Making a rug: tips, techniques and ideas to cocoon your interior

There are so many possibilities to decorate your interior in the autumn-winter spirit. DIY objects are still the alternative par excellence that won our hearts. If you are therefore looking for a project to cocoon your home, you have come to the right place. Roll up your sleeves because today we are going to present you some very nice and easy ideas for make a carpet. At your disposal: tutorials, inspiring models and lots of tips and tricks to accomplish the mission successfully.

Learn how to make an original carpet to easily refresh your interior

example to learn how to make an easy woven rug, DIY rug pattern in white and gray shaded rope spiral patterns

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Create your cozy nest by dressing the floor with a soft DIY carpet

DIY beige carpet pattern in rectangular shape on light wood parquet, idea how to decorate a teenage room with cocooning objects

Tutorial 1. Cozy cotton rug by papernstitchblog


  • multi-use anti-slip net
  • cotton piping
  • elastic bands
  • scissors

Video tutorial to have a clearer idea how to proceed:


  1. Start by determining the size of your mat. (The mat in this tutorial is 5cm x 8cm.)
  2. Cut out a piece (of the chosen size) of the anti-slip net.
  3. Next, cut pieces of cotton piping (about 8cm each). (For the 5cm x 8cm mat we need about 200m.)
  4. Now we start to tie the pieces of cotton between the net (as in the photo). Using the scissors, cut the cotton pom-pom style. Repeat the step until the piece of the net is completely covered.

The easy steps to make this pretty cocooning rug

tutorial to learn how to make an easy wool rug, rug pattern made on a non-slip mat

A true masterpiece to be achieved in no time

interior decoration with ethnic patterns with straw stool, carpet pattern fabric carpet with geometric patterns

Tutorial 2. Rug with geometric patterns by


  • preferred design upholstery fabric
  • anti slip carpet
  • sewing machine
  • scissors
  • pins

Materials to obtain before carrying out the creative project

how to make a diy carpet with pieces of upholstery carpet and non-slip carpet, easy tutorial to make a carpet

Steps to follow:

  1. To make this pretty rug, we start by cutting out a piece of the upholstery fabric and a piece of the non-slip mat of the same size.
  2. Lay the upholstery fabric on the non-slip mat.
  3. Turn the two pieces upside down, facing you and fold up to create a hem (pin to make it easier).
  4. Now you have to machine sew the hem.
  5. Go around the carpet.

To be delighted with this magnificent rug, simply sew the upholstery fabric onto the non-slip net

steps for making an easy rug, sewing the borders of a handmade rug, upholstery fabric rug and non-slip mesh

Rope carpet – another stunning technique

children's play mat model or stylish decoration, make a round rope rug, bohemian chic decor with handmade spiral rope rug

Tutorial 3. Rope mat by apairandasparediy


  • rope (for a 100 cm diameter mat, you need about 50 m of rope)
  • non-slip protective tarpaulin (or two cork semicircles)
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun


To add an exotic touch to your interior, just make a super fun and easy rope rug. How to do?

  1. Place the rope on the ground and start winding it around itself to form a spiral.
  2. Apply glue all over.
  3. Now we just have to glue the mat on a backing (anti-slip tarpaulin or two pieces of cork, as you prefer).

Wind the rope around itself and glue the whole thing in a spiral manner

how to make an easy rope rug, diy spiral rope rug pattern, tutorial for making a rug

Tutorial 4. Pom pom rug by sayyes


  • balls of wool in various colors
  • anti slip carpet
  • scissors

How to make an ultra cute pom pom rug?

How to make the rug: To treat yourself to a soft pom-pom rug, you start by making a fair amount of pom-poms. To do this, take a yarn and start wrapping it around your fingers. Then tie a knot and cut the loops. If you need more tips and tricks on making your own pom poms, take a look at our ultimate guide. Once you have a lot of pom poms ready, all you have to do is tie them to the non-slip mat.

Pompoms have been all the rage for a few years and they come in various shapes and colors.

learn to make pompoms, idea what to do with pompoms, pattern of woolen pompom rug in beige and yellow colors

Decorative object that warms the atmosphere in the bedroom

Handmade pompom rug with wool and non-slip net, easy-to-make carpet model with pompoms

Tutorial 5. White rabbit shaped rug by mesewcrazy



  1. Print the template and glue the bunny model following the page numbers.
  2. Place the template on the reverse side of the faux fur. Secure the template using a few pins.
  3. Draw the outlines using chalk or a marker.
  4. Using the x-acto knife, cut the fake fur along the contours.

Decorate the nursery with a fantastic animal design rug

make a faux fur rug in the shape of a rabbit, rug pattern made with a rabbit animal design template

Tutorial to make a multicolored rug with geometric patterns

A second version of the rope rug by abeaufitulmess

idea to make an easy and stylish decorative object, example of a woven rope rug covered with pieces of fabric

We dress the ordinary rope to give it more character

instructions on how to easily sew a rope and fabric rug, handmade rug in white and black

make an easy DIY carpet, handmade carpet pattern in upholstery fabric and non-slip mesh, cozy decor with indoor plant

Seamless multicolored rectangular rug

Fallfordiy dazzling project: revive an old carpet with a few easy tassels

example how to easily customize a tassel or tassel rug, bohemian chic style decor in a teenager's bedroom

Here is another idea from to transform the old carpet into a key piece in the decor

custom carpet model with colored wool tassels, teenage bedroom decorating idea with ethnic objects

Papernstitchblog shows us how to make a rug with a patchwork design

tutorial to learn how to sew a patchwork design rug in pastel colors, woven rug pattern

