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The macrame bracelet: a fashion accessory to make yourself

The art of macrame is gaining more and more followers among fans of handmade creations and original objects. The different techniques of knots in various thread or rope can be used to make magnificent decorations to enhance your interior or to make unique fashion accessories. Do you want to embark on the creation of a very original piece of jewelry that will demonstrate your uniqueness and add a note of character to your daily vision? Focus on the most impressive macrame bracelet models.

The macrame bracelet: a unique accessory to enhance your look or a perfect gift symbol of friendship

easy macrame knot model, example of a diy bracelet in white rope with wooden ring, handmade jewelry idea

For those who love manual activities, the macrame knot technique may just be a new challenge on your creative soul path. In fact, making an object out of rope or thread is not that complicated, once the main knots have been mastered. On the other hand, you will see in the following examples that with each type of knot we can make many beautiful models..

Tip: If you are new to macrame art, we recommend that you start by making a wall decoration because the cords used are of larger diameter so they are easier to work with. As for the making of jewelry, we use finer threads and we speak more of a micro macramé.

Jewelry making is a superb way to fill your free time with a productive and fun activity

macrame easy tutorial, how to make a bracelet with the round knot technique and decorated with pearl

Make a pretty white bracelet with a flat knot twisted by welovehandmade

Materials : 

  • tie wire 2 x 50 cm
  • tie wire 2 x 100 cm
  • black pearl and scissors

Steps to follow :

  1. We start by laying the four threads on a smooth surface (the two shorter threads in the middle). Tie a knot to assemble them and secure the threads with a clip or tape.
  2. Then, we make a flat knot: take the left thread and form a loop by passing it through the two threads in the center. Take the right thread, pass it over the left thread, then under the two threads in the center and finally it goes into the loop. Pull both ends. Do the same with the right thread.
  3. Now turn the clip over and tie another flat knot.
  4. Repeat the previous steps 7.8 times.
  5. Next, thread a bead on one of the strands in the center. Continue braiding around the bead and tighten the knot.
  6. Keep braiding until the end.

The flat knot is a basic knot that plays the main role in many creative projects for making hyper original bracelets.

steps to follow to create a jewel, diy white rope bracelet, how to make an easy twisted knot

Thin and elegant bracelet with the flat knot, tutorial by abeautifulmess

Materials :

  • 5mm wire
  • blank drilled with 2 holes

Production :

To make this stylish bracelet, we will use the same flat knot technique. We start by cutting two threads of the same length. The threads are passed through the holes of a drilled blank for a bracelet (one thread per hole). Then we take a third thread and start to tie a flat knot with the thread in the first hole of the blank. Braid 5.6 cm and do the same on the other side of the bracelet (with the wire in the other hole).

A second variant of DIY jewelry made with a flat knot in fine thread with a soft and stylish design

step by step bracelet manufacture, idea of ​​jewelry to create yourself in thread, bracelet with golden blank made with macrame knots

To make the adjustable bracelet, you must use a sliding knot:

  • Cross the two ends of the bracelet.
  • Take another thread and pass it under the bracelet.
  • Locate the middle and tie a flat knot. Repeat 4.5 times.
  • Tie a small knot at the end of the threads.

The copper and pink combination is on the rise in the world of feminine accessories

macrame bracelet idea to make yourself, bracelet model in fine braided pink wire with golden blank, diy jewelry in pink wire

Video by MesPetitsBonheurs which shows us how to make a sliding knot: 

Schmuckblog idea for a handmade bracelet in white thread with pretty gold accent with anchor or heart pattern 

handmade bracelet model with macrame flat knots, diy bracelet in white rope with rough pattern golden anchor

Another video to learn how to make a friendship bracelet:

Beautiful model of braided jewelry by bohoandnordic

gray diy bracelet with embellishments, handmade jewelry with braiding technique, braided bracelet model with hearts

Step by step to make the macrame project a success

step by step making DIY jewelry, steps to follow to make a braided bracelet, knot technique for making jewelry

Nice example of d‘ispydiy for accessories that are super easy to make yourself simply with the flat knot technique

flat knot technique with four threads, model of a braided bracelet in yellow thread with rough pastel blue skull patterns,

Black leather cord bracelet with golden letter embellishments by marrymag

example of black leather macrame yarn, macrame braiding technique with strung letters, manual activity for teenagers

Here we always use the “flat knot” technique

how to make an original piece of jewelry, steps to follow to create a macrame bracelet with a flat knot in leather thread

More complicated design for those who like challenges and have more patience:

Macrame tutorial by likelybysea for a multicolored jewel in scoubidou thread 

step by step manufacturing multicolored knot bracelet, diy braided bracelet in scoubidou thread, easy handmade jewelry model

Sublime bracelet that catches the eye

original handmade design jewelry, beige braided bracelet model, macrame knot jewelry idea to make yourself in leather thread

Decorate the macrame cord with small golden ornaments – cool idea from minieco

tutorial to make a macrame thread bracelet with golden ornaments, how to make a flat knot in two colors

Bohemian chic style accessory by lesliereese

make an original bracelet knot, braided jewelry model in beige rope with pastel blue pearl ornaments

Aeragepony model for a bracelet made with the flat knot

steps to make an easy macrame knot, step by step macrame braiding to create a cotton thread bracelet

easy macrame tutorial for beginners, diy braided black rope bracelet with gold ornament and adjustable closure

Two variations of a black cord bracelet with mini crystals by lesliereese

easy technical macrame idea to make jewelry, handmade bracelet model in black leather rope with pearls

A variety of hippie chic styles from honorlywtfd

example of an easy-to-make macrame bracelet, model of a braided bracelet in silk thread with golden ornaments

