Techniques, tutorials and ideas for decorating dazzling Easter eggs

Easter Day is a special day for young and old. Who doesn’t love the battles of colored eggs, the tradition of having fun with painting on shells and sharing them with friends and relatives? In addition, the techniques of easter eggs decoration have evolved so much that today one can truly arouse admiration for their unique and impressive design. If you also want to try a new trick to give a fantastic and original look to your Easter eggs, welcome to us and get inspired by the following article. You will find a rich selection of easy tutorials as well as many ideas not to be missed..

The Easter egg decoration can be done in a thousand and one impressive and super easy ways

white easter egg model with decoration in drawing made with non-toxic marker with animal and plant design

There are different customs and traditions related to Easter Day. The most popular symbols are the egg and the rabbit. These are associated with fertility and germination. Likewise, eggs in various materials are offered, such as hard-boiled eggs, sugar or chocolate eggs, or even wooden or plastic eggs. In terms of decoration, you can opt for traditional ornaments, ethnic, animal, geometric or plant motifs. Nowadays, human creativity is so developed that we are constantly discovering new and even more interesting alternatives to achieve the most perfect decoration..

Example of decoration with white basket with eggs painted with food coloring in blue and purple shades

examples of easter eggs colored in edible paint in shades of blue and purple placed in a basket of vegetable fiber painted in white

Among the popular decoration variants are the ombré or metallic effect painting technique, decoration with self-adhesive stickers or adhesive tape, decoupage with personal photos or napkins and also watercolor, acrylic or pencil drawings. Let’s not forget the decoration with nail polish, coloring spray or with fabric, lace etc. Sometimes the result is not an edible product, but the creation can serve as a decoration for the Easter table or basket. Are you already curious about the most fascinating models?

Fantastic idea for Easter table arrangement in spring style with eggshells in the shape of golden vases

Easter table decoration idea with empty eggs and painted in golden glitter in the shape of vases with flowers, egg carton with flowers and decorated shells

Technique Number 1. Decoration with self-adhesive stickers

A method that has already proven effective and aesthetic. Indeed, it can be tried on cooked or plastic eggs. To get the cute result, you just have to choose a set of self-adhesive stickers with your favorite design (nail art models work too). Then, depending on the type of stickers, you can stick them either directly or with a little water etc. (take a look at the manual). The virtual space offers us a wide range of incredible models. Among the best-known sources are commercial quotes: eBay, Amazon and others.

Tutorial to master the installation of self-adhesive stickers

tutorial to make an easy easter decoration with colorful design stickers, instructions for sticking a photo on a white shell

Technique Number 2. Golden Eggs 

Materials needed:

  • gold leaf for pastry
  • eggs
  • food coloring
  • a container with water
  • glue and brush

Decoration variant in glamorous style with golden metallic effect

easy Easter DIY with rhinestone and golden glitter decoration, white shells pattern with golden geometric patterns

How to proceed?

To start, we must dye the eggs in the classic way:

  1. Mix the food coloring with water in a glass or plastic container.
  2. Then put the egg in the container and leave it for 2-5 minutes.

Once the egg is ready, we move on to the next step – the golden decoration:

  1. Apply a thin layer of glue over the entire surface of the egg.
  2. Wrap gold foil all around the egg.
  3. Use your fingers to remove excess leaf, leaving cracks open.

For more fantastic ideas, visit the LittleInspiration site.

The steps to follow to enhance colored eggs with gold leaf

steps to follow to create a golden metallic foil effect on a colored egg, how to use edible gold foil to make a metallic decoration

Technique Number 3. Marbled indigo design recovered from Alice and Lois

The materials we will need:

  • fake eggs, gutted or plastic
  • indigo color nail polish
  • plastic or glass container
  • a little water
  • a wooden stick
  • a drying rack (egg carton)
  • a pair of rubber gloves
  • nail polish remover

The steps to follow:

  1. Fill 3/4 of the container with room temperature water.
  2. Add a few drops of nail polish.
  3. Stir lightly with the stick to create a marbled design in the water.
  4. Put on your gloves and dip the egg under water. Roll up to cover the whole egg.
  5. Take the egg out and let it dry on a suitable support.

Marbled indigo design for an incredible and hyper modern look

idea for DIY easter with indigo shade nail polish, how to paint dark blue marble design eggs

Technique Number 4. Eggs with shadow effect

Materials needed:

  • eggs
  • food coloring
  • a container with water
  • 1 teaspoon of vinegar (optional)

How to achieve this magnificent result:

  1. To start, you should cook the eggs in boiling water (3 to 10 minutes depending on your preferences).
  2. Put the food coloring in the container and add water.
  3. Then, in order to achieve this shadow effect, each egg is left in the dye for a different time (e.g. 30 seconds, 1 minute, 1 min 30 sec etc..

