80 ideas for a pretty Christmas decoration to make out of paper and keep throughout the year

For Christmas, do you want to treat yourself to a festive decoration that is not necessarily bulky and expensive? How about making it all out of paper? A small origami tree to put on a shelf or a festive table, beautifully cut candle holders that bring a soft light to your windowsill, an aerial garland that adorns the tree … There is no shortage of ideas to add a few touches of poetry to our interiors. Here are all our proposals for a Christmas decoration to make out of paper that you will want to keep throughout the year.

Several Christmas decoration projects to make out of paper for a party

snowflakes cut out of white paper for an easy and quick Christmas window decoration, DIY paper Christmas decoration

An elegant decoration to keep all year round

pretty Christmas garland of self-adhesive marble-effect paper rings hanging from a decorative branch for an elegant and minimalist Christmas decoration

Marbled paper Christmas garland

Necessary material :

  • marble pattern adhesive film
  • a DIY knife
  • a ruler

To make the swimsuits, cut strips of paper to the same size. Take a strip, remove the paper and form a ring by gluing its two adhesive ends. Remove the protective film from the adhesive part of another strip and pass it through the first ring. Glue the two ends together to form a second strip. Continue to add rings until you get the desired length.

Marble-effect adhesive paper ring garland for a minimalist and elegant Christmas decoration

Christmas deco to do yourself, garland of paper rings imitation tree sticker


Pretty decoration of paper trees under a bell to put on a table or a shelf

Christmas decoration ideas to make out of paper, mini paper Christmas trees placed under a bell for a fairy and magical Christmas landscape

Origami folding tutorial spotted on Gathering Beauty

Necessary material :

  • scrapbooking paper
  • bowls of different sizes, a circular cutter or a compass
  • a folder
  • glue
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun or light modeling clay

Folding steps:

  1. Using the bowls, draw 3 circles of different diameters that will form the tree (in our case, the circles measure 11 cm, 9 cm and 6 cm respectively).
  2. Fold each circle in half and mark the line well with the folder. Unfold the circle, turn it 90 ° and fold in half again. You must have 4 folds. Repeat the operation until you have completed 16 folds.
  3. Make an accordion fold on each circle.
  4. Once your circles are folded, stack them by placing a ball of plasticine between each layer.

Small paper Christmas tree made in a few basic folds

small paper Christmas tree made from three folded circles of different diameters and stacked on top of each other

© Gathering Beauty

Here are the folding instructions to make the small star-shaped origami crest 

simple and quick folding technique shown step by step to make a crest in the shape of a small origami Christmas star

Necessary material :

  • cardboard
  • black paper and very light white paper
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun
  • black electrical insulation tape
  • DIY knife

Instructions :

  1. Cut out a cardboard triangle to the desired dimensions.
  2. Cut a strip of white paper about 5 cm long, a little longer than the width of the tree (the strip will be glued 5 cm from the base of the tree). Glue the top edge of the strip to the cardboard base and cut the paper that goes beyond the cardboard frame.
  3. Make small fringes along the entire length of the paper strip, spaced 1 cm apart.
  4. Repeat with the other strips of paper. Cover the entire tree with overlapping strips of paper.
  5. Mask the part of the cardboard visible at the base of the tree with a strip of black paper fixed with electrical insulation tape.

Original Christmas tree that will easily find its place in every room of the house

small paper Christmas tree made from a cardboard base covered with fringed white paper and placed on the table, leaning against the wall


Cover the cardboard base with strips of fringed paper

step by step tutorial to make a small cardboard Christmas tree covered with strips of fringed white paper

Making a vintage paper banner lined with pom poms

Christmas decoration idea handmade with a small budget, Christmas banner garland in printed paper with vintage patterns edged with red tassels

Vintage paper Christmas banner

Necessary material :

  • vintage pattern printed paper (use double-sided paper)
  • hot glue gun
  • flag puncher or scissors
  • pompom gallon
  • adhesive pads

Instructions :

  1. Cut out two 5cm × 10cm and 4cm × 9cm rectangles from double-sided paper. Each pennant is made up of two rectangles of different size.
  2. Use the hole punch to cut out the triangles at the bottom of the pennants.
  3. After perforating your flags, secure the two pieces of paper together using the adhesive pads.
  4. With a little glue, fix the pompom braid along the entire length of the garland.