Steps to follow to create a unique piece of jewelry: idea of ​​curvy

step by step macrame knot, gray thread bracelet pattern with golden ornament, how to make macrame jewelry,

Personalized accessory with love message or first name

make an original jewel with the macrame knot technique, blue silk thread bracelet model with white letters

Vintage style macrame designs by happygirlycrafty

step by step easy macrame knot, make a twisted flat knot, silk thread bracelet pattern with crystal and adjustable closure

Blogconsumercrafts step by step to create a two-tone jewel in shades of green

easy macrame tutorial, bracelet pattern in two strings of green shades, macrame knot technique to make a jewel

Exotic finery of leslieunfinished with wooden beads 

create jewelry with easy macrame knot, example of macrame rope bracelet with integrated beads in colored wood

Two models of braided bracelet with the eye symbol

creations made with technical macrame, original macrame jewelry to make yourself, braided eye bracelet

How about making a macrame object from pieces of fabric? Great idea of ​​self-props

how to make a bracelet out of pieces of braided fabric, handmade jewelry model with macrame knots

This tutorial by honestlywtf shows us how to decorate your DIY accessory in a perfect way

step by step to create an original jewel, macrame easy tutorial, rope bracelet manufacturing technique with golden ornaments

Sweet ornament for your wrist thanks to inexplicablyobsessed

example how to make a macrame thread bracelet, decoration of braided bracelet with small decorative beads

Macrame bracelet in cotton cord with pretty stone decoration 

original jewelry to make yourself, step by step to make a macrame knot, how to create easy rope jewelry

© honestlywtf

A mini collection of DIY bracelets

handmade tibetan bracelet models, example of a blue macrame rope braided jewelry with white pearl decoration

macrame yarn bracelet made with twisted flat knot technique, diy rope bracelet pattern, easy macrame art for making jewelry,

original jewelry to make yourself with knots, braided bracelet model in golden silk thread with ornament

Easy-to-learn braiding technique 

steps to make a macrame knot, easy jewelry with red macrame rope braiding technique

jewelry making at home, macrame braiding technique to make jewelry, yellow leather rope diy bracelet

technical macrame for making jewelry, example of a macrame thread bracelet with pearls and adjustable closure

Original accessory to refresh your everyday look with 

model of macrame bracelet in woolen threads in purple shades, twisted macrame knots to make jewelry

create an easy Tibetan bracelet, DIY jewelry model made in purple wool rope with Persian heart ornament

how to make a macrame bracelet, what types of threads or strings for handmade jewelry, diy ethnic jewelry model

Red macrame bracelet with pearl and ring

DIY bracelet in red cotton thread made with macrame knots, idea for DIY shamballa bracelet with ring ornament

idea to make a shamballa bracelet yourself, diy bracelet model with adjustable closure and golden ornaments

how to create an easy shamballa bracelet, bracelet model in black leather thread with black pearls decoration and adjustable closure

Braided two-tone bracelet model

two-tone macrame knot, example of handmade jewelry in cotton rope, diy braided bracelet in beige and purple cord

macrame knot to make bracelets, handmade jewelry model in purple cotton rope with silver ring ornaments

Macrame jewel with adjustable closure

example of easy handmade jewelry with macrame knots, bracelet model with adjustable macrame knot closure

easy jewelry making, original bracelet to make yourself, diy braided black leather cord jewelry with stone decoration

DIY fashion accessory with wooden beads of different colors

idea how to make a braided bracelet with decoration in colorful beads, diy bracelet in macrame knots

which thread for a diy jewel in knots, model of red bracelet in silk thread with decoration in golden pearls and red stone

make a Tibetan or ethnic style bracelet with cotton or wool cord, easy DIY jewelry with bows and ornaments

twisted flat knot to make an original piece of jewelry, macrame rope bracelet model with silver ornaments

Making a unisex piece of jewelry has never been so easy

diy unisex jewelry, braided bracelet model in macrame thread, macrame technique to make original jewelry

how to make a bracelet, jewelry idea in red macrame rope with ring, bracelet model with adjustable closure

make a jewelry yourself, macrame thread bracelet model with stone, macrame technical bracelet knot

Pretty macrame bracelet in blue leather with silver embellishments

jewelry making with macrame knots, DIY jewelry, blue leather rope bracelet model

jewelry to make yourself in silk macrame thread, example of an easy macrame knot bracelet with ornaments

easy macrame yarn art, learn macrame knots to make bracelets, shamballa bracelet pattern with beads

idea bracelet braided in brown macrame rope, handmade jewelry model with rope and macrame knots

A braided jewel with an inspiring message

example of easy convection of jewelry with rope and ornaments, diy bracelet model in cotton macrame knots

braiding technique for jewelry making, macrame thread to make original bracelets, example handmade ethnic jewelry

adult manual activity, easy rope jewelry convection, macrame rope bracelet pattern, jewelry braiding technique

Unique accessory with green stone in the middle

example how to decorate a diy bracelet with stone, rope braiding technique to make bracelets

handmade jewelry with turquoise rope, diy fashion accessory in macrame rope, easy adult manual activity

pastel pink rope diy bracelet pattern, how to create rope accessories, macrame knot bracelet

original accessory to make yourself, example of easy jewelry in macrame rope, knot technique to make jewelry

handmade jewelry model in brown rope, braiding technique to make jewelry, bracelet model with stone

easy DIY jewelry idea, manual activity for teenagers, making macrame rope jewelry, twisted knot technique

Ideal jewel to enhance your vision during winter days

which thread for a braided bracelet, DIY jewelry model in white cord, fashion accessory to make yourself, macrame knots