement slab top, pallet bar cabinet

rustic style wooden kitchen with central island bar in pallet wood, pallet wood cabinet for kitchen