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Toy storage: our best ideas for tidying up a child’s room

The child’s room is a space dedicated to games where creativity and imagination must speak. But it is also the part of the house most affected by clutter. So that toys don’t overwhelm the space, clever toy storage is a must. The ideas below are sure to help you tidy up a kid’s room and deal with clutter. They are so pretty, they will make your little ones want to put away their toys themselves at the end of the day. No more toys lying around and little items getting lost, order is restored again with our clever toy storage solutions.

Original toy storage ideas

storage tips for toys in the child's room, wall shelves in wooden crates, storage baskets hanging on the door and original soft toy storage

Car storage in magnetic bars 

Necessary material : 

  • magnetic wall bars
  • screw
  • screwdriver
  • cars
  • small metal cars

Instructions :

  1. Screw the mounting bracket to the wall.
  2. Mount the bar magnet on the mounting bracket.
  3. Store small cars on the magnetic bars in the preferred order.

Magnetic bars to store a large collection of cars

magnetic bars attached to the wall to store your collection of small metal cars, wall-mounted toy storage to make yourself

A personalized toy box

Necessary material :

  • a wooden crate
  • aged look wood paint
  • acrylic paint
  • wooden ball furniture legs
  • strong glue

Instructions :

  1. To give the wood an aged look, we apply a vintage wood effect shade. Wipe off excess paint with a rag. Let dry.
  2. Glue the wooden balls in the four corners of the crate to make the feet.
  3. For a more authentic look, apply faded beige paint to parts of the surface.
  4. Cut out your custom stencil or use a ready-made stencil. Glue the stencil and apply acrylic paint of the preferred color inside the cut designs.

A stenciled toy box that will make your toddler want to tidy up themselves

tutorial to personalize a wooden crate using stencil and paint, storage crate to organize children's toys and books

Personalize your storage box with a stencil

recycled storage box decorated with personalized stencils to store toys and children's books

Necessary material :

  • toy storage on casters IKEA FLISAT
  • lego base plates
  • LEGO or DUPLO elements

Assemble the toy box according to the instructions on the assembly instructions. You just need to glue one or two LEGO baseplates.

Small IKEA storage unit 

small ikea storage unit on wheels with green lego plate stuck on one of the sides, storage tips for lego or duplo items

DIY toy bag

Necessary material :

  • tissue
  • aluminum wire
  • scissors
  • rope
  • cardboard
  • sewing machine

Do-it-yourself toy storage bag

DIY Sewing Nursery Storage Bag Pattern, Graphic Print Fabric Toy Bag


Steps to follow :

  1. Cut four pieces of fabric into the following dimensions: 55cm × 95cm; 20 cm × 95 cm, 2 circles 30 cm in diameter.
  2. Cut a 28 cm circle pattern in the cardboard.
  3. Place your round pattern between the two fabric circles and sew. This will be the base of the storage basket.
  4. Take the 20cm × 95cm piece of fabric and fold the long edge of the fabric back 2.5cm. Cut a 120 cm long piece of rope, place it under the fold and sew.
  5. Cut a piece of aluminum wire 2 m long, fold in half and twist.
  6. Assemble the liner and the 55cm × 95cm fabric by ironing the liner. Once assembled, fold over an edge of 2.5 cm and place the aluminum wire underneath.
  7. Place the 20 cm x 95 cm piece of fabric at the top, so that its bottom side meets the edge with the aluminum wire. Pin the two fabrics and sew.
  8. Sew the circle to the reverse side of the large piece of fabric.
  9. Turn the basket upside down and cut the aluminum wire 1 cm from the end of the hem.
  10. Fold over one side of the fabric. Assemble the edges using fabric glue.

Easy sewing tutorial to make a fabric storage basket

easy sewing tutorial to make a fabric storage bag to store toys

tutorial for sewing a toy storage bag, easy sewing tutorial, hand-sewn toy bag

Graphic Print Fabric Toy Storage Bags

storage bag in white and gray graphic print fabric, decorative toy storage ideal for a Scandinavian-style nursery

Slate storage box on casters 

Slate storage box on wheels for storing children's toys and books, practical storage for better organization of the child's room

A dream playroom with teepee, bench and built-in storage unit

Scandinavian children's room with tipi corner, games table, bench and built-in storage unit with wooden lockers

Shelf with recycled crates in the boy’s room

children's room storage unit with reclaimed wood crates, wooden wall shelves to store small cars

Clever storage for stuffed animals

children's room storage tips for storing soft toys, wall baskets and hanging bags for storing soft toys in the children's room, storage bench with mattress

Storage drawer under the bench

wooden storage drawer with handle under the living room bench, storage tip in the living room

Soft toy cage attached to the side of the crib

a cuddly toy cage with elastic rope attached to the side of the bed in the child's room, toy box for storing cuddly toys

Build a stuffed animal zoo 

tutorial to build a corner plush cage in the child's room, do-it-yourself plush zoo

Toy box on wheels

gray painted wooden storage box on wheels for the child's room, slate storage box to personalize

Small storage bench with two-compartment drawer 

small storage bench with pink compartmentalized drawer and black and white striped mattress

Decorative slate storage box

slate storage box with wheels

Girly wall storage with pockets 

wall storage with pockets in the children's room, wall organizer for toys, personalized led light board wall decoration

Perforated board transformed into clever wall storage

perforated board diverted into functional wall storage, wall organizer for toys

Storage for drawing materials

play corner in the child's room with small coffee table, wooden stools storage drawings in pegboard

small ikea storage unit with three compartments with lockers, nursery decorating idea

ikea cabinet with storage bench and lockers in the playroom, idea of ​​furnishing a functional playroom

