How to make a travel journal? Inspirational ideas in 60 photos

Are you a soul of the world with a strong passion for adventure and travel? Do you travel the world, visit tourist sites in your country, explore wild places? If so, you may need to bring your unforgettable memories to life with the help of a travel journal. Corn, how to make a travel diary?

It’s child’s play! Take a look at this article and let your imagination run wild.

How to make a travel journal? Let your memories

It’s great to collect cherished moments in your memory, but why not share them with family and friends? Why do you share with them the things that have changed your vision of the world, the experiences that have transformed you, the landscapes that have touched your heart? Gather photos, tourist badges, postcards, postage stamps, write down on paper your thoughts, your emotions, your impressions, your plans for places to visit. Are you hesitating because you are not sure how to make an exceptional travel journal? We come to the aid!

How to make a travel journal? Or maybe several !wooden-bench-leather-travel-notebook

The story of your journey begins hereexample-of-travel-book-cover-cachier-pages-full-of-memories

Let’s see here the three prerequisites !how-to-make-a-travel-journal-cover-idea-inspirational-quote

First step : Prepare handicraft materials. The essential tools you will need are: a notebook or journal of your choice (leather, wood), tape, scissors, glue, string, thread and needle (if you want to sew or decorate the cover yourself of the notebook).

How to make a travel journal? Using these essential

Decorate the pages of your notebook with adhesive

The tape can be in various colors as well as in white and blackhow-to-make-a-travel-notebook-adhesive-tape-decorative-camera

Birds are a great choice for those who like to “fly in the sky”how-to-make-a-travel-notebook-adhesive-tape-decorative-birds

Second step: Once you have the designated materials at your disposal, you can select the most impressive photos from your adventure and print them.

How to make a travel journal? Print your

Third (last) step: All you have to do is paste the photos on the pages, write your impressions next to them..

Write the name and date of your adventure on the cover of the

Or paste newspaper clippings.vintage-airplane-style-travel-notebook

The clippings give an old air to the

A simple vision of recycled

A map of the world or the place visited is also a creative

Mark the route of your trip.example-of-travel-notebook-world-map

Combine the world map with your favorite quote …how-to-make-a-travel-book-cover-with-a-world-map

Visiting a pastry shop? Paste the receipt, draw your cup of coffee.example-of-travel-notebook-photos-drawing-of-coffee

Describe the taste, the aromatics, your feelings …travel-story-cafe-dessert-inspiration-stylograph

Mention the interesting dishes of traditional

Don’t forget the tourist spots …travel-diary-drawings-thoughts-tourist-sites


You remember the climate?example-of-tower-bridge-photo-travel-notebook

Postcards also have their place on the pages of the notebook.sample-travel-notebook-scotch-pen-brochure

Elements of architecture, unusual plants, unique landscapes …how-to-make-a-travel-journal-photos-stories-of-the-moments

You have visited a botanical garden, a zoo?example-of-travel-notebook-dry-flower-drawing-bird

Tourist badges, postage stamps – use anything to decorate.example-of-travel-diary-chocolate-tourist-badge

When traveling, you always meet unforgettable people.example-of-travel-notebook-photo-drawing-of-sandwich

We say “When you want something, the whole Universe conspires to allow you to make your desire come true.” So if you dream of discovering other countries, you can also create a travel diary for your projects.

Put your goals, some pictures of interesting places to visit.




Some examples of fantastic notebooks: