Make a beautiful festive table with napkin folding for Easter

Are you organizing an Easter brunch and want to impress your guests with a beautiful Easter table? Consider bringing some small decorative details with beautiful napkins folded and elegantly arranged on your festive table. With these cute designs in the shape of bunnies, carrots and chicks, napkin folding for Easter can even be a fun activity to share with the kids. And as Passover also heralds the arrival of spring, we don’t forget the floral folding patterns that are mandatory for a beautiful spring table. When the napkins are folded into baskets or pouches, you can hide flowers or small treats in them. For your little inspiration creations, here are more than 50 napkin folding models that will transform your party table.

Napkin folding for Easter: more than 50 ideas to embellish the festive table

simple napkin folding pattern around an egg in a floral patterned plate, napkin folding in the shape of a carrot

Easter bunnies ready to spruce up your festive table

plaige napkins in the shape of little easter bunnies for easter table decoration

Folding n ° 1: Easter hare

Folding technique:

  1. Take a simple square towel and unfold it. Fold it in half to get a narrow rectangle.
  2. Fold the new towel in half lengthwise.
  3. Fold the tips from top to bottom.
  4. Fold the corners from the bottom to the center to form a small square.
  5. Bring the left and right tips back to the center line. Now your folding takes the shape of a kite. Turn the towel over.
  6. Fold the bottom of the model towards the center to form a triangle.
  7. In order for the origami rabbit to stand without stapling it at the back, fold the left and right corners to the rear by inserting them into the pockets formed.
  8. Turn the fold over at 90 ° so that it faces the.
  9. Open the ears and the base of the rabbit.

How to fold a paper towel in the shape of a hare? Follow the step by step in pictures to succeed the most popular technique

easy step by step tutorial to make an Easter bunny napkin fold, easy DIY for a beautiful Easter table decoration

There you go, your Easter bunny is ready

easy DIY to make a beautiful Easter decoration, how to fold paper napkins in the shape of little Easter bunnies

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Folding n ° 2: the tulip


  • square fabric napkin
  • green straws
  • glitter paper

Instructions :

  1. Take a square cloth napkin.
  2. Fold in half down to get a triangle.
  3. Fold the point down to the top edge.
  4. Fold the corners from top to bottom.
  5. You get two small, overlapping triangles.
  6. Bring the point from the bottom to the top.
  7. Do the same on the other side.
  8. Turn the model over and tuck the ends into each other.
  9. Cut leaves from the glitter paper and glue them on the straw.

Tulip shaped napkin fold 

the steps of easy napkin folding to make a pretty fabric and straw tulip

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Folding n ° 3: two-tone Easter bunny 

Materials :

  • painted easter egg
  • large white paper napkins
  • pink cocktail napkins made of paper
  • ribbon

Instructions :

  1. Unfold the large white towel and lay the pink towels on it as shown below.
  2. Fold the upper and lower tips towards the center.
  3. Continue to fold the napkin by successively folding the lower edges inwards so as to obtain.
  4. Fold the model in half, pinching the middle. Using a pretty ribbon, tie the model around the painted egg.

A fun way to fold our bunny-shaped napkins

idea of ​​quick napkin folding around an egg made with two paper napkins of different color, easter folding in the shape of a rabbit

Carrot cutlery holder for the brunch table

table decoration for an Easter brunch, folding carrot-shaped napkins

A quick and easy folding that sets the tone for the table decoration

quick napkin folding idea in the shape of a carrot tied with a hemp twine, easter carrot cutlery pouch

Origami Easter Nest Folded Napkin

original easter napkin folding to make a candy basket, sky blue flowable graphic napkin folded into a basket

Tie a towel around an egg

a simple way to fold an easter bunny, tie a napkin around an egg to make a fold in the shape of a bunny's head

Paper napkins with snowdrop patterns slipped into the cones of a recycled egg carton

easy and original napkin folding, paper napkins printed with snowdrops

Living Coral color tulip towel

elegant festive table decoration with a coral-colored napkin folded into a tulip, flower-shaped easter napkin folding idea

