How to make a dream catcher in addition to 70 DIY ideas that are easy as pie

A symbolic object surrounded by a veil of mystery, the dreamcatcher has left Indian tipis to find its place in the daily life of modern man today. A decoration for your bedroom, living room or even tattooed on the skin, the dream catcher continues to fascinate us and it is not only its natural beauty that we adore. The leap into the unknown, the idea of ​​bringing a touch of magic to prosaic life also makes us fall in love with it. And since many people are wondering how to make a dreamcatcher themselves, today we will help them by answering this question.

Want to know how to make a dream catcher – check out our tutorials to find out

how to make a dream catcher, example of decoration four hoops, decoration of pearls and feathers, girl in black dress

The dream catcher – history and symbolism

But before proceeding to the presentation of our tutorials, we would like to answer a few essential questions. In particular, what is a dream catcher, what are its origins, why have one in our homes…. In reality the classic dreamcatcher consists of three main elements – the ring, the canvas and the small decorations. But initially, unlike today, it was made entirely from natural materials. Indeed, it was the indigenous peoples of North America who were the first to use it. To them, it was a kind of amulet that was supposed to protect babies’ sleep from bad dreams and spirits. This is indeed the role of the wire network.

Legend has it that at night when you are asleep, this web like a spider’s web lets good dreams pass and catches nightmares in its net. The Indians believed that in the morning, at sunrise, the captured nightmares would be scorched by the first rays of the sun. And since this type of story does not fail to seduce contemporary man, the latter is enchanted by the possibility of having an object that will ensure him a peaceful sleep.

How to make a dream catcher? It’s quite easy, but first you have to know the nature and history of the object

how to make a dreamcatcher, brown circle, white net, blue and black decorative beads, decorative feathers in blue and purple, forest background, Indian tent

Yes, it’s following this fascinating story that we love the dream catcher so much but wait… are you anxious to know how to make it? So, no more anecdotes. Let’s get to the heart of the matter by presenting our very simple tutorials for making a dream catcher in two steps, three movements. Roll up your sleeves and good luck!

Start of our tutorials – find out how to make a dream catcher with natural or synthetic materials

wooden dreamcatcher circle with woven thread networks, easy adult manual activity

An embroidery drum and doily dreamcatcher – a super easy tutorial to make

Does the weaving technique of the canvas seem too complicated to you or would you like to opt for a more elegant design? The tutorial presented below is the solution you are looking for. The net could well be replaced by a doily which will give a more refined side to your creation. This is how to do it …

Materials needed:

  • doily
  • wooden embroidery hoop
  • ball of yarn
  • hot glue gun
  • wooden or plastic beads
  • ribbon
  • feathers

A first idea how to make a dreamcatcher in lace for your bohemian chic decor

idea how to make a dreamcatcher, necessary materials, doily, wooden circle with coiled wool, colored feathers, wooden beads

Step by step realization:

The first thing you need to do is unbuckle your drum to isolate the circle inside. Around the latter, you must then wrap wool, so as to cover its integrity. To make it easier and the result more aesthetic, you can divide the circle into four sections. It is around these that you will have to wrap the wool, making sure to tie it well at the beginning and at the end of each step.

First step: circle the dreamcatcher circle with woolen threads

dream catcher tutorial first step, wrapping wool around a wooden hoop, embroidery hoops, teen activity

Then take your doily that you have to center on the drum and fix with glue. Now turn the embroidery hoop upside down and pass a yarn thread through the doily and then around the hoop to better secure and give your creation a more polished look..

Second step – glue the doily on it

dream catcher tutorial wooden circle with gray wool wrapped around, white doily, original wall decoration

Finally, it’s the turn of decorating your dream catcher. Cut out scraps of fabric of approximately 60 cm and attach the beads and feathers to them. Pass the bands through the doily and the embroidery hoop and glue if necessary. Finally, tie a thread on the top so you can hang your dream catcher on the wall and voila! Sweet dreams.

