Making soap – 55 simple and creative ideas

You are addicted to natural organic products and you want to know how make soap yourselves? So, you have come across the right site because we are going to give you the tips to prepare your soap in the simplest way possible. Put them in a nice packaging to surprise your loved ones with a nice personalized DIY gift.

The classic recipe for making soap involves three basic ingredients – oil, caustic soda, and water. In order to produce your own homemade soaps, you have to transform yourself into real chemists. But don’t worry, it’s easier than you might think! Indeed, soap is the result of the chemical reaction that occurs between a fat and a strong base. The process is called saponification. Its completion is marked by the depletion of one of the two assets. If you prefer greasier soaps, it is better to add less soda. This will save a small amount of the oil. This will make your soap more greasy and therefore softer.

The choice of an oil is really essential. In fact, the nature of the oil determines the qualities of your soap. This is the element that will add a unique touch to your soap recipe. If you are using coconut oil, for example, you should expect soap that is full of small bubbles and a little harder. Take advantage of the richness of essential oils and do not hesitate to combine them to enrich the properties of the soap.

One of the best methods of producing soap is through the process of cold saponification. That is, the reaction takes place at room temperature. This process has several advantages. In the first place, it is a very natural suggestion, which makes it very suitable for sensitive skin. Artisanal soaps are, in addition, rich in glycerin which acts as a moisturizer. However, you need to be patient, as saponification is a process that lasts at least four weeks..

Before you get started with manufacturing, we have some helpful tips for you. First, you should know that caustic soda is a very dangerous substance. So, you have to be careful and take the necessary precautions. For this reason, we recommend that you bring protective clothing.

Make soap yourself. Awesome tutorial


Second, the right soap is the result of the right proportions which depend on the nature of the oils you are going to use. Since there is no one-size-fits-all solution for proportions, you’ll have to do some math. But don’t be afraid because there are online calculators that will make your job easier. They will help you identify how much soda you need based on the oil you are going to use. The proportion also depends on the excess fat rate for which you are going to opt.

Once you’ve figured out the proportions, all that’s left is to act. First, you need to prepare your water and soda mixture. The recommended amount of soda for 280g of water is usually 100g. Pour the soda into the water and then mix. Be careful because dangerous vapors will be released and contact with them must be avoided. Then, the mixture must be allowed to cool. Before adding the oils, you must make sure that all the substances have the same temperature (less than 30 °). If you are using more than one oil, you must mix them together in a hot water bain-marie.

Mix the essential oils well. One of the main tips for making soap


Then pour the lye into the bowl with the oils and mix with a blender until you get a thick substance. That is, when you take your blender out of the bowl, there should be a clear trail. But be careful because you must not wait until the substance is too thick to add fragrances, exfoliators or dyes.

The mixture of soda lye and essential oils. Cold saponification process to make soap without investing a lot of effort


Now you can finally pour the soap into the mold. Cover it with a film to prevent a white layer from forming. It is then necessary to wait between 12 and 72 hours before unmolding and cutting the soaps. There you go, your soap is already ready. You should, however, wait at least a month before using it. We recommend that you keep your soap in a warm place.

Pour the soap into a mold. Final step in the process of making soap


Final result. Useful and simple tutorial for an easy to make soap


We continue with a few more great ideas for decorative soaps. They will fascinate you with their originality …

Very nice Christmas gift idea. Soaps, decorated with cheerful patterns. Charming idea how to make soap

brilliant-Christmas-gift-idea-nicely-decorated-soaps-to-surprise-your-loved ones-for-Christmas-party

Simple soaps, wrapped like little gifts. Making your own soap has never been so easy


Small transparent soaps, decorated with petals and dried leaves. Superb suggestion for making cool soap


How to make soap. Beautiful idea for your flowery DIY soap, in interesting shape


And another creative idea of ​​handmade soap in the shape of ice cream 


Charming Christmas soaps. Great DIY idea to surprise your loved ones


DIY idea to make your own soap with vanilla and rose scent


Soaps with an ocean scent and decorated with shells. Interesting suggestion how to make soap


Another idea to make your soap with a lavender scent. One of the most popular natural flavors




“Diamonds are a woman’s best friend. “However, few of them can afford them … Except in the form of soaps


Soap with scent of coffee and lavender. Awesome handmade soap idea for coffee lovers





The benefits of sea salt are undeniable. Here is a great idea for making soap


The scent of watermelon – another great idea to make your soap



Make your own soap. Creative idea for cupcake shaped soaps



Small decorative soaps in the shape of macaroons. How to make soap – a tasty idea




Make your own soap with glycerin. Small built-in animal figures. Suggested gift for a child



Creative idea for making soap in the shape of multicolored lemon slices





Small soaps with cinnamon and orange scent. Cold saponification method


No, these are not donuts. These are only very original soaps


And again no, it’s not a slice of cake! 


… no, still no cake




Make soap, decorated for the Christmas party. Charming idea to offer to friends and relatives




Great idea for making soap with marigold scent