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70 homemade, easy and low-budget Halloween costume designs

When the Halloween party knocks on our doors, all we have to do is greet him with a big smile and good humor. And, if you’re one of the folks who are going to celebrate October 31st, you will definitely need some good makeup and an original disguise. For the latter, no need to break the bank with a super expensive costume. You can just look forward to a homemade Halloween costume. A breath of inspiration in the gallery below.

Creating your own homemade Halloween costume has never been so easy

example of an original costume for a child on the theme of the Halloween party, model of black dress with carnival mask

Transform into a bird with fairy wings

how to make an easy disguise for halloween, female costume model with cardboard wings and colored paper

DIY Costume No.1 Bird costume with cardboard wings by curbly


  • cardboard
  • colored paper sheets
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun
  • ribbon
  • cutter
  • marker pen
  • paint and brush (for the mask)

Steps to follow:

To make the wings

  1. Draw two identical wings on the cardboard and cut them out with the craft knife. (Wing measurements vary depending on person’s height.)
  2. Then draw a leaf. We’ll use it as a template for the feathers. (In this tutorial we have created two types of leaves with different sizes for a more natural effect).
  3. Cut out feathers of different colors from the colored paper. We’re going to use the feathers to cover the front and back of each wing. So you will need a lot of feathers.
  4. Then we start to glue the feathers on the wings. If necessary, cut off the excess paper.
  5. Now you have to stick a ribbon on each wing (long enough to go around the arm and shoulder).

To make the mask

Draw a mask on the cardboard and cut it out. (If needed, you can use a template.) For a 3D effect, cut out a triangle (for the mouthpiece). Fold it in thirds and glue the two edges of the outer triangles. Stick the beak on the mask.

The steps to follow to make cardboard wings with colorful feathers

easy tutorial for homemade halloween costume, steps to follow to create cardboard wings decorated with colored paper

Tin man costume to dress up as a favorite character

DIY costume template for boy, diy pewter man costume for Halloween, manual activity for Halloween

DIY Costume No.2 Wizard of Oz Pewter Man Costume by apumpkinandaprincess


  • cardboard box
  • silver adhesive tape
  • silver spray paint
  • buttons
  • silver fabric
  • hot glue
  • scissors
  • oil funnel
  • plastic ax
  • gray blouse and pants
  • silver face paint


  1. To make the costume, we start by cutting the top of the cardboard box. Then you have to bend the corners of the box to give it a circular shape. (You can use some scotch tape to help. A few layers of duct tape will make the cardboard stronger).
  2. Then, from the removed piece of cardboard, cut out a circle larger than the diameter of the costume..
  3. On the cardboard body, cut two holes for the arms.
  4. Glue the circle on the upper body.
  5. Glue buttons in the center of the costume.
  6. Apply a few coats of silver paint to the costume. Let dry well.
  7. To make a collar of the costume, fold the silver fabric in half and glue the edges to the circle at the top.
  8. If you want, you can stick a heart-shaped sticker on the left part of the costume.
  9. Tie a rubber band over the funnel to make the hat. Paint the hat and the ax in silver.

A few coats of silver paint to enchant your disguise

make a last minute costume for Halloween party, tin man design cardboard costume template

Original costume with taco design – a great idea for your last minute costume

example of an easy DIY costume, taco design diy costume with a brown dress decorated in colored felt fabric

DIY Costume No.3 Delicious taco costume by awwsam


  • brown dress
  • felt fabric in green, yellow, red and white
  • hot glue gun
  • a piece of padding foam
  • yellow spray paint
  • scissors

Steps to follow:

  1. Cut lettuce leaf shaped pieces from the green fabric, yellow felt cheese strips, red felt circles and semicircles (tomatoes).
  2. Crumple the lettuce leaves to create a more natural effect. Start gluing the lettuce leaves, cheese and tomatoes on the dress.
  3. To make the crème fraîche, cut out small squares of white felt. Form balls and glue their corners. Glue the balls on the dress.
  4. To make the wrap, cut an oval shape from the foam (the size should match your measurements). Cut two holes for the arms. Apply a few coats of yellow paint and let dry well.

Process of decorating a brown dress with the basic ingredients for the preparation of a classic pizza

instructions for creating an easy decoration on a dress, making an unusual disguise for the Halloween party

DIY Costume No.4 Pineapple design kids costume by deliacreates


  • yellow felt fabric
  • scissors
  • rule
  • your kid’s t-shirt
  • marker or black paint


To make this cute pineapple-shaped costume, you must first cut a circle from the felt. Use your child’s t-shirt to make the measurements. Then cut the hole for the neck (a little wider than the outlines on the fabric). Cut into a deep leaf shape. Using a marker or a black paint brush, draw the pineapple thorns.

Tips for making the hat: cut a cardboard circle and cover it with yellow fabric. Cut out green fabric leaves and glue them on the circle. Add an elastic to the hat.

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Cute fruit themed costume

how to make a costume for a child, example of a halloween costume to make yourself in yellow felt fabric

DIY Costume No.5 Dbudget deer costume by themerrythought


  • a headband
  • aluminum foil
  • a plaster band
  • brown felt fabric
  • white faux fur
  • hot glue gun
  • paint and brush
  • foam board
  • wood grain scrapbooking paper
  • mod podge
  • x-acto precision knife



To make this deer tiara, we start by forming the two horns of the deer from the aluminum foil. Cover the horns with a few pieces of plaster tape following the directions on the package. Leave to dry. To make the ears, cut two sheets of the brown felt fabric. Glue a little faux fur on the inside of each ear. Once the plaster has dried, paint the horns in the desired color. Glue the ears to the headband.

Accessory around the neck

Glue the wooden scrapbooking paper onto the foam board using the mod podge. Let dry well and cut a piece in the shape of a plate. Cut a hole for your neck.

Dress up as an animal in no time

homemade halloween disguise idea, Halloween makeup with deer face design, make DIY horns with 3D effect

Here’s how to make your tiara with horns and deer ears

how to make an animal tiara with horns and deer ears, easy tutorial to make an original disguise

Disguise in the culinary spirit by blog.demetres

dress up as a cupcake with a homemade costume, DIY Halloween costume idea with a white top decorated with pompoms and paper skirt

tutorial to learn how to make an easy disguise, steps to follow to make a cupcake design costume

 How to dress up as a mime with sublime makeup – cool example from thejoyoffashionblog

dress like a mime, woman costume idea for the Halloween party, example last minute costume with easy makeup

what clothes and accessories to combine for an easy homemade halloween costume, mime costume in black pants and striped blouse

Idea for a group or family costume: cardboard robot costumes by tellloveandparty

make Halloween costumes for the whole family, group costume idea to design cardboard robot costumes

Studiodiy project: Slice of pizza and delivery man – an excellent and original costume for a couple

tutorial to make an original and funny Halloween costume, DIY costume with cardboard and paper, pizza costume

make a funny costume for a couple, idea DIY Halloween costumes on the theme of pizza and pizza delivery man

DIY costumes on the theme of Peter Pan and the lost children – fantastic idea of ​​abeautifulmess

last minute costume example, make Halloween costumes for the whole family, peter pan themed group costume

customize a sweater in a cactus costume, easy DIY costume, example of Halloween costumes for couples

Tutorial to make a costume for a perfect couple thanks to

make an easy Halloween costume, example of an unusual cactus design disguise, Halloween costume idea for a couple

Costume for parent and child in the marine spirit – fairy costumes by abeautifulmess

example of original Halloween costume for parent and child, mermaid mother costume and baby in DIY mini mermaid costume

The white t-shirt easily transforms into an evil costume

how to easily customize a last minute disguise t-shirt, devil themed Halloween t-shirt

Another project that shows us how to dress up really well when you’re pregnant

Easy DIY costume idea, Halloween costume template for pregnant woman, cardboard oven costume

Ball machine: a pretty disguise for women

last minute disguise idea with short tulle skirt and white tank top decorated with candy, candy machine costume for women

Homemade Halloween costume template by thehousethahtlarsbuilt

example of a costume to make yourself easy, DIY green costume in cardboard dress and hat with green house design

Halloween costume template for kids, original fairy tale character costume for kids

Easily make a skeleton costume like this instructable

Halloween costume idea for a child with a DIY skeleton costume, example of easy disguise for Halloween

Inspiration for a child costume by sayyes

Easy Halloween costume for kids, child character costume, Madeline girl costume

Gorgeous idea for a semi scary costume by macandmia

DIY Halloween costume for children, homemade Halloween costume with DIY 3D bat wings

An orange t-shirt and leggings to dress up as a Halloween pumpkin thanks to

sample Halloween costume for pregnant woman, DIY Halloween costume, easy orange pumpkin costume

Blogger Keikolynn Gives Us A Superb Idea For Mary Poppins Couple Costume & Bert

Halloween costume idea for couple, Mary Poppins and Bert costumes, example of homemade halloween costume

