100 ideas for making a wooden headboard that will transform your bedroom

Is your sleeping area lacking in character? Do not rush to change the furniture. You can give it a facelift without breaking the bank and without undertaking long renovations. Start your little bedroom makeover project by making a uniquely designed wooden headboard. Making a wooden headboard is also a DIY within everyone’s reach, thanks to various wooden objects that can be recycled endlessly. Whatever it is in reclaimed materials found in an attic or in plywood panels bought in hardware stores, your wood-finished headboard instantly transforms the decor of the room..

How to make a wooden headboard that will be a real decorative accent? The answer in more than 100 inspiring photos

the layout of a cocooning bedroom with Nordic decor accents with a pallet headboard repainted in white

Soft and refined reclaimed decor with a recycled wood headboard and a ladder shelf

how to make a recycled wood headboard for a bedroom decor that makes you dream

Project number 1: Make a wooden headboard with an original design

Necessary material :

  • plywood (corresponding to the dimensions of your bed)
  • newspaper
  • ruler, pair of scissors
  • adhesive pads
  • pencil
  • jigsaw, sander
  1. Before you begin, determine the design of your headboard. Cut out house silhouettes of various shapes and sizes from newspaper to create the desired model.
  2. Using adhesive pads, attach the cut paper to the plywood in the desired order. Trace the outlines of the city on the plywood in pencil using the patterns you just cut out. Use a transparent ruler for precise lines.
  3. Pinch the plywood with a clamp to immobilize it.
  4. Spend the jigsaw along the pencil lines. Then sand the edges to make them smoother as possible.
  5. All you have to do is hang up your wooden plank.

City silhouette cut out from plywood

a city silhouette cut out of a plywood panel headboard to personalize your bedroom decor

Experiment with silhouettes of various shapes and sizes

headboard tutorial with original design city silhouette cut from a plywood panel

Deco ideas at low prices for the bedroom, make a wooden headboard with an original design

You already have a headboard with a unique design

ideas for revamping the bedroom on a low budget, headboard tutorial with original design city silhouette cut from a plywood panel

Wooden headboard with geometric patterns 

the geometric patterns on the textile and the wooden headboard create a modern and chic atmosphere in the bedroom

Project number 2

Necessary material : 

  • plywood
  • wood glue
  • Miter saw
  • spring clip
  • diagonal cut wooden planks, 10 pieces of white wood and 10 pieces of natural wood
  1. Place the wooden cleats end to end on the plywood, alternating the white pieces and the natural wood pieces, so that the ends of the short side touch the ends of the longer side. You thus create a kind of zig zag pattern..
  2. Determine the location of the inverted pattern and mark the cut marks on the wood. Use the miter saw to cut 45 ° angles.
  3. Provide pieces of wood to make the edges of the plywood.
  4. Glue the planks to the plywood panel using wood glue. Leave to dry overnight.

Contemporary design with geometric lines

original idea to make headboard with a modern design composed of slanted wooden battens glued to a plywood panel

headboard tutorial made with a plywood panel and

Project number 3


  • a 9.5 mm thick plywood panel, cut to the dimensions of the bed
  • 2 wooden beams 100 × 100 mm, length 240 cm
  • construction adhesive
  • Danish oil (product finishing and protection for wood)
  • of polyurethane varnish and oil-based quick-drying
  • 80 grit sandpaper
  • oil-based wood primer
  • brushes, rags

Steps of realization:

  1. Before you begin, determine the desired size of your headboard and wood blocks. The model below was carried out with wood blocks of different thickness. Calculate their number based on the size of the board.
  2. Using a rag, apply two coats of Danish oil to all beams, allow the finish to penetrate before wiping the wood surface with the rag.
  3. Cut the cleats into wooden blocks.
  4. Sand the surface of the blocks with sandpaper before applying the primer. Let dry.
  5. Apply the stain of your choice. Let dry and assemble the rows of wood blocks using the adhesive. Apply spray varnish to protect the surface and make it shine.

How to make a headboard out of wooden blocks? Choose a model of blocks of different sizes for a relief effect.

an original headboard tutorial made of repainted wood blocks to give a modern accent to the bedroom

Pallet headboard topped with a black and white photo gallery

nice accent in reclaimed wood in the master bedroom with a pallet headboard topped with a photo gallery

A wooden headboard palette that takes place along the wall

a reclaimed wood headboard for a natural atmosphere in the bedroom with a clean Nordic design

Natural wood brings a warm touch to the monochrome atmosphere

a soft bedroom in gray and white with a natural wood headboard topped with an ultra trendy decorative hunting trophy

 Barn door headboard with sky for a fancy ambiance in the bedroom

a recycled white barn door as a fancy headboard, idea for a do-it-yourself headboard

Natural wood and touches of pastel 

make a headboard in natural wood to bring a warm touch to the bedroom, soft decor with pastel accents on the theme of wonderland

