Do-it-yourself beautiful sheds in the courtyard of a private house

A private house is a territory where you can give free rein to your talents, create something new and interesting, build an original building or improve an existing one. Naturally, each owner of a private house with his own land plot tries to ennoble his territory as much as possible and increase the overall level of its comfort..

In order to realize themselves, the owners use architectural forms and buildings, one of which are awnings. If you look at the photos on the Internet, you can understand that they can be not only practical, performing their direct functions, but also very interesting in appearance, creating a zest on the site.

canopy over the terrace tent canopy canopy made of wooden beams

Stages of building a canopy with your own hands

In order to start building a canopy on the territory of a private house with your own hands, you need to carefully prepare for this and follow the generally accepted sequence, which is as follows:

  • creation of a project, drawing;
  • preliminary preparation of materials that will be used;
  • preparation of tools necessary for work;
  • soil preparation, surface leveling;
  • installation and concreting of canopy supports;
  • installation of longitudinal beams between the supports;
  • roof decking and fastening (profile or other material).

canopy over the table wood and glass large wooden canopy lean-to canopy small wooden canopy

This type of extension is an attribute of comfort and coziness, which guarantees the holding of previously planned outdoor activities, regardless of the whims of the weather. Now on the market, many different quality materials are freely available, which means that they can be bought and used to create a building. By connecting a little imagination and realizing his desires, the owner of a private house is able not only to complete the planned construction, but also to make it original, stylish and sophisticated.

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Canopy designs depending on their area of ​​application

First of all, a canopy is a means of protection that will protect a certain area from rain and snow, falling leaves and hot rays of the sun. Consequently, their location on the territory of a private house will be optimal where recreation areas are supposed or areas of the greatest «passability» (where the person goes most often).

Canopy «visor»

This type of canopy is the most basic and probably the most important, because it serves as a means of protection from rain and snow near the front door. It is also very important due to the fact that it can protect the threshold or steps from the adhesion of wet snow and ice formation, which can lead to painful falls, bruises and injuries, and sometimes even fractures. That is why you should pay special attention to it, carefully consider the length of its protrusion and width in such a way as to protect yourself from possible problems. A subtype of such a canopy is an extension above the terrace, which is fixed with one side to the wall of the building. Under the canopy, you can arrange furniture, a table, a barbecue or a small recreation area for the comfort of residents of a private house.

fabric canopywide canopywooden canopy

Since this canopy is actually an additional part of the house, it is made from materials that correspond to the main building. If the house is wooden, then the canopy is made of timber, but if it is brick, then a metal covering will do. In addition, it is important to take into account external harmony and color matching, so that at the end of the construction, the house and the shed look like a single whole..

Canopy extension

With the proper desire, you can create a canopy in the courtyard of a private house in such a way that it protects the entire territory from the gate to the threshold for entering the house or to any of the other buildings on the territory. This type of structure is quite massive and dimensional, it is a whole extension, one side of it is attached to the house, and the other is installed on supports. Their main advantage is that you can freely move along protected paths in any weather, and in winter these paths do not need to be cleared of snow. The canopy extension can also be of a stationary type (held on both sides on supports) or a mixed version.

wooden extension annexe above the terrace long extension from the front door 2017-10-22_21-31-55 small canopy an extension in the form of a gazebo annex made of wood and glass

A canopy over the pool of a private house

With this type of canopy, it would be best to design the closure option «hothouse» species. If sliding elements are used in the structure, then they can be controlled by opening sections in hot weather and closing them in wind or rain. The best option would be transparent coatings that will not interfere with the view and create a pleasant aesthetic impression..

indoor pool wooden canopy over the pool large canopy over the pool small canopy over the pool triple canopy large glass canopy over the pool lean-to canopy over the pool tent canopy over the pool swimming pool with a canopy polycarbonate canopy

Gazebo canopy

This is one of the most favorite types of canopy for all home owners, which can be made in any convenient shape: circle, square, polyhedron, etc. Such awnings are best placed in the most picturesque area of ​​the site or on a small hill. Also, the gazebo can be of an open type, in which case there are enough supports and the roof itself, which will protect against bad weather.

wooden gazebo unusual gazebo large gazebo over water original designer gazebo

Canopy over the play area or playground

This option is in demand among families with a child who like to play outdoors. Everyone knows that even in bad weather it is quite difficult to keep a child in the house, which means that a special canopy should be constructed, placed over a sandbox, swing or horizontal bars in order to protect the child from «whims» weather. It is also worth noting that the canopy will extend the service life of the play area, protecting the wooden structures of the site from precipitation..

sandpit canopy large canopy over the playground gable canopy over the playground tent canopy over the playground canopy over the play area canopy over the playground canopy over children's attractions

Car protection canopy

This is the best construction option for those who do not have enough free space on the territory of a private house and cannot afford to build a garage. Also, such awnings can serve as protection for the cars of guests who will be calm about their car, placing it under a special awning. The main advantage of this carport is economic benefit, because building a garage is much more difficult and expensive in terms of finance..

canopy for white car carport for 3 cars small canopy for BMW small carport for one car longitudinal carport for 2 cars carport made of corrugated board small carport near the house long carport desert carport carport-attachment large canopy for several cars canopy for german cars canopy for porsche wooden canopy for 2 cars wooden canopy over white Porsche small canopy over the car

What to make a canopy in the courtyard of a private house?

Regardless of the functions of the canopy, it does not have an overly complex structure consisting of a support, frame and roof. Materials must be chosen in accordance with the style of the house and the general landscape design. Wooden beams, brick posts or steel pipes can be used as supports. For the frame, it is best to use a tree or metal profile. For the roof, a material similar to that used on other buildings is used. The optimal roofing options are: plastic, polycarbonate, corrugated board and metal tiles.

Corrugated canopy

It is the corrugated board that is considered optimal for the roof of the canopy, since it is easy to install, inexpensive, has a high density and durability. In addition, this material is practical and can be successfully combined with any other materials used..

corrugated canopy small canopy made of corrugated board

Depending on the design, such types of canopies are distinguished: single and gable, arched. The arched type is the most difficult, but it also looks more attractive. The gable type of construction is least often used..

Metal profile canopies

The main advantage of this material is its lightness and compatibility with other materials. This is a high-quality, reliable and durable material that can serve for a very long time, provided that it is properly looked after. The concept of looking after means a special treatment of the coating with anti-corrosion agents or paints that contain similar elements in their composition.

metal canopy-extension metal canopy on supports large metal canopy small metal carport

Wooden awnings

Over time, this type of roofing becomes more and more popular, as it creates the impression of unity with nature and the surrounding landscape. The scope of application of a wooden canopy is not limited in any way, it can be used for any type, be it an extension or a stationary canopy.

tall wooden canopy large shed made of wood large gable wooden canopy horizontal wooden canopy

The main advantage and advantage is that the tree lends itself well to processing, which means you can create original forms and boldly embody your design ideas. It is important to remember that the tree must be treated with protective solutions, which will protect the timber from insects and decay..

wooden canopy terrace large wooden canopy wooden canopy-gazebo wide wooden canopy wooden canopy double wooden canopy