Tip for intensifying the color: add a teaspoon of vinegar to the container with the food coloring and water.

Shaded rose effect dye on ultra white shells

Easter activity with shades of pink shaded effect dye, tutorial with steps to paint eggs in pale pink and dark pink

Technique Number 5. Plant-based dye

The materials we are going to use:

  • eggs
  • food coloring or for an organic tincture: turmeric and red cabbage
  • for decoration: onion skins, green herbs – parsley, cilantro
  • nylon stockings
  • rubber bands
  • a saucepan and a few glass jars

Floral prints really transform the simple decor

idea for an easter decoration with floral design, colored egg models with food coloring and floral prints

The steps to follow retrieved on UpstateRamblings:

  1. First we cook the eggs.
  2. Then, you can prepare two dye variants according to your tastes – with food coloring or with organic products. If you want to go for organic tincture, this is what you have to do. Mix 1 tbsp. of turmeric + 3 cups of water (to make a yellow tincture) and 2 cups of cabbage + 3 cups of water (for red). Then we boil them for 30 minutes.
  3. Let the dyes cool. Then pour them into two containers, adding 1 tbsp. vinegar (to intensify the color).
  4. To do the decoration. Place a leaf on the egg. (For best results, work with wet leaves and eggs).
  5. Cut a piece of the stockings, wrap the egg in it with the leaf and close with a rubber band.
  6. Put the egg in the jar and leave for a few minutes. If you use the organic tincture, you must leave the eggs for a longer period (8-24 hours).

That’s all you need to do to make the green grass imprints

tutorial with photos to make an easter decoration with floral print, how to use herbs to decorate eggs

Technique Number 6. Hamburger imitation decoration

Materials to be used:

  • hard boiled eggs
  • non-toxic red, white and brown markers
  • yellow colored paper
  • green crepe paper
  • glue and scissors

How to decorate:

  1. We start by drawing a brown strip below the center.
  2. Then we will draw a red strip above the brown strip.
  3. Cut out two, three small triangles from the yellow paper.
  4. Glue the triangles on the brown strip.
  5. Cut a thin strip from the green crepe paper.
  6. Glue the strip around the egg above the red strip (imitating a green salad leaf).
  7. Draw small white seeds.

Fun and delicious “hamburger” design

example of a boiled egg decorated in the shape of a hamburger with markers and colored paper, easy tutorial for a food style decoration

what an original decoration for Easter 2018, basket in vegetable fibers of dark brown color with colored eggs

This is how to write on eggs with a golden rhinestone ribbon

Easter decoration template, white eggs decorated with rhinestones in the shape of golden letters and colored paper

Easter egg decoration with cardboard painted in fuschia pink and different models of colored eggs with geometric patterns

The egg quickly turns into a pineapple with a coat of yellow paint and green paper

steps to follow to decorate pineapple-shaped easter eggs with black marker drawing and green sheets of paper

DIY with Easter egg colored in green and decorated in the shape of a small cactus with geometric pattern design made with black marker

Girly design in pink and white for a sweet Easter egg decoration

Easter table decoration in white and pink, Easter bow with bands of pink paper and white eggs with pale pink dots

tutorial to make an easy easter decoration, how to paint eggs with red cabbage and vinegar, steps to dye easter eggs

example of a DIY Easter knot with branches and eggs colored in blue and green with golden reflections

Egg wrapped in gray and pink ribbon on a green foam backing

DIY easter model with fake egg painted yellow and decorated with gray and pink ribbon, green moss and dried branches for an interior decoration

Easter activity for children, acrylic painting in pastel shades on fake white shell eggs with gold leaf decoration

Gigantic version of the Easter egg

fun easter decoration, gigantic fake egg model with floral wreath in paper and fabric, girl dressed in multicolored dress with striped design

example of easter decoration with basket decorated in purple crepe paper and artificial branches, glass jars filled with candy colored eggs

cardboard boxes with two-tone boiled egg with face drawing made with black marker and small decorative flowers

Marbled and bronzed design made using grape juice, white vinegar and a white towel

tutorial for easter 2018, steps to paint white eggs with marbled and bronzed design using spray

white bowl with colorful cartoon eggs imitating female faces with closed eyes with red lipstick and sunglasses

The white shells complement each other perfectly with the green and pink leaves

how to make an original decoration for the Easter holiday, glue flowers and leaves on white shells

example of colored eggs in pastel shades and decorated with small flowers in pink and purple, romantic and sweet decoration model

several examples and easy decoration techniques for Christmas, white egg with red ribbon with white dots, colored eggs with small flowers

