Diy halloween

More than 120 ideas for your elegant and stylish halloween decoration

Less than 5 days and we can officially say: This is it! Halloween is here! But before that there are always the preparations at maximum speed, the enthusiasm, the panic attacks… How can I have the perfect costume and make-up, and this setting… is that enough or… can I add a few more frightening touches… Does all this seem a little too exaggerated or even weird? Relaxed! You are not alone. It’s true that it feels good to have something to get excited about and excited about every now and then, but not everyone loves horror movies and super creepy vibes. If you have a hard time embracing the Halloween spirit in its terrifying aspect but you are open to adventures and fun times, then why not experiment with a halloween decoration more subdued, elegant and stylish? If this suits you, hurry and discover our tips below.

The elegant and stylish halloween decoration will tempt even people who don’t like this creepy decor party

DIY halloween, black front door decoration with fruits and vegetables painted in gold and orange, black lantern with yellow lamp

On weekends knocking on the door, this is a perfect opportunity to organize ourselves better and to occupy the free time with fun activities. Indoor or outdoor decoration or a simple last minute decoration for a Halloween party with friends or family with the children … It is not too late to make up for lost time and celebrate the holiday in your own way. Perhaps, you will be pleasantly surprised at the results.!

The secret of the incredible and sophisticated halloween decor is hidden in the color palette used – black, gold and white

interior decoration, living room with beige stone walls with black fireplace decorated in garland and black and gold objects for Halloween

Interior decoration 

When it comes to decorating any type, style, occasion, etc., the secret to looking forward to good results is hidden in the palette of colors and materials chosen. In our case, we are aiming for an atmosphere that is still in the spirit of Halloween – dark but more stylish and less scary. For this, we offer you the chic combination of black and gold / copper shades accompanied by a few soft touches of white. This combo is on the other hand a leading trend so there is nothing to hesitate about. Chances are you will fall in love with this sophisticated decor and want to keep it for the rest of the year.

There are countless creative projects you can devote your weekend to before Halloween

decorative object, manual activity with polystyrene pumpkin and black and gold glitter paint, decorative accessories for Halloween in black and gold

Since our home is our shelter from the outside world, it is very important to feel comfortable there. So you determine the limits. If you want to keep the atmosphere warm, there won’t be anything difficult. As usual, it’s the small decorative items and accessories that will completely transform the interior. Fairy lights, pumpkins of various sizes, dried leaves, some themed cushions with typical Halloween words… There are many alternatives. Plus, you always have time to make stylish Halloween decorations yourself with little effort. You just need a coat of matte black or copper paint and whatever sort of item you have in your home – candle holders, books, glass jars … If you need DIY inspiration, don’t miss the super easy tutorials in this article.

Sometimes a single original object can totally change the interior atmosphere

halloween evening, room with black walls with gray scroll pattern decoration and Halloween light garland with golden skull patterns

The decoration of the exterior and the front door

If you have an outdoor space: a veranda or even a small balcony, halloween decoration can also magnify it. First of all, think about cocooning the atmosphere by opting, for example, for a chair covered with a cozy plaid and a few faux fur cushions. After that, just add one, two darker elements like a painted black pumpkin and lit inside. Making a garland of dried leaves and fruits painted also in black is another very pretty alternative for the decoration of the front door. Black lanterns, torn sails imitating a spider’s web, black paper bats, black and white painted feather garland … Everyone is welcome!

This year say yes to magic and bright pumpkins!

halloween decoration to make, luminous pumpkin painted in black for exterior halloween style

Decorating the table and organizing an elegant party

A fun evening with your friends or family. Laughter, joke, conversations, music and candles. Does that tell you? Technologies, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are reducing face-to-face communication and we feel more and more alone. If you need a special occasion to escape the routine, there it is – Halloween! Decorate the table with a pretty black tablecloth, take out your luxury service, add a few black or copper candles, a few mini pumpkins painted in matte black and you are ready to go.

