Facades of modern private houses – elegant rigor

The construction of a private house is a difficult, financially costly event that will require a lot of effort, energy and time. Even if you completely surrender the reins of power to the construction of your home in the hands of professionals, at the initial stage you will need to make many decisions, make many difficult choices and solve difficult dilemmas..

In dark gray

Modern private house

At the stage of choosing a project from a list of typical options or the decision to create an individual plan that will reflect your understanding of the beauty and practicality of a private house, you will already have to solve the main planning issues:

  • in what style would you like to see the execution of the facade of your home (recently, more and more you can see a mixture of two or more styles within the design of one building);
  • construction and finishing materials (in many respects, the choice of the style of the building dictates the decisions on the materials used for the construction and decoration of the dwelling);
  • whether you want your home to blend in with the buildings on the street or stand out from the rest of the buildings and how striking it should be in terms of architecture;
  • the functional purpose of each structural element and its aesthetic component;
  • color palette of the building facade and decor features;
  • how your chosen project will be combined with the nature around the building;
  • the location of the building in relation to the cardinal points (as a rule, they try to erect the facade of the house, facing the east, so that the sun passes through the rooms of the dwelling throughout the day, but sometimes such an arrangement is impossible due to the territorial features of the location of the construction site);
  • if possible, it is better to immediately decide whether there will be any other buildings on your site and how large they will be (it is better to plan a garage, bathhouse or other structures in an ensemble with the main building).

Combinatorics of finishing

Light building

The facade of a building is the first thing that you see when returning home after a hard day, it is the first thing that your guests and any other visitors see. We can safely say that the exterior of a private house is its hallmark, by which you can make the first impression about the owners of the home, their taste and stylistic preferences, temperament, level of wealth, creativity, courage or tradition, and often – even the lifestyle.

Modern style

Modern minimalism

There are as many options for decorating the facade of a private house as the homeowners themselves, given the variety of building and finishing materials, you can create a great variety of variations in the decor of the exterior of the building in the existing stylistic directions. The main impression that a building makes is made up of an alliance of shape, size and the way home ownership is finished. This is what we will talk about in more detail in this publication..

Private home ownership

House with garage

Classification of the facades of private houses by the method of decoration

The materials with which the facade of a private house is finished can be both natural and artificial, carry both an exclusively practical function and act as an aesthetic element of the structure.

Vacation home

In the lap of nature

Wood as a finishing material is a natural heat insulator

Subject to the correct choice of wood species and processing, natural material is one of the best choices for finishing the facade of a private household:

  • has good thermal insulation properties;
  • environmentally friendly material – does not harm humans and the environment;
  • material capable «breathe»;
  • creates a pleasant exterior appearance, a cozy atmosphere;
  • due to the variety of uses as a decoration, it can be suitable for both a country house and a home ownership located within the city;
  • creates a convincing illusion of unity with the environment;
  • wood trim is able to smooth out the industrialism of the chosen building style.

House made of wood

Country style

When choosing wood as a finishing material, special attention should be paid to the breed and the selection of special impregnation-antiseptics to increase moisture resistance. In addition to problems with the possible formation of mold and mildew, it will be necessary to resolve the issue with a high fire hazard. To reduce the risk of fire, there are special impregnations, unfortunately they almost completely deprive the material of its environmental friendliness. You will have to prioritize safety and environmental issues.

Cozy mansion

Country home ownership

Wooden panels are capable of «soften» the severity of forms and rigidity of the structure of modern buildings, the style of which increasingly tends to industrial minimalism. This trend is based on strict and simple geometric shapes without decor and embellishments..

Strict forms

Classic forms

City private house

With a large balcony

If a tree is a building material, for example, a bar, then it is the type of logs that will be the main component of the exterior of the building. Of course, this option not only for construction, but also for the design of the building is more suitable for suburban home ownership..

Log house

Natural or artificial stone – solid facade finishing

Of course, natural stone is the strongest and most durable option for finishing the exterior of a building. The walls, decorated with natural material or its artificial analogue, look amazing, providing an opportunity for everyone around to make an impression of the solidity and respectability of not only the entire building, but also its owners.

Stone finishing

Stone decoration

But the stone finish is as beautiful as it is expensive in terms of the acquisition of material and services for its installation. Facing with a stone is a painstaking and very responsible work, an incorrectly placed element can destroy the entire masonry of the surface, therefore, a professional for such work must be chosen based on the most positive recommendations and great experience. Hence the high cost of facing work..

The luxury of stone finishes

Artificial stone is much lighter than natural, it is easier for them to clad the surfaces of a building, and outwardly only great professionals will be able to distinguish an analogue from natural raw materials. But the sustainability issue certainly drives wealthy homeowners to opt for natural stone cladding..