A simple folding knot inspired by the bird’s nest

simple and elegant easter table decoration, quick folding bird's nest napkin

Quick and easy Easter napkin folding

how to fold a bunny napkin easy easter party table decoration with bunny folded napkins

step by step in pictures of a quick and simple napkin folding model in the shape of rabbit ears, Easter table decoration idea to make yourself

Folding a napkin around an egg

bunny napkin folding pattern around an egg, sweet easter table decoration in white, gold and pink

Chic detail on your plate

easy napkin folding around a cute bunny head egg, soft Easter table decoration in pink and pastel green

Flower towel next to a vase of fresh tulips

idea of ​​folding easter napkin in the shape of a pretty flower, easter table decoration with flowers and pretty fabric napkins

Easy folding Easter basket model in which you can slip flowers and small paper decorations

folding easter napkin in the shape of a basket, folded fabric napkin pocket-style to put paper eggs

Spring table decoration with a napkin folded into a Japanese square

Easter origami napkin folding technique, green napkin folded into a Japanese square and placed on a pastel pink plate, spring table decoration

Graphic napkin folded in basket

graphic fabric napkin folded into a small basket, easy and quick origami Easter folding pattern to decorate a rustic style table

simple and quick napkin folding technique to make a decorative basket, striped linen tablecloth folded into a basket

Nothing better than a natural table decoration to celebrate Easter

a natural and flowery table decoration with folded napkins in sky blue roses, folding easter napkins in the shape of spring flowers

Passover hare in cloth napkin

Easter bunny head fold in a fabric napkin placed in the center of a beautiful white and red lace pattern plate

step by step tutorial to make an easter bunny napkin, square format fabric napkin folded into a rabbit head

easy origami easter folding technique in the shape of an easter bunny, step by step tutorial in images to fold a bunny seviette

The fan napkin embellishes our tables for any occasion

elegant table decoration with fan-folded napkins, classic napkin folding to decorate a festive table

A nice carrot on our plates

a folding easter napkin in the shape of a carrot made with two red and green tablecloths

easy easter craft to make a napkin folding in the shape of carrots, quick and easy napkin folding technique

Origami folding to make a stylish cutlery pouch

easy origami folding technique to make a cutlery pouch for the Easter table, folding of an origami Easter napkin

a folding Easter bunny napkin tied with rope in an original napkin ring style

Classic napkin folding accompanied by a spring mini-bouquet

classic folding napkins to decorate a festive table, soft floral patterned napkin decorated with a small bouquet of tulips

vintage checkered tablecloths folded into little easter bunnies, folding knot Easter bunny napkins

We celebrate the return of sunny days and the renewal of nature with a beautiful floral decoration

folding classic linen napkins decorated with tulips for a beautiful presentation of the festive table

pretty napkin in the shape of an easter bunny decorated with natural branches and a pretty ribbon bow

quick napkin folding pattern, flower patterned napkin folded into cutlery pouch

To complete your table decoration, opt for an original napkin ring

easter table decoration with checkered fabric napkins and their decorative bunny napkin rings

A natural and rustic Easter table

a beautiful rustic style natural easter table, linen napkin in the shape of an easter bunny

A beautiful Easter table in shades of sea green

a beautiful easter table decoration in shades of green water, bunny napkin folding model with pocket

how to fold paper napkins to decorate an easter table, yellow and white checkered napkin folded into easter hare

a rustic chic and natural style Easter table decoration with fabric napkins folded in the shape of a bouquet

 Rabbit tail napkin ring

step by step tutorial in pictures to fold a simple easter bunny, napkin in the shape of an easter bunny with woolen tail arranged in a beautiful sea green plate

Classic folding model for a refined atmosphere at the table

simple and classic napkin folding to decorate an easter table in a natural style

carrot-style napkin folded with hemp twine, easy cutlery pocket ideal for decorating the table for an Easter brunch

tulip easter table decoration, ceramic bunny egg holder, easter bunny napkin arranged in a beautiful black and white plate

napkin folding pattern in easter basket, pocket napkin containing easter eggs

Model of a pretty cutlery pouch

origami folding technique of a beautiful sky blue cutlery pocket to decorate a stylish and elegant Easter table

paper napkin in the shape of an easter bunny tied with a hemp string, little bunnies in yellow paper with white dots

Easter napkin folding bunny style arranged in the center of a plate, DIY Easter decoration idea