What to do with his worn jeans? Ohohdeco gives us the perfect answer

what to do with jeans, handmade rug pattern in pieces of denim in round shape, diy easy decorative object in jeans

Want to add a bohemian chic touch to the decor? Thesorrygirls gives us the inspiration we need

tutorial to learn how to make a stylish carpet in white and black, model of children's play mat or decorative cotton or wool

bohemian chic wool rug model with rectangular white and black design with fringes, idea of ​​diy decorative object

Relaxing and modern atmosphere with a custom fringed rug

cocooning interior decoration with personalized objects, example of white and black carpet decorated with tassels

Pillarboxblue forms circles of different sizes to create a rug out of this world

multicolored rug pattern with round patterns, idea how to make an easy diy rug out of colored felt fabric strips

Assemble a few small hallway rugs to make a long staircase rug, inspired by witandelight

interior design with ethnic accents, idea how to personalize an old carpet, green plants for interior decoration

Find your favorite model to easily customize your interiors this season

easy DIY object models, example of a handmade rope rug, idea how to make a fabric rug with pompom and tassel decoration easy trick to give a touch bohemian regular carpet

steps to make tassels, easy decoration idea on a carpet with multicolored wool tassels

Polka dot design rug decoration by abeautifulmess

beige carpet model with black dots decoration, example of an easy decorative object to make yourself, teenage bedroom decor

Welcoming and feminine atmosphere

make a nice children's play rug or decorative, wool carpet model with red shades, decorative idea with green plant

Fascinating jungalow style interior design with a motley rug by thehousethatlarsbuilt

jungalow style interior design with golden accents and colorful objects, patchwork design diy carpet pattern

Bring some pep to your home with a vitamin mat like this one from poppytalk

colorful woven carpet pattern, idea how to make a multicolored decorative object, interior design with colorful objects

Using a hula hoop to weave the perfect rug

steps to make a multicolored rug with hula hoop and wool, round rug pattern with colorful design

© saraplath.blogspot

Ethnic spirit model shared on hometalk

idea how to make a pretty multicolored rug with pompom and tassel decoration, diy round rug pattern

idea to make a multicolored children's play rug, DIY pompom rug pattern for the child's room

Fairy crochet rug by susimiu

how to make a beautiful round diy rug, example of a round beige crochet rug with star shape in the center

manual activity for teenagers, how to make a round rug with ropes and decorative tassels, round handmade rug pattern

Resting area in pastel shades

relaxing decor in pastel shades with white and wood furniture, easy DIY decor items, round carpet pattern in pastel colors

handmade decorative object, manual activity for teenagers, example of a DIY rope rug with colorful geometric patterns

example of a crochet rug in colors, idea of ​​a teenage bedroom decorating object easy to make yourself; diy round rug

round rug pattern woven in strips of colored fabric with decoration in tassels and pompoms, easy manual activity for teenagers

Cozy and modern bedroom decor with a soft carpet with fringes 

teenage bedroom layout in modern and relaxing style with wooden furniture and green plant, soft carpet pattern with fringe decoration

personalized decorative objects with colorful design, easy-to-make carpet model with strips of fabric

cocooning decor for a teenage room, interior design idea for a cocooning child room with pompom rug

This mini pompom rug plays the key piece in the decor of the child’s room

easy kids room diy, how to decorate a kid's room with a make a carpet kid play mat out of mini pom poms

beige crochet rug pattern for the child's room, natural decorative idea in handmade objects, small crochet rug pattern

easy manual activity, how to make a round fabric rug, kids play mat idea with easy patchwork design

This is how to paint the fluffy white carpet in color

living room decor with colorful objects, cocooning atmosphere with white and wood furniture, make a carpet with pompoms

child's room decoration with pompom rug, what to do with pompoms, easy manual activity for teenager

What if we made a rug with an animal design??

how to decorate the nursery with a diy rug, penguin shaped rug pattern, crochet rug idea

idea to make a child play mat in the shape of an animal face, diy crochet rug pattern with bear face design

how to make a handmade rug, crochet rug pattern in gray, example of a rectangular rug

example of a diy round rope rug with decoration in mini pompoms and tassels, bohemian or hippie style rug model

Dress the floor in the play area with mini pompom rugs

make a multicolored children's play mat, mini pompom rug model, nursery decor idea with personalized objects

idea how to decorate a room with personalized carpet, carpet model decorated with fringes

living room or hallway decor with ethnic objects, idea for making a multicolored carpet, diy woven carpet pattern

how to decorate a living room with a cozy DIY object, example of a round shaped white pompom rug for the living room

Make a carpet with pompoms? It’s already done!

how to decorate an adult or teenager's room with cozy objects, model of white and pastel tassel tassel rug

cute handmade pompom rug pattern, what to do with wool pompoms, easy DIY rug idea to make with colorful pompoms

modern and relaxing interior design in a kid's room, round diy kid play mat idea, easy crochet rug

what to do with pompoms, diy decorative elements made of pompoms, example of an easy to make pompom rug

idea how to decorate a hallway with ethnic objects or green plants, multicolored woven carpet pattern

Diy faux fur rugs

cocooning atmosphere in a white bedroom with wooden floors with handmade decorative object, DIY carpet model in faux fur

teenage bedroom decor in cocooning style with handmade object, DIY white faux fur carpet pattern with red heart

modern interior design in a living room with yellow sofa and DIY wall decoration, shaded design pompom rug

Several easy techniques to make a multicolored rug

example of a round multicolored carpet to make yourself, model of a pompom carpet, handmade decorative object