Retro TV costume for kids by ohhappyday

children's costume for the Halloween party, DIY costume in cardboard and colored paper, retro TV design costume for children

tutorial to make a child's costume for Halloween, original DIY costume with a candy design, handmade cardboard costume

Sometimes the woman is not a flower but a bouquet of flowers – wonderful project by themaven

funny costume model for Halloween, example of an original DIY costume, paper bouquet costume for women

how to make an easy Halloween costume, example of a homemade Halloween costume on a low budget

tutorial to make an easy disguise, woman costume for Halloween with paper popcorn box design

Make a popcorn box disguise thanks to studiodiy

costume idea to make yourself, popcorn costume model for Halloween, example of unusual disguise for women

Emojis are everywhere – fun costume by allforthememories

how to make an unusual costume for Halloween, example of an easy costume to make yourself, emoji costume in yellow fabric

Homemade Halloween costume with cotton candy design by awwsam

original costume idea for halloween, DIY halloween costume, DIY cotton candy costume

woman disguise idea for halloween, diy donuts princess costume, cardboard donuts box

Cotton candy costume version 2 by asubtlereverly

make a funny Halloween costume, DIY original costume idea, handmade cotton candy costume for women

Jellyfish costume by hellowonderful made from umbrella and pink ribbons

example of a homemade halloween costume for a child, DIY children's costume with an umbrella and ribbons jellyfish design

Cardboard costume by simplyxclassic for a mother and her little girl

funny costume for Halloween, parent and child costume idea for Halloween, easy DIY costume

Super cute costume made by mymodernmet

make an easy costume for a child, Halloween costume template on the theme of favorite character, funny child costume

Project by thegirlswithglasses for a last minute, low budget costume

last minute costume for women, Halloween costume with bee design with DIY tiara, costume to make yourself easy

Creative cardboard design by theglitterinmytea

Funny Halloween costume model on the food theme, DIY original costume idea, personalized cardboard box costume

Inspiration by whipperberry for a Rosie the Riveter style women’s costume

unusual costume for women, last minute Halloween costume, how to dress like Rosie the Riveter

easy tutorial to make an easy Halloween costume, Rosie the Riveter costume to make yourself

Peony disguise thanks to iralovesmae

DIY halloween costume, children's halloween costume, flower disguise with big hat with paper flower design

Dress like her favorite character – the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland by colormecourtney

original costume for Halloween as a character, last minute white rabbit costume with DIY tiara

Woman costume idea for Halloween, Disney character costume, Easy Snow White costume

how to transform an old t-shirt into an easy Halloween costume, original costume for halloween with pumpkin t-shirt

Autumn fairy: a flagship homemade Halloween costume

child costume template for Halloween, easy disguise idea for girl, fairy costume with dried leaves

Two inspiring and easy ideas to realize by thejoyoffashionblog

easy disguise for Halloween, last minute disguise idea with easy makeup, dress up as a scarecrow for Halloween

Monster Cookie Costume

make an original Halloween costume, example of a homemade Halloween costume with clothes decorated with paper monster cookie figurines

Cardboard Llama Costume by mermagblog

beautiful child costume for halloween, cardboard house halloween costume, DIY cardboard llama costume

Stylemepretty gives us a very cute idea for a hot costume

DIY halloween costume, costume idea for children, original costume with balloons

homemade costume idea with scary halloween makeup and ripped skeleton design t-shirt

Pac Man Costume by theeffortlesschic

DIY Halloween costumes for parent and child, Pac Man themed costume for children with handmade cardboard costume

handmade costume model for children, original Halloween costume with dress and umbrella decorated with plastic spiders

© parentsmagazine

example of a funny costume for Halloween, DIY woman costume, confetti costume to make yourself on a low budget

cute Halloween costume for women, cupcake costume, homemade costume template for women

Scary Spirit Child Costume by littleinspiration

DIY costume idea, scary costume for children, DIY terrifying doll design costume

tutorial to make an unusual costume for Halloween, donut disguise, example of an easy costume to make yourself

© papernstitchblog

homemade halloween costume, DIY chipotle bowl costume, low budget DIY halloween costume

Homemade Halloween costume cake in a mug by thekitchnn

homemade halloween costume with funny design, easy disguise template on the theme of cake and cup decorated with pom poms

materials to make an easy Halloween costume, last minute costume idea for women, minnie mouse costume

© iamstyleish

easy costume for women, how to dress like Rosie the Riveter, example Halloween costume on a low budget

Beautiful Queen of Hearts style costume by

diy queen of hearts costume, easy DIY costume idea, diy costume and makeup for women