Summer cottage landscape design: 100 modern ideas

How beautiful, practical and on your own to equip the territory near the country house? How to create a not easy oasis of greenery and freshness away from the noisy and dusty city, but also a functional place for family rest and receiving guests, friends and acquaintances? How to reflect your vision of beauty, comfort and harmony with nature in your own summer cottage with minimal costs, but maximum effect? We hope that our impressive selection of 100 different ideas for arranging territories of various sizes and shapes, climatic and landscape features will help you with answers to these questions. In the photos of landscape projects you will find relevant, practical and aesthetic solutions for every taste, the level of gardening skill and the size of the wallet.

Landscaping of the cottage

Plants and geometry

Mandatory preparatory work

Only people who are far from gardening and horticulture may think that it is not difficult to organize a cozy green corner in the country that meets all the family’s requirements for rest, work and entertainment in nature. That it is enough to plant fruit trees, to make a flower bed, to equip beds for growing vegetables and greens, to install a gazebo. But the requirements for comfort and outdoor recreation are different for everyone – some need a playground in the shade of green spaces, others need a spacious outdoor dining area for family dinners and receiving guests, almost everyone wants to have a barbecue area, but someone just a hammock is needed to relax in the cool among the trees and bushes. It is in accordance with your requirements and the possibilities of the summer cottage that it is necessary to draw up a detailed arrangement plan.

Oriental motives

With an Asian slant

Harmonious image

Laconic option

So, on a regular sheet of paper or in a special design program (it will not be difficult to find a free version on the Internet), it will be necessary to note:

  • designate the exact size and shape of the territory, determine the scale (the more accurate the calculations, the fewer improvements there will be on the ground);
  • it is necessary to note on the plan already built buildings – a house, a garage, a capital gazebo, a bathhouse, etc.;
  • also mark the planned construction – mark even small buildings (from a chicken coop to a dog kennel), it always seems that there is a place for a small building (especially on a large plot), but in fact you often have to postpone or change your plans, having already started work;
  • experts recommend dividing the entire site into zones – squares, each of which will have its own main element (for example, in an outdoor recreation area, a gazebo with a dining group or a spacious swing can act as a key subject of landscape design);
  • mark all perennial plants that are already on the territory and mark the planting of new ones, taking into account the distance between plantings and the distance in relation to buildings;
  • then there is a difficult point for marking all engineering systems – from plumbing to lighting (it is necessary to designate both existing communications and the planned laying of pipes or wires).

Backlit trees

Cascade design

Natural image

Abundance of plants

But the initial stage of preparation is not limited to drawing on paper. It is necessary to carry out what is called «field reconnaissance»:

  • find out the features of the soil;
  • presence (possible) of groundwater;
  • if there are places of stagnant water, then drainage;
  • it is also necessary to determine the level of hilly terrain (experts recommend not to level the site, but to use the features of the landscape of a particular area to create the most natural image of the site, but in some cases it is simply necessary to get rid of the unevenness of the soil).

Stones and greens

Backlit tracks

Modern style

Wood and stones

Lighting system

Choosing a style of performance, the image of a summer cottage

Creating a difficult practical space where you can grow fruits, vegetables and herbs, but a truly harmonious image of a summer cottage with all the elements necessary for work and rest is not an easy task. Obviously, it will take a lot of work to get a balanced landscape design picture. The choice of stylistic direction and color scheme for the design of your summer cottage will largely be determined by the elements that fill it. Conventionally, all «the participants» arrangement of the summer cottage can be divided into the following groups.

Green oasis

Dinner Zone

Original track


1.Elements of natural (natural) landscape. Everything that was created by nature – trees, shrubs and other plants, mounds, pits, stones, natural reservoirs, will influence the creation of an image of a certain color palette if you leave them on your site. Of course, the color scheme of the site will change along with the change of seasons and the peculiarities of the climatic conditions of each specific area..

Natural appearance

Country shower

Juicy colors

Close to nature

2. Architectural structures. These elements of landscape design include, first of all, the main building (a small country house or a spacious estate, depending on the scale of the dacha itself). Also, various annexes to the house and independent structures can be attributed to the objects of architecture – a veranda, a bathhouse, a sauna, a garage, a shed, a capital greenhouse, a gazebo, a shed and even bridges. Obviously, all architectural objects will be sustained in one stylistic direction, will overlap in color solutions and the choice of facade design. But at the same time, you can choose one element, which will become an accent in the overall ensemble. Most often, the main building becomes the key structure, but there are exceptions.

Canopy dining area

Under the bright sun

Lunch group

Rest area with hearth

Snow-white buildings

3.Elements of social and decorative landscape. This type of landscape design items include everything that was created by human hands – plantings, reservoirs, sculptures, flower beds and beds, rock gardens and other types of slides. In this group of elements, you can use an infinite number of color options – creating flower beds and alleys from certain plants allows «paint» plot in different colors, given that in most parts of our country the warm season (growth and flowering of plants) lasts from April to October. In addition, there are many varieties of evergreens that can be grown almost throughout the entire territory of our country to create a permanent green and fresh background for a comfortable image of a summer cottage..

Stone path

Cozy corner

Rustic style

Cascading landscape

4. Other elements of landscape design. All that is not «fit» in other groups, we will refer to this type – flooring and platforms, garden paths and playgrounds, entertainment items for a playground, various decorative elements.

