Modern brick houses

The modern market assumes a wide assortment and selection of building materials. With the proper desire, everyone can choose the best option for themselves and start building their own house. You can choose from: specially treated wooden beams, sandwich panels, aerated concrete and other materials. However, despite this large assortment, many people choose the time-tested brick.

an architectural masterpiece with a swimming pool large house in light colors large house with a round flower bed in the old style magnificent house with sun loungers two-storey house with pool house in the mountains house in a suburban area house surrounded by trimmed flower beds house in autumn landscape

The reason for this choice is quite simple – the brick has good characteristics and a high level of quality. A brick house is a prestigious and expensive option for elite suburban housing. Despite their price, such mansions and cottages do not cease to be in constant demand, because this is a spacious dwelling for centuries, capable of protecting its owner from any weather «whims».

suburban house house in shades of gray white and red brick house white brick house red brick house house of classical form daisy house house on a green lawn house on a huge lawn house in the middle of a huge meadow

Advantages and disadvantages of a brick house

The material itself is already the main advantage, because it opens up great architectural opportunities for the owner. Using bricks, you can build a house of any stylistic direction, while the complexity and number of floors is not limited. If you do the work as carefully as possible, you will be able to avoid additional finishing work..

house with alley house with arch house with balconies house with pool at dusk house with white columns house with white corners house with large pool house with a veranda on props house with veranda house with a waterfall on stones

Another advantage is the durability, which is guaranteed by the high wear resistance of the brick, and its strength will provide resistance to such negative influences:

  • sharp temperature drops;
  • rotting;
  • high level of humidity;
  • deformation;
  • mold or mildew.

Due to these advantages, the house is able to stand for tens of years and will not require repair work. If you approach the building with an original idea, then you can create a castle from the house, which will be honorably left to the heirs..

house with seating area house with a stone alley house with stone pool house with a summer gazebo house with a summer terrace house with attic house with lighting house with green lawn house with wooden stairs house with decorative pool

Also, the advantages of such a structure include:

  • environmental friendliness;
  • high-quality sound insulation due to thick walls;
  • biological resistance to rodents and insects;
  • fire safety.

house with a recreation area holiday house with annex house with garden house with a figured roof house with curly lawns

Among the shortcomings, the following nuances can be noted:

  • small caliber;
  • high water costs (in winter, construction is completely impossible, since the water will freeze and it will not be possible to mix the cement mortar);
  • the brick is inconvenient during transportation and loading due to its impressive weight;
  • high temperature inertia (you need a long heating of the walls, which means you need to spend a lot on heating the house);
  • long-term shrinkage (it will take from several months to 1 year, you can avoid this by using drywall, plastic or wall panels for finishing);
  • large cash costs (this also applies to the remuneration of workers and not cheap building material).

house with lanterns by the pool house with lanterns on the lawn house with fountain house with flower lawn house with wide staircases complex house

Choosing a brick house project

Before starting construction, you need to find a suitable project, on which work will already be carried out. Nuances that must be indicated in the project:

  • number of storeys;
  • number and location of rooms;
  • foundation and its type;
  • forcing walls;
  • roof installation;
  • schemes of gas and water supply systems, sewerage;
  • diagrams of the necessary electrical work.

shuttered house pool house holiday cottage with a beautiful pool house in the snow a house immersed in greenery Christmas trees near the house country house in spring Vacation home beautiful house in the evening light small house in the woods

Many people want to save money on this by drawing up a project on their own, but this is a gross mistake, which can lead to a number of problems. That is why it is better to resort to choosing one of the basic options or to request an individual project from the architect. It is worth remembering that both the speed of construction and the comfort of living in the house depend on the project..

Whoever says what, but it is the brick house that remains the classics of private households. Any reputable construction company bases most of the proposals on ready-made brick houses in a large assortment. Yes, such a house will cost a pretty penny, but it’s worth it, and the constant demand is a clear confirmation of this..

huge pool house one-storey cottage with a recreation area original house in the meadow luxury house at evening twilight combination of red brick with wood manor with guest houses cozy house with alleys

Popular styles of modern brick houses


The buildings, which have taken the elements of ancient Roman architecture, are filled with triumph and pacified strength. Most of these houses look more like imposing fortresses, which are characterized by:

  • massive, monumental walls;
  • original brick decor;
  • circular arches.

Roman style


It is this historical period that is considered the heyday of brick construction. Now in the architecture of such houses one cannot see the sculptural groups characteristic of this direction. The walls of Gothic houses have a color contrast through the use of several types of bricks, plaster and stones. In general, these are gloomy romantic houses with a hint of a castle slope..



The next historical stage, which naturally bore fruit in the construction of brick houses. Such buildings are characterized by their pomp and grandeur. Often a lot of decor is used here, the amount of which is amazing. All lines of the building have smooth curves and transitions, and there are an unusually large number of windows here..


English style

These buildings are a mixture of Victorian and Georgian styles, characterized by red walls. In the generally accepted version, this is a two-story house with a non-residential attic used as a closet. Taking into account modern trends, it can be converted into an attic and actively used.

The facade of such a house has strict lines and a complete lack of decor. The house should have symmetrical lines, the same arrangement of windows and smoke lines in relation to the facade.



Houses that can become ancestral castles that will keep family values ​​for centuries. Red brick will never be combined with modern materials here. Glass doors or plastic windows are ridiculous and inappropriate things in such a house. The entire structure of the classic type should be made only of natural materials, and the main requirement will be the correctness of lines and proportions..



Intricate and flowing lines are the basis of such a house. The word symmetry is simply not applicable in this case. Smooth curves, lines and transitions, as well as a variety of ornaments become a characteristic feature here. The facades have rounded lines, and the decor is made of ceramics and forged lattices. In the windows, instead of ordinary glass, stained-glass windows are used, which are inserted into the bindings of ornate drawings.

In most cases, this style can be seen in urban mansions or country villas, because their original architecture in every possible way screams about the individuality of the building. Living in such a house is always pleasant, cozy and very comfortable..


American style

The buildings of this style are some rethinking of the old European direction. The peculiarity lies in the scale of the structures and their external wealth. A characteristic feature of such houses is symmetry, the rooms in such a house are always very large and spacious..

The roof of the building will be cascading, but the windows are huge and in large numbers. Columns, spiers and a wide staircase to the second floor inside the house can often be seen here. The facade is almost always finished with light plaster, the decor is practically absent. In general, these are luxurious brick houses that demonstrate the financial well-being of the owners..


Prairie style

Another American style that focuses on the complete harmony of the house with the surrounding landscape. The design of the house is characterized by horizontal lines of forms that are associated with prairie landscapes. The roof of such houses is often of a tent type, less often flat, which ends with massive and wide overhangs. Windows are installed linearly here.


High tech

Style implies the triumph of rationalism. The architecture of such buildings is based on maximum conciseness, linearity and full functionality. Such brick houses are characterized by complete technicality and fascinate at first sight. The main feature of hi-tech is the maximum free space and light. Proportional precision, uncomplicated and practical decor create the overall elegance of the building. The facade of such a house will be full of glass and metal, small structures in such a house are practically absent.

high-tech house

The main load is not on the decor, but on the color contrast of ascetic buildings. Facade decoration often combines two colors: black – white, red – black, silver – red, etc..