Soft toy cage to store your favorite cuddly toys

build a wooden cuddly toy cage for the nursery, toy box to store cuddly toys

Recycled storage boxes to organize small toys

recycled boxes dressed in printed paper, diverted into clever toy storage, DIY storage boxes to tidy up the child's room

Clever wall storage

wall storage ideas for toys and children's books, diverted wall shelves in toy storage

Storage ideas for stuffed animals

storage tips for stuffed animals, stuffed animal cage in crates with elastic rope, metal baskets attached to the wall to store the stuffed animals

storage unit with shelves, bins and fluff cage to better organize children's toys

ikea storage cabinet with open shelves and diverted lint cage compartment

IKEA furniture hijacking: cloud shelves for storing children’s books

ikea storage tip for nursery, personalized ikea cloud shelf, tree wall sticker in nursery

Perforated panel and storage cabinet with bins 

layout of a child's bedroom for a boy equipped with a storage unit with bins and perforated panel, storage bin for cabinet

Personalized toy box with painted designs

personalized toy chest on wheels with painted designs, white painted bear design storage crate

Easy bear drawing

easy tutorial to personalize a personalized toy chest on wheels with white painted patterns

Personalized storage basket with stenciled letters

personalized storage basket with stenciled letters, personalized toy storage bag

toy box on wheels with rope handles decorated with Christmas stickers, personalized storage for the nursery

wall shelf to store and display small toys, yellow storage bin to store toys in the child's room

Hanging baskets for storing toys in the bathroom

Toy bathroom storage tip, three tier hanging basket for storing toys in the bathroom

Opt for a multifunctional piece of furniture like this storage bench

storage bench with storage baskets and bench, wall storage with pockets to store small toys

Multifunctional IKEA storage that blends in with living room decor

ikea low storage cabinet with drawers that blends into the living room decor, storage bench with boxes

Toy storage bag models that fit perfectly into the Scandinavian interior

Scandinavian-style drawstring storage bag for storing children's toys, toy storage tip

Storage bags with transparent windows

toy storage bag with transparent window in polka dot print fabric, hand-sewn toy storage bags

Scandinavian design toy baskets

Scandinavian design braided and metallic storage baskets for children's toys

Storage drawer under bench that provides additional toy storage in the living room

storage drawer under bench that provides additional storage space for children's toys

toy storage unit with baskets and boxes in the playroom, functional playroom layout

Storage boxes on which children can draw with chalk

storage tips for children's toys, mobile slate storage crate for children to write on

Storage boxes with lid and wheels

storage box with lid and wheels used for storing toys, wooden toy storage crate

white painted storage box with multicolored polka dots design, toy storage box

aged look wooden storage crate with slate board, storage tip in the nursery

Small cabinet with storage bins

small cabinet with rod and storage bins for children's toys, storage bin to be inserted into a cabinet to provide additional storage space

Crate shelf 

a diy shelf made from assembled wooden crates, storage idea for toy cars

Parking-style wall storage

storage bag with parking-style pockets for cars to hang on the wall or on the door

Compartmentalized storage box

wooden toy box with multiple compartments to store your toy collection

A tidy playroom

tidy playroom with car circuit table, shelf and toy box, idea of ​​setting up a playroom

play corner with children's kitchen and metal toy storage with three baskets on support

Multifunctional storage bench that occupies the entire wall

arrangement of a children's room with storage bench equipped with a locker that occupies the entire wall

Plush storage made with a wooden box and cardboard tubes

storage for stuffed animals in a wooden box and cardboard tubes, a wooden box diverted into storage for stuffed animals

wall-mounted storage for stuffed animals, storage with pockets to hang on the door, metal shelf diverted to storage for stuffed animals

Zinc buckets 

wall mounted DIY toy storage, zinc buckets attached to the wall like wall mounted toy storage

Box cabinet diverted into storage for toys

hijacked box cabinet in functional toy storage, ikea storage cabinet used to store children's toys and books

Tidy play corner where everything has its place

arrangement of a play corner with a cabinet, wall shelves, table and ottomans

wooden toy chest with two compartments and wooden house which also serves as storage, children's room in vintage Scandinavian style with cozy play corner

The bluffing transformation of a small corner of the game

the before and after of a play corner, two-tier gray painted wooden toy chest with three compartments

Toy storage shelf with colorful plastic storage bins, storage tip for organizing toys in the nursery

storage cabinet with multiple compartments to organize toys and soft toys in the nursery

storage cabinet with drawers storage bins and toy cage with rope

Personalized storage basket with wool pom poms

easy tutorial to personalize a storage basket decorated with white wool pom poms, personalized toy storage

wicker storage basket decorated with white wool pom poms to store your child's favorite soft toys

small storage unit for lego, wooden storage box on wheels with plate for lego

wall shelves to display children's books and vintage wooden storage boxes to store soft toys

Door hanging fabric wall storage bag for storing children's stuffed animals

cabinet with multicolored storage baskets to organize things in the children's room and to hide the mess

Storage baskets recovered from plastic bottles

ikea pedestal type storage cabinet with marine style striped storage basket

Metal toy shelf with white and green striped storage baskets

vintage dark wooden storage chest mounted on casters for storing children's toys

table for lego with metal bar on the side and hanging storage bins

small three-compartment storage unit with rattan baskets, spice shelves that double as storage for children's books

Storage unit that acts as an office

storage unit with bins that acts as a desk and games table in the child's room

set up a vintage and ethnic chic style play corner with two three-tier compartmentalized toy storage units