Concrete plates

Combination of materials

Lighting for garden paths

Shower area in the country

It is the choice of the color scheme of the image of the summer cottage that can help create a difficult aesthetic picture, but also mask the shortcomings and highlight the advantages, visually change the shape of the territory, and enlarge it. The advantage of correctly selected color schemes is that they help to coordinate the appearance of the summer cottage area without resorting to drastic changes..

Japanese style

Original canopy

Organic design

Garden paths – practical and aesthetic design

Garden paths at a summer cottage are not only a convenient and safe way to move between objects and segments of landscape design, but also a way of zoning a space and decorating it. Therefore, the paths and paths in the local area can be not only reliable and practical, but also original, beautiful, executed in a general way of decorating the entire site..

Stone and lawn

Mosaic technique


Brick path

Garden paths

Coordination Center

Garden paths can be made from the following materials:

  • stone («plastushka», river stone or pebbles, paving stones);
  • wood (painted or coated with special varnishes and antiseptics);
  • concrete in various modifications;
  • brick (clinker or ordinary);
  • waste material (plastic caps, bottles or parts thereof, corks and any other material that can be used to create a safe and sufficient solid surface for summer cottages).

Greenery is everywhere

Paving stones for a summer residence

Bright lawn grass

Combined techniques

Raised flower bed

Also, according to the way of execution, all tracks can be divided into solid and not solid – the name speaks for itself and does not leave any discrepancies in determining the appearance of the two options. In addition, garden trails can be divided into temporary and permanent. Basically, in summer cottages, permanent paths are used, but it happens that the owners use the site for a short time and it turns out to be more expedient to lay temporary paths.

Garden path design

Brick paths

Smooth lines

Gravel path

Wooden walkway

Flowerbeds and beds – a variety of options

Flower beds and flower beds are one of the most popular ways to decorate any territory. Whatever the size of your summer cottage. There is always a place on it for a small, but beautiful flower bed. Well, it is simply impossible to imagine a Russian dacha without beds with vegetables, roots and herbs. And if the functional purpose of the flower beds and beds differ somewhat, then in the way of execution they largely intersect.

Flowerbeds and paths

Bottle track

Original flower bed

Luxurious flower garden

Flower beds can be divided into the following types:

  • regular;
  • irregular;
  • carpet;
  • raised;
  • traditional monoclumba;
  • vertical;
  • flower beds created not on the ground, but in special devices.

Flower bed near the house

An abundance of flowers

White and green design

Beautiful flower bed

Of course, flower beds can differ both in size and shape, and in the type of plants planted. There are a lot of options. The choice of the appearance and content of the flower bed will depend on the size of the area allocated for the flower garden, the type of soil, the climatic conditions of a particular region, your ideas about beauty and aesthetics, the ability to devote certain time and effort to plants..

Unusual design

Original lighting

Harmonious alliance

Creative approach

There are also many possibilities in the performance of country beds, and not only in the size and shape of dug trenches. The beds for growing various crops can be:

  • traditional;
  • «warm»;
  • with drainage;
  • beds-boxes;
  • beds with high sides.

Raised bed

High flower bed

Garden beds and greenhouses

Small beds

Wooden boxes

In order to create a bed-box or with high sides, you can use the following materials:

  • old boards;
  • polycarbonate sheets;
  • plastic;
  • flat or wavy slate;
  • any waste material capable of retaining its shape in high humidity conditions for at least one season.

Greenery in the beds

Gravel and plants

Flower garden at home

Original solution

Recreation and dining areas of various modifications

There is no owner of a summer cottage who would not want to equip a place for recreation on his territory, in addition to beds and greenhouses. Well, since for many Russians outdoor recreation is often associated with the preparation of various dishes on an open fire, the barbecue area will not be superfluous. Most often, the cooking area is arranged like a patio – a platform is laid out with stones or tiles (less often a platform is made of wood). This sector can be covered with a permanent or temporary canopy to protect it from sun and rain..

Patio for relaxation

Recreation area under a canopy

Cozy sitting area

Recreation areas with garden furniture, swings or hammocks can be placed on a terrace or open veranda attached to the house or in a separate canopy, in a gazebo or under a tent. It all depends on the general design concept of the site, its size and the needs of the owners..

Outdoor dining area

On a wooden platform

Concrete surfaces

Cooking area

Cooking outdoors

To create a cozy lounge segment or an aesthetic and practical outdoor dining area, you can use garden furniture made from the following materials:

  • wood;
  • plastic;
  • metal;
  • rattan (artificial or natural);
  • willow twigs;
  • bamboo;
  • stone or concrete slabs;
  • glass (triplex glass);
  • polystyrene;
  • basalt fiber;
  • waste material.

For a small backyard

Laconic design

Comfort zone on the platform

Shelter lunch group

For small spaces

Patio in the middle of the plot

Pools, ponds, fountains and more

Experts in the creation of landscape designs argue that to create a truly harmonious environment in a summer cottage, it is not enough to correctly arrange buildings, plant green plants, lay paths and distribute beds and flower beds. In addition to earth (stones) and greenery, water is required. Whether it will be an artificial waterfall, a small pond, a fountain of any modification or a swimming pool depends on the wishes of the owners, the size and characteristics of the territory and the budget for the project..

Artificial pond

Small pool

Swimming pool for summer cottages

Pools can differ not only in size and shape. There are overflow pools, artificial reservoirs with several depth levels, stationary and portable (temporary and permanent). The pool can be equipped with «waterfall» or fountains, have ramifications. Also, pools differ in the way they filter the water. Of course, all these criteria leave an imprint on the methods of arranging an artificial reservoir, its appearance, the cost of creation and operation..

Original form

Swimming pool in the platform

Pool-accent element