Original jewelry – glass as a new lease of life

While jewelry sometimes has a sentimental value much greater than their pecuniary equivalent, aesthetics now take precedence. From an object of transmission, the jewel is now an accessory in its own right, which can be adjusted according to one’s desires and to the outfit of the day, allowing it to be embellished with a singular note. Because, if the so-called classic jewel fulfills its representative and generally sober role of the icing on the cake, the original jewelry are intended to be more striking and are displayed like a mini work of art.

Original jewelry: art at your fingertips

original handmade jewelry making image for gift idea such as original ring or original earrings

Materials, shapes, dimensions, the originality of a jewel can be expressed in different ways, according to the perception of each one. However, one can consider that a piece not made of metal is already exhibiting nonconformity. While leather, wood or other natural materials already make up some of these unconventional jewelry, glass is now part of the composition of original jewelry, thus linking the art of glassmaking and that of jewelry. The use of this well-known material may seem surprising in the manufacture of a original ring for example, but makes sense when it passes through the hands of an experienced blower. The transparency of the glass is thus reminiscent of the use of crystal for various other valuable pieces, thus playing on the simplicity of a jewel that is both discreet, but also noticed and remarkable..

Original glass jewelry. Expertise in the service of jewelry

photo of a woman's hand with original glass rings with liquid interior and pearls for an original jewelry gift idea

While the artisanal jewelry market is now widespread and everyone can be proud of making unique pieces from simple materials, glasswork is reserved for a segment of professionals. In fact, glassblowing, which appeared during Antiquity, is an artisanal trade requiring qualifying training followed by years of experience allowing total mastery of the tool and techniques that are specific to it. In addition, the size of a ring or original earring, much lower than that of any other glass object, adds a factor of precision that only the experienced glassmaker is able to render.

The talent of the glassblower at the service of jewelry

image of a glassblower in the manufacture of original jewelry such as an original ring or original earrings

The so-called fancy jewel is no longer synonymous with a low-end product. Since the arrival of actors advocating noble materials and a job well done, the original jewel stands out by a requirement of quality, in its manufacture by hand and / or by its label made in France, thus raising the fame and the reputation of a jewel that has more fantasy than the name.

The originality of a handmade glass ring

assembly of original handmade glass rings as an idea of ​​original jewelry as a Christmas gift