Chevron pattern for a contemporary and chic design 

low-budget makeover idea for the child's room, make the headboard in recycled wood with a chevron pattern to create a nice wooden accent in the colorful atmosphere of the teenager's room

We play the card of subtlety with a plywood headboard 

soft and feminine decor in a refined bedroom furnished with a bed with wooden plywood headboard

Add more character to the white bedroom with a simple plywood headboard

plywood headboard decoration with a simple light garland for a bohemian chic atmosphere in the bedroom

the association of the bohemian chic decor and the softness of the materials creates a serene atmosphere in this bedroom with a natural wood headboard

budget bedroom makeover project, make a wooden headboard that will be a real decorative accent

Personalize the wooden headboard with geometric patterns using the masking tape technique

headboard decoration with colorful geometric patterns created for a trendy graphic atmosphere in the bedroom

Exotic decor with tropical printed patterns and a bamboo headboard

a colonial-style bedroom with a tropical decor with jungle pattern prints and a bamboo headboard

how to make a recycled wood headboard to give a nice decorative accent to the contemporary bedroom

Make a shabby chic style headboard by recovering our old doors

a bedroom green white shabby chic style in which water is introduced original focus through the headboard Wood Recycling

a rustic headboard transformed into an assertive decorative accent in a soft and feminine shabby chic bedroom, reclaimed ideas to make a headboard from barn doors

Recycled shutters at the headboard and bedside tables for a pretty seaside atmosphere 

seaside style bedroom in white and sea green, and a recycled atmosphere, idea for a headboard decoration with recycled shutters

Reclaimed-style bedroom with a pallet bed and a headboard with old doors 

ideas for a makeover of the bedroom with reclaimed materials, manufacture headboard in old door and a bed pallet

The minimalist look of the plywood headboard suits all tastes and styles

idea to make a versatile headboard that adapts to several styles of decor, bohemian chic bedroom with a headboard made of plywood

The wooden plank headboard brings out the green bedside table and the pastel-colored cushions

make a headboard in natural wood planks to immediately give a decorative touch to the bedroom and bring out the colorful details

Minimalist decor with a plywood headboard

sleeping area furnished in a minimalist and refined style where the plywood headboard has its effect, original headboard idea made from a plywood panel

Customized wooden headboard with painted rope in shades of blue

deco bedroom marine style with a bi-material headboard wood and rope colored original manufacturing a wooden headboard

original wooden and rope headboard tutorial painted in shades of blue for an ombré effect

deco bedroom marine style with a bi-material headboard wood and rope colored original manufacturing a wooden headboard

Wake up the decor with a colorful headboard

make a headboard in colored wooden planks to give

Rustic-looking pallet headboard that contrasts with the white paneling

bedroom with a serene rustic atmosphere covered with paneling that contrasts with the raw wood headboard

Mismatched planks for a semi-industrial, semi-rustic look

create an original decorative accent in the classic bedroom with a raw wood headboard

original do-it-yourself headboard idea, minimalist atmosphere with a headboard made from a plywood panel and an industrial-style portable lamp

To enhance it more, we decorate the plywood headboard with an XXL poster

low budget teen bedroom makeover idea with an english flag paint headboard

Turquoise accent asserted in a Moroccan bedroom

bedroom with a Moroccan atmosphere where we focus on typical textiles and the turquoise wooden headboard

shutters painted in sea green transformed into an original headboard, do-it-yourself headboard for a characterful decor in the bedroom

a bedroom in neutral tones furnished in country style, make a headboard with storage space

Bohemian chic spirit and raw wood headboard

bohemian chic atmosphere in the bedroom with a Persian rug, cushions in its patterns and a raw wood headboard

a real natural atmosphere in the bedroom with a raw wood headboard and a decoration of green plants

a cocooning Nordic-style bedroom with raw wood headboard for a strong natural accent

Trendy headboard with geometric lines made from a plywood panel

modern Scandinavian atmosphere in a cocooning bedroom furnished with a wooden headboard with a geometric pattern created with pastel pink paint

monochrome and refined atmosphere in a bedroom that plays on the contrast of the white brick walls and the wooden headboard

ideas for a low budget bedroom makeover, make headboard from a plywood panel

a Scandinavian-style bedroom in white and gray with natural wood accents, a headboard model to make yourself from pieces of reclaimed wood

Pallet headboard in a monochrome bedroom 

Deco Recycling ideas to customize his bedroom, how to make a pallet headboard that fits all styles of decoration

make an industrial design pallet headboard illuminated on each side by a workshop-style suspended bedside lamp

how to make a country house style wooden headboard, a reclaimed aged look headboard in nice contrast with the taupe colored walls