The result of mixing red cabbage juice and vinegar

how to decorate white shell eggs with gray marble design paint, easy easter decorating tip

tablecloth in white and pink with plate with multicolored design and ethnic patterns, example of colored eggs with vegetable prints

steps to decorate easily with acrylic paints of different colors and paper letters

idea for easter egg with white shell decorated with geometric patterns of pastel pink and green shades, white and gold eggs

Did you know that we can reuse even golden thumbtacks?

how to use golden rhinestones to make an original decoration of Easter eggs, steps to follow to put the rhinestones on an eggshell

colorful egg models in pastel shades, decoration with golden geometric patterns on plastic fake eggs

Color imprint and natural style

white ceramic basket with blue napkin and colored eggs in brown with white plant prints

The animated films Minons and Frozen are also part of the Easter decor thanks to the techniques offered by the superb site apumpkinandaprincess

idea for an egg decoration with cute design, how to color the eggs in yellow and turquoise and draw a face with black marker

example of Easter decoration on white shell eggs with turquoise spray and glitter, eggs with Elsa silhouette and decorative white pearls

Cute bunnies made using white and pink paper and fabric

how to decorate eggs with white shells with paper and fabric, eggs in the shape of white and pink rabbits

how to color eggs in rainbow style with brushes and glitter paints, steps to decorate eggs

Simplistic decoration technique with white marker drawings

hexagonal shaped tray of light wood with white geometric lines and eggs drawn in white marker

acrylic paint to make an easter table decoration in brightly colored eggs with animal prints

Gluing green moss in different shapes is also an original technique

how to decorate white shell eggs with green foam using glue and fine brush, arrange the eggs in white cardboard

wooden table with basket with pink tulips and bow of colorful eggs in pink and white with broken egg design

tutorial to learn how to dye white eggs with watercolor multicolor design food coloring

Golden vases of empty eggshell base with bouquets of lilies of the valley

how to make a decorative vase using the empty eggshells decorated with golden shade spray coloring

steps to follow to make a personal photo cutout on the ultra white eggshell, easy manual activity with photos

Traditional patterns in geometric shapes

idea for an Easter decoration with basket of vegetable fibers and eggs decorated with multicolored and traditional patterns

steps to decorate eggs using multicolored design tie, tip for painting eggs

example of a fun design on white eggs decorated with paint and animal design stickers

Napkin and glue cutting

tutorial to make a decoration on white shell with glue and white and dark blue napkin with floral design

basket model of vegetable fibers and pink thread, fake eggs in different colors and with crystal decoration

how to create a golden leaf effect decoration, tutorial to paint the eggs and get a shiny result

example for a boiled egg decorated with a copper metallic effect, white shell decorated with self-adhesive stickers

Easy drawing in floral design – purple tulip

idea for Easter 2018, tutorial to draw a purple tulip with non-toxic markers on a white shell

decoration template in pink and gold glamor style with drawing heart and kisses for easter party, pink and gold eggs

Dragon knot effect decoration with metallic eggs

steps to follow to create a metallic effect of a dragon egg type using aluminum foil and glue

examples of colorful easter eggs in pastel shades and decorated with gold metallic design spray

how to decorate easter eggs with 3d effect cardboard butterflies, turquoise shade edible paint

Pastel colors and white letters to have trendy eggs

colorful egg models in pastel shades with decoration in white letters, easy and modern easter decoration

easter egg template decorated with acrylic paint with ethnic patterns in floral and geometric design

idea for easy easter decoration on white shells with floral design stickers in purple blue and red

manual activity for children, Easter crafts in the shape of a dye on white eggshells with geometric and animal patterns

Metallic reflections with gold leaf

Easter table decoration in the shape of a knot with models of colored eggs in pastel shades and gold leaves with a metallic effect

Funny design stickers

white shells with face design stickers and funny animal smiles for an Easter decoration

marble design easter egg models in purple indigo blue and pastel green on a white and gray marble design table

easy manual activity for children, decorating plastic eggs with markers and colored paper

Emojis are all around us

fake plastic eggs painted yellow and with non-toxic marker designs with emoji design

Easter deco idea in bright red and yellow colors with thread knots and eggs decorated with pastel shades

Easter decoration with wooden eggs decorated in two-tone white and beige design, wooden egg model

Easter eggs decoration in white and black 

example of easter decoration in white and black, colored egg models with geometric and ethnic patterns in white and black shades

example boiled egg with light blue paint decoration with flowers and branches of paper and colored fabric

easy and fun DIY for children, egg decoration with self-adhesive stickers and acrylic paints

Easter bunny design decorated egg models, two-tone white shells with faces drawn in black marker

idea to make an egg decoration in red and blue colors with floral or geometric patterns