Having fun planning your Halloween party or a little family night out with your kids is a super cool way to escape reality for a few hours

halloween table decoration idea, light garland above the dining table decorated with black dried leaves garland

DIY projects

As promised, we will be your accomplices in the elegant and stylish halloween decoration. After examining the key points in the decoration, we just have to add some excellent examples and tutorials to make your DIY projects quickly and easily.

Project Number 1. “Spider web” decoration

We divide the tasks into three stages:

  1. Halloween style candle making
  2. Personalization of glass containers
  3. The customization of a polystyrene skull and spiders

For more cool ideas, take a look at the site of domino 

Halloween-inspired decoration with lavender, polystyrene figurine and artificial spider web

decorate your home, room with black walls with a halloween-style table decorated with white tulle spider web and polystyrene skull

Materials for candles:

  • ball shaped candles
  • red conical candles (in the tutorial we use 2 shades of red: light and darker)
  • spray paint (optional)
  • flat base to hold the candle

How to carry out the project:

Indeed, it is very easy to customize the candles in bloody style. For that:

  1. If the flat base and the candle are of different colors as in the example: white candle, black base; spray paint is used to paint the flat base white.
  2. After, we put the candle on the flat base and we light it.
  3. Then you have to wait a bit until the candle begins to burn out and forms a small hollow of burnt wax.
  4. Light the red candle.
  5. Position the red candle above the white candle so that the red wax drips onto the white candle.

Here are all the materials so we need to create your bloody candles

manual halloween activity, materials needed to make bloody candles with white and red candles and black flat base

The simple steps to realize this idea

DIY halloween, steps to follow to make bloody style white and red candles, easy halloween decoration with candles

Materials for bottles and tubes:

  • a few glass bottles or chemical tubes
  • small black candies in the shape of crystals
  • a hot glue gun
  • a few sprigs of dried lavender

The steps to follow:

  1. Start by arranging the glass containers on the surface you want to decorate.
  2. Place some hot glue on the top of the larger bottle and leave for 5 seconds.
  3. Using the gun or a knife, gently slide the hot glue over the bottle to the small bottle.
  4. Repeat the previous step until the bottles are covered in fake cobwebs.

A second simple decoration alternative not to be missed

halloween activity, materials needed for halloween crafts with hot glue gun and sprigs of lavender

Using the hot glue gun, you create your own spider web unreal

halloween activity, yellow hot glue gun to make spider web on the glass bottles

Materials for spiders and skull:

  • black tulle (to cover the table or the piece of furniture on which you make the decoration)
  • polystyrene skull
  • copper shade aerosol spray
  • rubber spiders

The final stages in the decoration:

  1. Use the copper spray to paint the skull and spiders.
  2. Cover the surface with the tulle.
  3. Arrange the painted copper figurines next to the bottles with the spider web.
  4. For an even more pronounced effect, you can hang one or two spiders on the web using hot glue.

Spray paint comes to our aid to magnify our spiders

decorative object, white fabric to make a spider's web, black rubber spider and coloring spray in gold shade

Glamorous decorative object with glass container and polystyrene skull

halloween accessory, idea to decorate the interior with gold skull and glass container, manual activity for Halloween with polystyrene figurine and spray paint

Bouquet of lavender sprigs for the Halloween party

DIY halloween, glass bottle with dried lavender sprigs and small bottle with cork stopper

Project Number 2. Black garland of dried leaves 

Materials needed:

  • black aerosol paint or spray
  • gold spray paint or spray
  • a garland of artificial leaves
  • gold shade pencil (optional)

The steps to follow:

Another super practical idea, elegant and easy to achieve. All you need to do is paint the garland black. Let dry well and then paint some gold leaves. If you want you can tear off 2.3 leaves from the garland and put them on the table for a more natural look. Using the gold pencil, write Halloween words such as the most famous exclamation: boo which serves as a call to scare people.

The blog victoriaaustindesign also offers us a wide variety of original ideas.