The patterns of the paper give a pretty vintage look to the garland

step by step tutorial with the necessary material to make a vintage printed paper Christmas banner edged with pompoms, Christmas decoration to make out of paper


Personalized gift tag garland with stenciled letters

manual Christmas activities with paper, Merry Christmas garland made with personalized gift tags, hanging from the central kitchen island

Original Christmas tree in gift wrap

make a paper Christmas tree with strips of green gift paper glued to the white brick wall at the base of which are the gift packages are stored, original alternative to the traditional Christmas tree

© Brit and Co

Christmas tree decoration with paper rings

Christmas house decoration to make with a small budget, pretty circular Christmas ornament made with strips of red and white printed paper

Paper strips of different sizes

step by step tutorial to make a pretty Christmas ornament from a few rings of white and red printed paper, homemade Christmas decoration

Pretty sheets of paper that make up a festive Christmas wreath

homemade christmas wreath in glittery blue, black and gold sheets of paper glued on a cardboard frame, make easy christmas decorations out of paper

Paper holly wreath

easy manual Christmas activities made from paper, make a Christmas wreath out of cardboard frame and sheets of paper

Christmas village in recycled kraft bags

make a Christmas village with houses made from personalized kraft paper bags, Christmas house decorations with recycled materials

Hand-folded kraft paper stars

traditional Christmas tree decoration of led light garland and large kraft paper stars folded by hand, how to easily make an origami Christmas star

To make the star, glue the three branches together 

simple and quick folding technique to make a large paper Christmas star that will decorate a garland or a Christmas tree, the step by step of folding an origami Christmas star

Christmas tree that seems ready to fly

handmade Christmas decoration to make a garland of balloons and small colorful paper lamps, original and easy to do yourself Christmas tree decoration idea

Paper poinsettia flowers

pastel pink artificial Christmas tree decorated with multicolored poinsettias made of paper

Advent calendar suspended

christmas crafts, make an original advent calendar hanging on the wall with a wooden frame and brown paper stars

Origami small stars garland 

aerial and poetic Christmas tree decoration of garland with small origami stars, homemade Christmas decoration made using origami folding techniques

Easy folding tutorial to make an origami star from a strip of paper

origami star folded paper strips to make a paper christmas garland, how to make an origami christmas star

Pink and black paper Christmas tree garland

pretty Christmas garland in pink and black paper mini-trees, Christmas decoration to make yourself

Geometric Christmas ornaments

geometric origami models made of paper in different colors, Christmas origami ornaments to hang on the tree or on a decorative branch

Christmas window decoration with snowmen in collage

snowmen in collage on a black background stained with white for an easy Christmas window decoration, DIY kindergarten Christmas

Paper Christmas tree made of several stacked fan leaves

large paper Christmas tree made with paper leaves folded in a fan and fixed to the wall

the easy step by step to make a large size paper christmas tree from fan-folded paper sheets stacked on top of each other

Garland of golden paper rings and wooden ornaments

make paper Christmas deco, garland of rings in gold wallpaper, decorated with wooden ornaments in pastel tones

manual Christmas activities to make a simple and quick decoration in paper, garland of golden wallpaper rings and wooden ornaments

pretty Christmas garland in pastel colored paper imitating a garland of light bulbs, make paper Christmas decorations

minimalist and airy christmas garland of small origami paper Christmas trees in shades of green, how to make an easy origami tree

multicolored christmas garland advent calendar that hides surprises inside

Christmas wreath in cardboard plate and torn paper

Christmas decoration to make in recycled paper, Christmas wreath to make yourself from a cut cardboard plate covered with torn green paper

Create a poetic staircase decoration with candles in kraft bags

Christmas houses in recycled kraft sleeves, placed on the steps of the staircase along the wooden railings, Christmas decoration to make in recycled paper

Christmas candle holder made from cut paper placed around a glass jar

Christmas candle holder very easy to make, made with cut paper around a glass jar, Christmas decoration to make out of paper to bring a poetic touch to our interiors

two light houses cut out of paper to decorate a table or a shelf for Christmas, make Christmas decorations with homemade candle holders

Original Christmas decoration with a driftwood tree and paper light garland

led light garland decorated with origami paper balloons of different color and pattern for a poetic wall decoration

