Mixborder: first flowers and late berries

A garden with the same type of planting is not inspiring and looks boring. The mood is created by lush mixes of plants. Bright islets scattered around the site, and beautifully organized alleys, give pleasure to contemplation, and evoke corresponding emotions. It will be about drawing up extraordinary flower beds, and harmony in a combination of completely different types.

A multi-row planting of long-flowering plants is called a mixborder. In fact, it duplicates the function of the border, but at the same time it is indicated by its own uniqueness:

The type of flower garden has been formed for many years, and it is based on perennials. When equipped with coniferous species, it looks equally attractive all year round. Seasonal flowers just harmonize the background and create accents. The principle of organizing such a flower bed is loyal, but planting is subject to the rules. Chaos is eliminated, and creativity is encouraged.

Requirements for the design are due to knowledge of the pattern of combinations of varieties, the period of their flowering and placement. Instances can be planted in groups in a row, create curly compositions, adhering to three levels of vertical height. The result should be a colorful assortment of dwarf trees and shrubs, herbaceous and deciduous species. Compositionally, it blends well with a classic lawn, and naturally fits into the style of any garden.

House on a background of flowers Avenue Lawn decoration Colored island

What you need to know

Although the plant mix is ​​intended to serve as a frame for the alleys, other formats in its organization are not excluded. If it is not located next to the fence, the view is available from opposite sides. In one-sided viewing, the foreground is occupied by creeping or undersized collections. Basically, these are seasonal or bulbous varieties. Further, the landings are grouped by ranking:

Bearing in mind the fact that the mixborder impresses with its spectacularity from a distance, it is required to provide a border strip half a meter wide between it and the alley.

To ensure the everlasting appearance of the compositions, it is better to select specimens from the plant collection with an original color: cotoneaster, burgundy barberry leaves, spirea. In the group of shrubs, a duet of conifers is welcome. In the autumn-winter panorama, they relatively compensate for the monochrome space. Mixes are organized on the relatively open side of the site with good soil. At the same time, it is not permissible to create puddles during watering, since for the most part shrubs need dry soil..

In the early years, relying on the intensive growth of the crown, the plantings must adhere to the required spacing between the roots. Moreover, it varies by tens of centimeters, both in annuals (from 20 cm) and perennials (up to 80 cm). At the beginning, in the gaping voids, seasonal flowers are planted; with decorated crowns, they are sown with only small segments for color. Choice for compact, easy-to-cut tops.

Floral framed walkway Original lawn Beautiful mix Double-sided mixborder

Seasonal relay

Any design idea does not depend on the area. On a small site, it is possible to scale down and adjust the project according to the goal. The process begins with planting shrubs. With this approach, the layout of the flower garden is initially determined. Thanks to the tolerance for topiary haircut, the democratic boxwood is in the lead. Among the beautiful plantings, observing the law of the flower bed – actively not sticking out the shoots outside the designated framework, include: Iberis and Mahonia, Meira lilac, mock orange, shrub cinquefoil, and all types of spirea. The listed flora specimens tolerate haircut well, and are in aesthetic agreement with the rest of the plants..

More specifically, spring «open» forsythia and daphnia. Yellow flowers manage to bloom on branches without leaves. Then the relay passes to Irga Canadian and mountain ash with viburnum. Barberry is always ready to bring dynamism to any composition with its red leaves. In May, the period of early fragrance ends with lilacs. In mild climates, rhododendrons will perfectly take root.

The spring-summer riot will be provided by ground cover: carpet phlox, stonecrop, periwinkle. Perennials will also support aesthetic solidarity. Among them are the white tenderness of irises, as well as primroses, armeria, low host, astilbe.

Closer to the middle of summer, deutia blooms with pink and white flowers, in August, a lush hibiscus. In early autumn, the white balls of hydrangea are pleasantly shocking with beauty. Red beads of rose hips and viburnum, yellow sea buckthorn berries and rowan bunches will decorate the late landscape of the autumn garden. Kaleidoscopic luxury of color will be complemented by euonymus leaves.

Amazing harmony Variegated border Fantasy design Luxury mixborder

Vegetable platter in a mixborder

Combinations of bushes and trees are relatively growth parameters. It is recommended to organize a company from juniper, Christmas tree, thuja, fir. Diluted «prickly» the inaccessibility of the gloss of rhododendron leaves in collaboration with groundcover, like ivy and cotoneaster.

In a bush mix project, do not ignore the proximity of flowering species. They will perfectly connect the plot and make it richer. The harmony of compatibility matters, otherwise the concentration of dominant varieties will simply visually suppress the impression. And yet, if the fantasy ensemble also includes antagonistic flowers, settle them in opposite ends..