Garland of black leaves ultra easy to make

decorate your house, wooden table decorated with white candles and diy garland in black painted leaves

Of course, the pumpkin also takes its place in the thematic and style decoration

halloween pumpkin model, interior decoration in black and gold, Halloween objects for decoration with dried leaves and white pumpkin

Project Number 3. Jars with bat decoration whipperberry

Materials needed:

  • glass boucaux
  • chalk brush
  • cutting pliers
  • hot glue gun
  • black paper bats
  • White paint
  • black paint
  • Sandpaper
  • dry floral foam
  • black aluminum wire

How to carry out the project step by step:

  1. Before you start, cover the surface you are going to work on with a cloth or paper to protect it.
  2. Then you have to paint the goats with a coat of black paint. dry well.
  3. Apply a second coat of paint this time in white shade, leaving 1-2 cm of black paint on the upper part of the jar.
  4. Gently use the sandpaper to give a more aged effect to the white paint.
  5. Place the floral foam on the bottom of the jar.
  6. Using the gun, glue the thread on the back of the bat.
  7. Attach the bats to the moss.

We also invite paper bats into the Halloween interior

steps to make a Halloween object, brush and white paint, black paper bats, DIY Halloween decoration,

DIY halloween, easy DIY project with black paint, paint a glass jar with black paint

The black paint must be allowed to dry well before applying the white layer

DIY decor, large brush with white and black paint, bedroom with red brick walls painted light blue

halloween tutorial to make a thematic decorative object, paint glass jar with white and black paint

The halloween decor is not so bad, is it?

home decoration, easy DIY project with glass jars, Halloween craft activity with paper bats and glass container

Project Number 4. Black enchanted pumpkin with ethnic motifs

Materials to be used:

  • some styrofoam pumpkins
  • golden shade pen
  • black paint

Tips for decorating: In specialty stores you can find artificial pumpkins in black. If you are using a white styrofoam model, just apply a coat of black paint and wait a few hours to dry. After that, all you have to do is use the golden style to draw original designs on the pumpkin. If you like creative activities, don’t hesitate to visit the super interesting site in English: akailochiclife

Black pumpkins with ethnic gold patterns to adorn the interior all year round

halloween pumpkin model, golden shade pencil to draw on the black pumpkin, polystyrene pumpkin for halloween

There are thousands of examples of geometric and ethnic patterns in virtual space

pumpkin halloween, easy manual activity for halloween with black painted styrofoam pumpkin with golden patterns

Points, straight or curved lines, arrows and triangles … there is everything 

interior wall decoration for halloween, black painted styrofoam pumpkin with golden ethnic pattern decoration

halloween meal, idea how to arrange the halloween table, black table with aged wooden chair and black candles

White living room decorated in a chic way with some light Halloween touches

halloween deco, living room with white walls and white and black fireplace with laminate flooring and white and red carpet

Halloween pumpkin, easy DIY for Halloween to make with black paint pumpkin and white flowers

Mixture of warm undertones with dark and neutral notes

tips how to decorate your house for Halloween, living room with white sofa and wooden furniture decorated with black and gold Halloween object

DIY Halloween, outdoor Halloween decoration with white wooden bench and DIY feather garland

Pumpkins are one of the mandatory elements for the decoration of the party

halloween activity, living room with white walls with black furniture, black table decoration with books and black and gold pumpkin

decorative object, living room with stone walls and black fireplace with decorative objects for Halloween in gold and black

Corner of desserts and delicacies in white and black

halloween cake, decor in white and black for halloween, desserts and candles in Halloween style with vase and garland in white and black

halloween decorating ideas, how to arrange the halloween table in white and black colors, black tablecloth with white and black napkin

Luxurious black marble design candles pattern

decorative object, idea for Halloween interior decoration in gold and black, black marble design candles with golden feathers

easy DIY project for Halloween, glass container with small Halloween skull, light garland in Halloween decoration

Some objects in black to create a successful contrast in the living room

interior decoration, living room with white walls with marble fireplace and black door, decorative cushions striped in white and dark gray

Halloween party organization in gold and black, decorative garland in gold paper with black paper bats

Small yellow and orange pumpkins soften the black-white space

halloween apero, idea how to arrange the dining room in white and black, black round table with black chairs and white covers

halloween decoration in white and black, oval mirror in baroque style with small decorative spiders and white and black candle holder