Third step – make the decoration for your handmade dream catcher

how to decorate a dream catcher, circle wrapped in wool with a white doily, deco wool scraps, fabric and wooden beads

And here is the result of this magnificent dream catcher tutorial

example dreamcatcher tutorial, white doily, decoration of lace scraps and white and green feathers

Make a dreamcatcher like no other – an aesthetic idea for your wall decoration

Here is another tutorial intended for those who are afraid to carry out the weaving of the fabric. We present you a great alternative to the traditional dreamcatcher

Materials needed:

  • metal hoop
  • oldest boy
  • scissors or glue gun
  • crepe paper
  • needle and thread
  • branches

Step by step realization:

The first thing you need to do is decorate your circle. Without necessarily being necessary, this step will undoubtedly give your creation some pep. For this purpose, you can, for example, wrap wool in it. And if the latter could be of various colors, it will be even better! The ombre effect will give your hoop a playful character. Finally, do not worry too much about the final knot because it will be masked by the decorative fringe that will be made in the next step.

Thus, we come to the second step during which you will make the decoration of your dream catcher. The colorful bangs you see below are made from woolen threads of various colors and white lace bands. To make the first ones, you only need to cut long enough strips and then tie them into a lark’s head. You can join two or more threads for a bulkier effect. Then attach the lace to the ring using glue. Finally, do not forget to trim the ends of the bangs so that their length is equal.

Then there are two branches cut to imitate the antlers of a deer. You can also wrap them in wool, but leaving them as is, you will give an authentic natural touch to your creation. But now how to fix these branches? To make this easier, we recommend that you use scraps of cardboard, wire and hot glue. On the aesthetic side, no need to worry because you will finally finish it off with a floral decoration.

Finally, regarding the floral decoration, you can use artificial flowers well but still you can make tissue paper flowers yourself. To those who would opt for this second solution, we offer several beautiful ideas of flowers to make yourself. And here is your dream catcher is all ready, hang it on a white wall to restore interest to it.

An Indian dreamcatcher wall decoration like no other

dream catcher simple tutorial without weaving, circle wrapped in wool, fringe of wool and lace, deer antlers in branches, decorative flowers

How to make a dreamcatcher without weaving a canvas – here is a beautiful project

circle for dreamcatcher wrapped in colored woolen threads, scraps of wool and fabric, tree branches and flowers in tissue paper, living room wall decoration

The traditional dreamcatcher – how to weave the network of threads

The following tutorial that we will present to you is devoted to making the dream catcher as everyone knows it. That is to say that we will finally give you the tips for making the weaving of the canvas so emblematic and important for the manufacture of this symbolic object.

Materials needed:

  • wooden hoop
  • suede or leather cord
  • waxed cord
  • feathers
  • decorative beads
  • lace and ribbons
  • glue or glue gun

Step by step realization:

First attach the leather cord to the hoop using glue and start wrapping it around so that it is completely covered. You can also use wool or waxed cord to do this, but be aware that this will take longer. At the end, tie the end of the cord with glue and again, do not worry if the joint is not perfect because it will then be masked by the decorations.

Wooden dreamcatcher circle wrapped in leather cord – first step in the tutorial for making a traditional dreamcatcher

hoop for dreamcatcher in wooden embroidery drum wrapped in leather cord, first step tutorial

Now we move on to the most important part that you look forward to – the weaving of the web. First tie the end of the waxed cord to the hoop and form a tight knot. Second, you have to take the cord to pass it in front, then behind the ring to finally bring it out again in front, so as to form a loop. You repeat this operation all around the circle. Then, you proceed in the same way but passing the thread in front of and behind the thread woven previously and so on. Always take care to tighten the thread. During the weaving you can insert a few beads. Make an endpoint and you already have your network of threads.

The next step is to decorate your dream catcher. Take a few pieces of waxed cord and insert small beads in them, making a knot under each one so that they can fit on the cord. Tie the cord threads to the bottom of the dreamcatcher. For an elegant touch, also attach strips of white and ivory lace using glue. There you have it, all you have to do is attach a thread at the top to be able to hang the dream catcher and admire the beautiful result.