Artificial stone house

Due to the high cost of natural stone, it is often combined with decorative plaster or wood for cladding private households. As a rule, the facades turn out to be very representative, they look rich and impressive..

Combined finish

Stone and glass

Concrete and glass – modern materials

Not only industrial buildings, but also most modern private houses are made of concrete slabs with the active use of glazing. Panoramic windows are not only an opportunity to let in a lot of light and picturesque landscapes of the surrounding nature into the interior of the room, but also a way of effective and aesthetically attractive design of the facade of the building.

Industrial style

Concrete, wood and glass

Concrete slabs are sometimes painted or covered with plastic panels, less often porcelain stoneware tiles are used for cladding. But most often they preserve the gray shades of the material, to maintain an industrial theme..

In a birch grove

Modern industrialism

Special facade glasses have excellent energy saving properties, thermal insulation and shockproof characteristics, which not only make the facade of your house safe, but also keep the warmth of the premises..

Glass facades

Original design

Clinker bricks for decoration – environmental friendliness, strength, beauty

Clinker bricks are becoming increasingly popular as a finishing material not only abroad, but also in our country. This is an environmentally friendly material that is made from a special type of clay by firing at high temperatures. The peculiarities of the production of this building and facing material leaves an imprint on its many unique properties. Clinker brick has a fairly dense structure, it is practically devoid of any voids, as a result, it is reliably protected from the ingress of surrounding harmful substances. All these features significantly extend the service life of the material, not only as a facing raw material, but also as a building material..

Original form

Brick cladding

Among the most striking advantages of clinker bricks as a finishing material are heat resistance, high sound insulation, ease of maintenance and increased wear resistance..

Painted brick

Color combination

Clinker bricks are available in a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes. By combining different shades of brick in the decoration of the walls of the house, you can achieve an interesting and attractive effect..

Dark gray color

Bardovy brick

Decorative plaster for house facades – inexpensive and beautiful

One of the most budgetary options for decorating the facade of a private house is the use of decorative plaster. Among the obvious advantages, in addition to the affordable cost, one can name: the richness of the color palette, the speed of the work and the ability to change the finish of the building facade at least every year.

Snow-white plaster

Contrasting facade

But where there are advantages, there are always disadvantages. Finishing with plaster is short-lived, subject to the influence of a variety of weather phenomena – from rain, snow and frost, to direct sunlight.

Light finish

Plastering a house, painting its walls, more and more homeowners are choosing a light palette. All shades of white not only visually increase the size of home ownership, but also create a festive appearance of the building, filled with cleanliness and lightness..

White walls

The White house

Facade siding – simple, practical and aesthetically pleasing

If the owners of the house are minimalists, not inclined to decorate their home, but primarily value practicality, then finishing with wall siding is an inexpensive solution to this issue.

Siding as a finish

We can safely say that the siding material is practically non-combustible and will reliably protect your walls from the influence of the external environment, whatever it may be. Of course, the siding color palette is quite extensive, there are textured materials with wood imitation, for example. But it is also obvious that the artificiality of the material will be visible to the naked eye..

Gray siding

And, of course, you can always resort to the favorite technique of designers all over the world – to combine different materials and techniques in decorating your home. But be careful with the number of choices and color combinations..

We combine materials

The original facade of the house

White and woody

Contrasting combinations

Methods for decorating the facade of a private house

First of all, a building can be decorated with a combination of different types of finishes, for example, clinker bricks and plaster or stone plinth and wood finishes on the second floor or attic..

Stone and brick

Modern chalet style

To complete the look of your home, you can resort to one or more options for using elements that will decorate the appearance of the building:

  • with the help of bright and beautiful cornices, you can easily transform the appearance of the building;
  • unusual colors of window frames or an original form (non-standard solution) can significantly change the exterior of a private house;
  • decorative framing of any elements of the facade – door or window openings, corners of the building, towers and columns (for example, for a country-style house, decoration with such a practical detail of the facade of the building as shutters will not be of last importance);
  • bas-reliefs, capitals and columns (it makes sense to apply for certain styles, for example, classics);
  • skillful illumination of the facade at night (with the help of street wall or pendant lights of various designs and designs, you can create a certain mood of the exterior, not to mention the fact that the lighting performs the function of a safe presence near the house and illumination of the most important elements – the porch, entrances to home ownership, garage entry, etc.).


Modern residential building

Oval windows

House with pool

Original decor

A very original way to decorate the facade of a private house is a living wall of plants. Climbing plants are distributed along all the walls of the building, clinging to a specially installed net or small fixtures. Hosts will certainly have to monitor the spread of greenery and trim the plant to keep sunlight out of the window openings..

Living walls

With the help of a contrasting combination of shades of walls and framing elements (window and door openings, cornices, balconies), you can create a very dynamic and original image of the exterior of a private household.

Contrast decor

European style

The severity of the lines