Self-adhesive metallic effect stickers

idea how to use ephemeral tattoo stickers with bohemian design gold leaf to decorate easter eggs

how to decorate a Christmas table with a white plate and hearts with a face drawn in black marker and a wreath of flowers

original idea for Easter, model of eggs with white shell decorated with small golden 3d figurines

simple easter egg decoration with branches and eggs in white minimalist design with geometric patterns

Glitter paint in shades of pink, green and gold

how to decorate the eggs with glitter paint in pink gold and green shade, water container and glitter paint

idea to make a decoration of eggs with green coloring and leaf design prints made with white non-toxic marker

white shell egg models decorated with self-adhesive stickers with easter bunny and chicken motifs

example of colored eggs for easter with edible paint and spoon of vinegar arranged on a plate covered with a multicolored napkin

Drawings of rabbits and chickens which are the symbols of Easter

example of an easter egg decorated with the napkin cutting technique with animal design and flowers

how to make an easter table decoration with vegetable fiber basket and eggs decorated in edible paint and ethnic patterns

two-tone painted white shell egg models with gold leaf decoration in metallic design

how to decorate white shell eggs with paper and non-toxic Easter bunny marker design

Eggs decorated with famous face prints and inspirational words

easter party with decorated eggs with celebrity sticker design and inspirational words, original decorative template for easter eggs

make an original decoration on white shell eggs with shaded effect in various colors, eggs in turquoise bowl

egg models decorated with broken shell effect in green and blue colors, original Easter decoration idea

Eggs decorated by children with self-adhesive stickers 

example of an Easter basket in white painted branches with pink crepe paper bow and eggs decorated with stickers

different models of emptied or plastic eggs decorated with watercolor or ice-effect painting technique

Easter eggs made by children with drawings in colored markers, white shell eggs with colored drawings

example of an original plastic easter egg, egg decoration with dyeing of different colors and golden geometric design

Decoration technique with pieces of colored shells

Easter decoration easy with broken ice effect with pieces of colorful seashells in purple and dark blue

idea for an original easter decoration with galaxy effect with black and purple paint, bow of dark easter eggs

pattern of eggs with white shell painted with shadow effect and decorated with edible gold leaf with metallic effect

Two fantastic ideas for a quick and stylish decor

egg decoration techniques for Easter with white lace or marble design paint in various colors

white ceramic cardboard with colored eggs with watercolor paints for an original Easter decoration

easter party organization with decoration in colored plastic easter and decorated in green shade yarn

how to decorate eggs for easter 2018, white shell eggs template decorated with sticker stickers

Spring shade dye

Easter decoration with bouquet of purple tulips and white and yellow napkin basket with colored eggs in marbled design

eggs with traditional patterns colored in edible paint, example of original decoration for Easter 2018

idea to decorate avocado-shaped easter eggs with non-toxic paint and markers, original design eggs

Tourist sites design stickers for travel fans

decorate easter eggs with drawing of sights and names of cities, easter basket with white eggs

egg models colored in turquoise paint and decorated with golden metallic shade dye spray

example of easter egg decoration with the napkin cutting technique with easter chicken and flowers design

Lace or white embroidery with a floral design are also an idea to try

decoration for Easter 2018 with bouquet of pink tulips and colorful eggs in white lace design

idea how to arrange the table for the 2018 easter party with green plants and golden table utensils

Minimalist and natural spirit with brown and beige feathers

original idea for a decoration of eggs in white shell with glued brown feathers, arrangement of eggs in cardboard

idea napkin cutout with floral design on white shell, easter egg template in white and blue

Self-adhesive stickers are a perfect alternative for a quick and easy last minute decoration

how to decorate ultra white easter eggs with multicolored butterfly design stickers

colorful white shell easter egg patterns with fuchsia pink shade paint and geometric patterns

Creative idea for thematic table arrangement with eggs dressed in adorable hats

easy easter decoration, table arrangement in bright colors with eggs dressed in crochet hat with pompom

white and dark blue marble design bowl with white shell eggs decorated in colorful marble design edible paint

Children can take part in this productive and fun activity

manual activity for kids, how to color eggs in fun style and design imitating colorful ice cream

how to color easter eggs with children, how to decorate white shell eggs with edible paint

example of decoration Easter eggs in pink and gold design, painted white shell egg models

Handmade 3D effect butterflies from paper and watercolor paints 

Easter table arrangement with turquoise shade tea service and white shell egg decorated with butterflies

example of easy easter decoration with colorful design tape and geometric patterns in a wooden bowl

The rabbit is a symbol of fertility popular in several cultures

cute decoration for the easter party with a plush bunny and colored plastic eggs in pastel shades