  • a duet of roses and lilies will bring disharmony to the overall sound;
  • gypsum or lavender separately make friends with both species;
  • accompanying plants include the so-called dynamic plants: chamomile, marigold, valerian;
  • during planting, check the coincidence of the care conditions regarding irrigation, soil type and feeding;

Following the bushes comes the turn of perennials. With limited square meters, it is advisable to bet on long flowers with a peak of activity for at least 3 months: echinacea, lavatera, multicolor (Agastache). The delicate color of wormwood, also hosts and dark red geykhera will duplicate the volumes of tree crowns in a compressed format, will fit into the bouquet in color and shape.

The void between plantings will be filled with the diversity of one-year-olds. In the spring, the islets of viols and daisies will delight; they will be replaced by a carpet of petunias and vervains. Bulbous flowers will diversify the menu of the flower cocktail: crocuses, daffodils, tulips or muscari. To heighten the effect, it is better to arrange them in groups..

Monosyllabic border Kingdom of flowers Green lawn ribbon Summer composition

Ceremonial decoration

The optimal location of the shrub mixborder next to the wall of the house, fence or on the border of the terrace. The framing will be sidewalk tiles, wood chunks, marble chips up to a compact gravel embankment. Of course, it is impossible to do without stones..

Due to the available natural potential – texture, color, configurations, they will outline the boundaries, complicate the visual impression, and give more decorativeness. The edging can also be made of boulders, limestone, cobblestones, sandstones, clinker bricks and designer fancy, but without a claim to leadership in the composition.

The presence of a colorful strip in front of the house or along the main alley on the site makes it necessary to complete its ceremonial appearance. The constancy of beauty will be ensured by the colors of Pushkin, Galanthus or Muscari. A little later, the proscenium will be at the disposal of hyacinths and other luxurious specimens. The next number in the theater of flowers is roses or lilies or peonies. Towards the end of the season, a duet of chrysanthemums and asters will perform.

In areas of a regular type, the flower garden is enclosed in the correct geometry. Border lines border identically, but with the exception of boulders. Garden sculptures or tall vases compensate for the volume. The landscape style is dominated by soft outlines, and the ribbon of the mix is ​​framed by flowing lines of limestone and sandstone walls. Completion will be given by marble columns with climbing plants..

Interesting geometry Colorful flower garden

English version

A distinctive and interesting feature is the harmony in the combination of wild and cultivated specimens. This type of flower garden was formed a couple of centuries ago, and its dominant feature is still bushy flora of medicinal value – bitter wormwood, veronica, spicy rosemary, useful sage and yarrow. Among the collection of perennials, narrow-leaved species are welcome. Varietal roses and some representatives from the group of indoor plants – fuchsia or pelargonium also participate in the ensemble.

The limitation in the intensity of colors is observed, due only to the pink-raspberry gamut with the support of lilac and blue tones. Surrounded by light stones, like limestone or sandstone, they look more than pretty.

Colored polyphonic Green space Among the bush In the dominant red

In the spirit of country

«Rustic» the mix should be in line with the local flora. With the popularity of poppies or lupines in the region, the species must be duplicated in the flower garden of the garden. To give the eye something to catch on, use vertical structures entwined with vines with a decorative podium. The main varieties of shrubs and conifers will serve as visual support. Such compositions, in accordance with the stylistic idea, are placed along the paths or in the front garden. A brick standing with an edge or a flagstone is designed to decorate a natural plot.

A rational version on a given topic is a useful flower garden with garden crops. Consists of vegetable varieties and plants of seasonal flowering without claims of year-round decoration. The periodicity does not at all implore its relevance in the landscape, and the garden composition rightfully takes a place in the list with original projects. Crops are sown in 80 cm segments, with large paving slabs spaced from adjacent beds. Greens are bordered by a red brick necklace, and parsley and dill are served at the table. High tier is formed by a wall of corn, mallow or sunflower.

Fragrant alley Useful plants In the bright color of summer

Themes to choose from

The coastal mixborder includes moisture-loving varieties: meadowsweet, forget-me-nots, loosestrife, tall miscanthus, ozhiki. The size of the flower garden is limited and does not exceed 1 m in width. It is represented by dense group plantings with a high density of placement and a smooth decrease along the growth line. Pebbles and boulders will complete the composition.

Per view “steppe” landscape in response, decorative and wild species of representatives of the flora, creating a separate theme for the design. Wormwood, tansy, goldenrod and a number of others make up the compositional basis with a characteristic muted violet-blue palette and a local addition of yellow. In solidarity with mossy boulders and gravel, the possibility of the presence of a Scythian figure, made of their plaster, leave an enthusiastic feeling. The strongest emotions are evoked by such a cocktail against the background of a molded hedge..

Those who like to experiment make up new planting schemes, and discover interesting opportunities for themselves in decorating the site. Try to make the design of your site unique to the envy of others.

Mixborder by the pond Colorful plot