Easy DIY pumpkin model using black paint and copper paint

DIY halloween decoration, black painted styrofoam pumpkin with gold Halloween date letters

DIY halloween, interior decoration in white and black with black tulle and white mirror in vintage style

Halloween pumpkin model, Halloween living room decoration with black cushion and black tulle spider web

An original idea for fans of studs and pearls

halloween pumpkin model, simple decoration with glass container and white candles, small black pumpkin with black pearls

halloween deco, interior with white walls and black frames with spider web for Halloween and small white pumpkins

Scary decor but moderate in appearance

decorate your house, room with black walls with fireplace, Halloween decorative objects with pumpkin skull and black balloons

DIY halloween, pattern of white candles decorated with black lace with scroll patterns and white tulle

Candles and light garlands are also present in the typical halloween decoration

halloween deco idea, living room with taupe shade walls with dark wood furniture and brown leather armchair

halloween accessory, muarle shelf in wood and iron with decorative objects in gold and black for Halloween

Art plays its part in the living room decor with a creative touch of acrylic paint on the white walls

halloween bat, decorative spider web in black thread on white wall with watercolor painting in dark blue

halloween activity, living room with black walls with marble fireplace and white and black paint, decorative figures for Halloween in orange and black

halloween meal, idea how to arrange the halloween table in white black and gold, white painted pumpkin pattern with golden lines

Perfectly balanced atmosphere

halloween party, Halloween table decoration in white and black with black tablecloth and white pumpkins

halloween accessory, vintage furniture decorated with gray pumpkin and black bird figures for Halloween

A terribly delicious cake …

Halloween party, idea for a Halloween style cake with striped icing in orange and black with sweet decoration in the shape of a spider web

halloween party, room with walls dressed in black and gray wallpaper with black table decorated for Halloween

Small bright accent on matte black paint

halloween manual activity, big black painted pumpkins with luminous constellations

decorate your house for the Halloween party, living room with white walls with paper decoration black bats

DIY project for patient DIY enthusiasts

decorative objects for Halloween, black paint with skull in white threads, wooden picture frame painted in white and black

halloween manual activity, white painted pumpkins with black tree designs and interior lighting

Deco for the bedroom of a small or large witch

halloween accessory, wooden cabinet with vintage mirror decorated in white fabric and black candle holders

halloween pumpkin model, interior decoration with luminous black painted pumpkin and modern hand-shaped wooden chair

Interior dressed in warm fall colors

Halloween manual activity, white candles in oval glass containers, orange and green dried leaves and flowers

halloween decoration of the veranda, beige and white house facade with dark green door, decoration with orange pumpkins and black paper bats

white and black house halloween deco, room with white walls with wooden floor and wooden furniture, white pumpkin with black paper bats

For a colorful twist in the dark style party

halloween pumpkin, Halloween table interior decoration with several pumpkins of various sizes and colors

halloween pumpkin model, white pumpkin with golden dots and flowers, room with laminate wood floors and dark blue painted wood walls,

manual halloween activity, white pumpkin with gold floral decoration, decorative objects for Halloween in white

Boo – the most used scary word on Halloween day

halloween pumpkin model, white fireplace decoration with black painted pumpkin and golden letters boo

halloween activity, round wooden table with white plates, white faux fur carpet, halloween party

An idea for plants to integrate into your stylish halloween decor

Halloween party, idea which plants to choose for a Halloween decoration in black and red

halloween pumpkin, dark blue faux fur plaid with black painted pumpkin covered with gold studs

Halloween Themed Wedding

Halloween themed wedding in the forest, bouquet of black painted dried flowers and sprigs with paper butterflies

halloween activities, living room with stone fireplace, decorative black spider web with artificial spiders

halloween deco, room with black walls and white furniture with white Halloween tree and decorative objects in white and black

decorative objects for Halloween in white and black, transparent glass with white and black Halloween skull decoration

idea how to decorate your front door for Halloween, white house facade with small windows and diy black garland

manual halloween activity, interior decoration with luminous tree, room with stone walls and white and black curtains

halloween pumpkin model, pumpkin decoration with white and black paint, orange pumpkin with golden studs