So that we each have their own side of the bed

original idea to customize your wooden headboard with an inscription

Recycled garden trellis as an original headboard

a bedroom with a soft and feminine atmosphere in pastel tones, an original idea to make a reclaimed headboard in recycled garden trellis

a bedroom with pop accents with a reclaimed wood headboard painted in turquoise topped with diverted embroidery circles

a bedroom furnished in country chic style with an emphasis on luxury textiles and reclaimed wood headboard, original idea to make a headboard from an old door

Reclaimed wood headboard with pretty curved lines

idea to make a reclaimed wood headboard with a classic design

how to make a headboard of pretty design with curves, bedroom of natural Nordic atmosphere with touches of color

ethnic chic bedroom in white, turquoise and natural wood, how to make a wooden headboard that occupies the entire wall

Partition headboard with storage space

original idea to make aesthetic and functional wooden headboard that also serves as a wall in the bedroom

a soothing atmosphere in the bedroom created by the association of white, pale gray and pastel green, make a pallet headboard for the teenage bedroom

idea for a plywood headboard decoration in the minimalist spirit for a serene and refined atmosphere in the bedroom

relaxing decor with pastel shades and graphic patterns, plywood headboard idea that adapts to many decor styles

Nature atmosphere with printed patterns and dark wood accents 

cozy atmosphere raw wood headboard

cocooning room with natural decor accents and a raw wood headboard for an authentic Scandinavian

green and purple bedroom with white decorative accents, fancy headboard idea decorated with white painted branches

original headboard decoration with fluorescent yellow photo frames, ideas for an original wall decoration in the teenage girl's room

Assemble several oars to create an original headboard

old recycled oars assembled as an unusual headboard ideal for a teenage boy's room, original ideas how to make headboard with recovered materials

serene atmosphere with white paneling and a reclaimed wood headboard in a seaside-style bedroom

original idea for an ombré painting headboard in shades of green to bring a touch of freshness in the monochrome teen room

a monochrome bedroom with a Nordic atmosphere with a natural wood headboard that is both aesthetic and functional, make a headboard with storage space

Combine mismatched wooden planks for a unique design

chalet atmosphere in the bedroom with a natural wood bed and an aged-look driftwood headboard

idea for a reclaimed decoration in the bedroom, make a headboard from old shutters recovered in green and natural wood

Make a fantastic pallet headboard

rustic style bedroom clad in charcoal gray paneling with a pallet headboard painted in white and gray

bedroom in beige and turquoise for a serene and relaxing atmosphere, how to make a large pallet headboard

idea for a headboard decoration that inspires an atmosphere of tranquility, pallet headboard for an atmosphere that is both minimalist and industrial

rustic style check room with a seaside decor, driftwood headboard for an authentic rustic decor

Industrial loft atmosphere with an exposed brick wall, workshop furniture and a reclaimed headboard

an industrial loft-style bedroom with industrial furniture, exposed brick wall and a reclaimed wood headboard

original idea to make a headboard with integrated storage in vintage style and industrial decor accents

Ethnic chic bedroom 

refined ethnic chic decor with a bamboo headboard, Moroccan bedside tables and a neutral color palette

a colonial-style bedroom with an original bamboo headboard, a rattan suspension and plant-printed patterns

Making a pallet wood headboard – it’s simple and it’s style

Ethnic chic decor in Moroccan style with industrial accents such as the pallet headboard and the workshop floor lamp

Cozy and bohemian chic atmosphere

cozy bedroom with chic ethnic deco accents and a pallet headboard

decorating idea of ​​a guest room with soft and relaxing decor in pastel colors, pallet headboard transformed with white paint

headboard composed of a simple plywood panel that fits perfectly into the refined atmosphere of the bedroom, wooden headboard idea with a minimalist design

Bed made entirely of recovered pallets 

minimalist bedroom with a bed and a pallet headboard as strong accents

headboard model in original pallet with integrated shelves painted in black

master bedroom with vintage deco accents and a personalized dark wood headboard with geometric patterns in white, a do-it-yourself headboard from reclaimed wood

Budget Kid’s Room Makeover: Making a Wooden Headboard 

makeover of the nursery on a budget, make wood headboard for a nice natural accent in the nursery

make a headboard in natural wood to bring a warm touch to the bedroom, soft decor with pastel accents on the theme of wonderland

How to make a chevron patterned wooden headboard ?

original herringbone headboard tutorial made with wooden planks in different colors

make a pallet wood headboard, idea for a low budget teen bedroom makeover with a pallet headboard personalized with red and white paint

ideas for a low budget teen bedroom makeover with a custom pallet headboard with red and white paint

wooden headboard with a contemporary design that contrasts with the raw aspect of the concrete ceiling

a driftwood headboard that makes its effect in this bedroom with a soft and relaxing atmosphere in white and gray

Scandinavian bedroom with geometric patterns on textiles, original headboard deco with trendy stenciled patterns