Wall decoration that makes you dream

christmas wreath with hand folded 3d origami stars hanging above the new year buffet

Follow the step by step to achieve this folding

the step by step of a Christmas origami star made of gift paper that will form a pretty festive garland, make Christmas decorations thanks to the art of origami

make an easy origami folding christmas star from metallic patterned paper to make a festive garland to hang on the wall

origami paper folds with metallic patterns to make a Christmas origami star

Metallic paper stars 

the folding steps to make an origami Christmas star in metallic paper, to hang on the wall or on a Christmas tree

The art of origami allows you to make pretty Christmas decorations Origami tree 

the folding steps to make a mini origami tree that will nicely decorate a centerpiece or a shelf

We love the airy side of these mini tassel paper ornaments

Christmas ornaments to make yourself with strips of paper and mini tassels, Christmas decorations to make out of paper

origami Christmas tree ornaments in pink and pastel with natural wood beads for a soft and modern Christmas tree decoration

window sill decoration with Christmas angel ornaments in paper folding and wooden beads hanging from a few branches, Christmas window decoration to make yourself

Candle bags for an original light decoration

outdoor christmas decoration with paper bags cut out with led candles placed on the stone floor

Easy origami folding to make mini paper trees

simple and quick folding technique to make an origami tree, aerial Christmas garland of small origami paper trees

Create a pretty aerial Christmas garland of small origami trees

simple and quick folding technique to make an origami tree, aerial Christmas garland of small origami paper trees

merry christmas christmas garland of small printed paper pennants with jagged border, placed on a slate wall

Personalized paper mittens merry ornaments

pairs of mittens cut out of card stock and decorated with masking tape and buttons, Christmas crafts to do with children

pretty Christmas ornament in the shape of a ball made from stapled paper strips, with paper holly leaves, Christmas decoration to make out of paper

Christmas tree decoration with paper candles

natural christmas tree decoration with paper ornaments in the shape of golden candles and a nice origami star crest

make fake candles in yellow and gold paper to decorate the Christmas tree in an original way

Original Christmas tree made from recycled greeting cards

a paper Christmas tree made from Christmas cards, which makes a real wall decoration

wall Christmas tree made from paper triangles of different colors, adorned with a pretty light garland, Christmas decoration to make out of paper for a small bedroom

original Christmas tree hanging on the wall, made from several circles decorated with metallic paper

large paper Christmas tree made from a cardboard tube and green paper cones

triangles of paper that form a tree fixed on a wooden pallet

Christmas decoration to make out of paper

handmade Christmas decoration with cut paper pockets with led candles placed on the ground around the tree

Advent calendar made with gift bags of different sizes

cute advent calendar to make yourself from a plywood board and gift bags in different sizes and colors

make an original advent calendar with a plywood board as a base and different sized gift bags

Some Christmas decoration ideas to make out of origami paper

origami folds geometric christmas ornaments made of printed paper with red and white patterns, hanging on a decorative branch

original suspension of wood branch and origami stars of different sizes and colors

several models of origami Christmas ornaments in Scandinavian printed paper to hang on the tree

3d origami paper stars attached to the wall around a white deer trophy, home Christmas decoration

Christmas window decoration with a garland of rows of small trees in recycled paper

Elegant Christmas table decoration in white and gold

elegant and festive Christmas table decoration in gold and white with paper ornaments in the shape of fir trees and stars

The plates are adorned with pretty holly leaves in paper and felt

original idea to make a festive table decoration, decorate the plates with holly leaves cut out of paper and felt

Christmas decoration to make in recycled paper, Christmas wreath to make yourself from a cut cardboard plate covered with torn green paper

Tutorial to make a paper poinsettia flower

manual Christmas activities with paper to make a pretty decoration at a low price, folding and cutting out a paper poinsettia flower

the steps of folding and cutting to make a pretty poinsettia flower to decorate the tree or a Christmas wreath, Christmas crafts with paper

Three ways to decorate the interior for the holidays with paper creations

three different ways to decorate with paper creations, white artificial Christmas tree decorated with geometric origami ornaments, personalized gift packages with paper ornaments and a small paper garland

Christmas balls wrapped in scraps of Christmas gift wrapping paper, handmade Christmas decoration