Entrance doors decorated in a simple way

dark blue front door with halloween decoration in garland of dried flowers and fruits, lanterns and black bats

dark blue front door and white house facade, wreath made of fruits and dried leaves for Halloween

An original fountain of … colorful pumpkins

Halloween pumpkin model, Halloween veranda decoration with pumpkin fountain painted in white and black

craft activity for Hallowee, DIY black and white painted pumpkins with Halloween letters

white halloween pumpkin pattern with black letter, decorative object for halloween veranda

decorative accessories in white and black for Halloween, black lantern with white candle and black spiders

Manual activity to be performed in less than 5 minutes using artificial plants and matte black paint

easy DIY projects for Halloween with artificial plants painted in total black, Halloween decoration in black and white

DIY halloween idea, make a candle with glass and black lace, light decoration for Halloween

If the weather is nice, why not have fun outdoors with a super stylish Halloween decor?

outdoor Halloween party organization, Halloween table in white and black with candle holders and silver skull

decorative Halloween props in black, glass container decorated with black houses

white front door with simple Halloween decoration in black paper bats and orange pumpkin

halloween style front door and veranda, white and gray pumpkins with black lanterns and white candles

Enchanted city with black houses

decorative object for halloween, halloween town with black house and bright white and black fir trees

diy halloween, diy garland made of paper black skulls, decorative picture frame in black with black and white painting

living room decor with white walls, wreath in black dried leaves, small white pumpkins and black fabric

room with dark blue walls with white wood cladding, Halloween decor with black paper bats

Flying balloons in a fun bat design

halloween deco, interior decoration with white walls and black balloons for Halloween with black bats design

decorative Halloween accessory with black artificial bird figurine and small orange pumpkin on black flat base

decorative accessories for Halloween room, room with laminate flooring and faux fur white carpet with halloween stickers

halloween activity, decoration in black and gold, how to arrange the Halloween table with champagne glasses and Halloween candles

Simple decoration with black “spider web” on the vintage gold mirror

manual halloween activity, bedroom decor with large mirror with golden frame covered with black fabric like spider web

idea how to decorate the dining table for halloween, glass table service with plates and glasses

halloween decorating ideas, halloween table decoration with white and black cake and black candles

solid wood table with sweet red apple and white pumpkin desserts, black and gold candle holder model

Bright pink colored bat!

Halloween activities, Halloween design cupcake desserts with spider web icing

halloween pumpkin, halloween decoration for the garden with white and orange pumpkins

outdoor space decoration for halloween with several models of bright orange pumpkins

manual activity for halloween, handmade decoration with white painted pumpkin and wooden lamp

Several amazing and magical pumpkin designs

halloween decoration to make, decorative statuette with gold bird design, black pumpkin with golden letters

interior halloween decor, bright pumpkin models in orange and white, manual halloween activity

halloween party, diy decorative items for halloween, little pumpkin painted in orange glitter and black garland

halloween pumpkin, decorative items for halloween, round wooden table in black with black pumpkin patterns

halloween manual activity ,, halloween table decoration with lamps and luminous pumpkins

A light touch of pink to revive the black decor

halloween table decoration with black tablecloth and gold candle holders, pink painted pumpkins on black table

idea for the decoration of the halloween table in black and red, decorative polystyrene skull with burgundy candle holders

halloween party with table covered with black spider web, Halloween themed desserts and candies

Crepy and dark atmosphere for an excellent Halloween evening

halloween wallpaper, dining room with black walls, halloween table decoration with black tablecloth and copper candle holders

halloween evening, dining room with wooden furniture and long dark brown curtains, white and black vase with floral patterns

Hallwoeen table decoration in black and white, marble dining table with gold candle holders

Halloween preparations, table decoration with glass of champagne and candles, models of white pumpkins

Halloween decoration for your table

halloween party with themed table decoration, golden plate with small polystyrene skull and candle holders

DIY halloween deco, gray wall salox with black frame portraits, black round table with Halloween decorative items

Halloween table arrangement with black tablecloth, black plates and candle holders for Halloween with small decorative pumpkins