Handmade dream catcher – technique for weaving the web

example dream catcher tutorial, hoop wrapped in leather cord with a waxed cord net, canvas weaving and decoration

Here is a video that will also help you achieve a perfect weaving

A child’s dream catcher to make by the little ones

Lately, we wanted to present you with a suitable project for the little ones. This is a simple dream catcher to make from a paper plate. The project in question is super simple and creative and will allow children to learn more about the culture of Native Americans..

Materials needed:

  • paper plate
  • blue paint
  • puncher
  • small colorful beads
  • decorative feathers
  • string

Step by step realization:

We start here by cutting out the central part of the plate, leaving only the edge of the plate. Then repaint it with blue paint and let it dry. Now take your hole punch to make holes all around the inner part of the hoop, as well as on the lower outer part of the latter. The weaving of the web here occurs by passing a string through opposing holes until you obtain the network seen in the photo below. During weaving, you can insert a few beads, while making sure to form knots in the thread on each side of the bead, so that it remains firmly in place..

For decoration, simply thread beads on a thread and finish with colored feathers. Then attach the small decorations by fixing the ends of the decorated threads to the holes formed at the bottom and voila.

Idea how to make a child’s dream catcher on a paper plate – tutorial for the little ones

model catcher dream child in paper plate repainted in blue with white thread net, decoration of colored beads and feathers

Another great idea to make a charming bohemian chic dream catcher

original bedroom wall decor, how to make a bohemian chic style dream catcher, doily, center lace, lace and fabric chites, cute dog

circle for dreamcatcher golden color decorated with white threads and wooden beads at the end, living room wall decoration

handmade dreamcatcher house decoration, hoop wrapped in fabric bands, fringe of gray fabric scraps, wood branch, net, floral decoration

A super elegant lace dreamcatcher wall decoration decorated with vegetation

handmade dreamcatcher for wedding, embroidery tmbour which contains a white lace, scraps of wool, green branches and white rose

idea to make a dream catcher, small circle, wrapped in beige fabric, decoration of beige beads and brown feathers

Indian dreamcatcher model in hoop and center decorated with orange and white flower, brown feathers

handmade dreamcatcher, circle and white net, brown feathers and small wooden beads, bedroom wall decoration

The twig – a circle for natural dreamcatcher

original bedroom decor with dreamcatcher made from a wooden circle and thin branch with scraps of lace, tissue paper and feathers, white net

idea how to decorate a white wall, embroidery drum hoop, golden leaf decoration, white, blue and beige lace scraps

example of living room wall decoration in traditional dream catcher, tribal dream catcher in fabric scraps, and white feather catcher

The dream catcher – superb wedding and bedroom decoration suggestion

bohemian wedding decor with giant white dreamcatcher with white ribbon drops and white fringed pompoms

make a dreamcatcher in a simple circle, feathers, wool scraps and branch in the center, original living room wall decoration

how to make a decorative dream catcher in a wreath of wooden branches, white net, decoration of colorful flowers and feathers

final result dream catcher in nests of branches, decorated with small flowers, feathers and branch with green leaves

How to make a unicorn dreamcatcher – a super original idea

child dream catcher model unicorn decoration, scraps of wool and pink ribbon, artificial flowers and golden horn decoration

example of a circle for dreamcatcher in wooden branches, colored net, decoration of small beads and feathers

circle of beige branches, white lace center with falling green branches, tribal wall decoration

flower wall decoration, make a dream catcher in a wreath of colorful flowers with white net and scraps of wool and colored beads

A giant dreamcatcher to invite the bohemian spirit into your home

how to make a dreamcatcher, white canvas, pink feathers and pearls and sea shells, feminine boho chic decor

giant dreamcatcher in white doily, artificial flower decoration, sea shells, original wedding decoration

make a dreamcatcher two circles wrapped in pink, black and white fabric, feather and net deco

car interior decoration with indian dreamcatcher, three circles, net, black pearls, white feathers

giant dreamcatcher model, a barn hoop and four small ones, black and brown feather decoration, blue pearls

make dream catcher in white hoop, white lace net, fringe of lace scraps and white pompoms

Circle for dreamcatcher made of wood twigs – the marriage of the Indian spirit and the spirit of nature

dream catcher model made from circles of brown wood branches, decoration of brown and blue feathers and beads

original example of a dream catcher, wooden hoop, blue and purple feathers, white canvas, purple and blue pearlsidea of ​​wooden hoop, canvas and red feathers, making original monochrome dream catcher, manual activity for adults

original indian dreamcatcher hoops various sizes black color, blue net, small decorative feathers, snowy background

make dreamcatcher, a large circle with small black circles and net, decoration of black feathers

Child dream catcher … because it’s so simple that even the little ones could make it

easy model of child dream catcher, wooden embroidery drum with yellow threads crossed as a net and decoration of feathers and small colored beads

wedding or birthday decoration with giant dreamcatcher in embroidery drum, white net, colored fringe pompoms

giant dreamcatcher with three black circles of various sizes, black pearls, black and blue and brown and white feathers

make a dream catcher in a circle with thread or doily net, decoration of feathers and fringed pompoms

dream catcher making doily in the middle, colored lace scraps, paper cloud silhouettes, baby room decor

how to make a dreamcatcher, example of dream catchers in pink, mauve, blue and green with beige feather decoration

small orange dream catcher with black pearl decoration, brown and orange feathers and yellow flowers turns ground

Interestingly crafted dream catcher with peacock feathers as decoration

make dream catcher in a wooden hoop, black beads, peacock feathers, leather cord, wall decoration

a simple Indian dreamcatcher in blue, blue feathers, black pearl decoration, easy adult manual activity

make original dreamcatcher in hoop and pink canvas, pink pearls, colored feathers, original decoration

circle for dreamcatcher in natural branch, doily in the center, white and beige threads, gray feathers

make a dream catcher with integrated black hoops, black canvas, brown and black feathers, autumn leaves background

Make a dream catcher to decorate your interior … why not. Especially if you want to add an oriental bohemian touch to your decor

bedroom wall decoration, giant dreamcatcher made with four hoops of various sizes, brown feathers, bed linen and bohemian chic wall fabric

make a dreamcatcher for the wall decoration, hoop and white net with decoration of lace bands, wool and white fringed pompoms

original headboard decoration idea, driftwood branch and dream catcher, several white dream catches

example of cocooning bedroom wall decoration, gray bed, bed linen, gray, pink and white, Scandinavian bedside table, handmade dreamcatcher with gold, brown and beige ribbon drops

How to make a dream catcher – baby mobile to add a unique touch to the decoration of the bedroom

Handmade baby mobile in Indian dreamcatcher style, wooden circle with crisscrossed pink threads and decorative feathers

Handmade dream catcher for your wedding – a very elegant decoration

outdoor forest decoration, dreamcatcher traditional manufacturing with hoops in natural branches, scraps of lace, feathers, white net

bohemian chic style wedding deco, with giant hanging lace dreamcatcher, white chairs, green vegetation decoration

original wedding decoration in a hoop wrapped in bands of pink and white fabric, white net and flower decoration

How to make a dreamcatcher yourself as a decoration for the exterior of your wedding

make a bohemian dream catcher of wedding in white doily, hoop decorated with scraps of lace

Indian dream catcher in a hoop with lace doily, lace scraps and flower decoration

shocking boho wedding decoration idea in giant dreamcatcher embroidery drum and white and pink doilies

how to make a traditional dream catcher and dream catcher with embroidery, white feathers and black feathers, pearl

And we end up with some great ideas how to make a simple kid’s dream catcher

tutorial catcher dream child in repainted ice cream sticks with colored threads, pearls and fringed pompoms

example of a child's dream catcher in a wooden hoop, colored pompoms, small colored paper figurines, children's room decoration

How to make a dream catcher to welcome spring

manual spring activity, dream catcher with a white doily center, white and pink ribbon drops and decorative pink artificial flowers