The fence must not only protect, but also be beautiful

If you are the owner of a beautiful house with a gorgeous garden plot, then the fence that encloses your territory must be beautiful, especially since there are no trifles in the garden at all. And such an object as a fence is very noticeable and not at all a trifle. Of course, the fence primarily has a protective function, ensuring safety and comfort – you can’t argue with that. After all, your site should be comfortable and inaccessible to prying eyes. There is another equally important function of the fence – the creation of a certain microclimate. Of course, the fence does not have a significant effect on the humidity, temperature and wind speed of your area, but it regulates all this quite well. Thus, it turns out that the fence does not serve as a decoration, but, nevertheless, is forced to be an object of general design. The reason is simple – the fence is a large and very visible structure that frames the entire site. As a result, without such «frames» the site cannot be perceived as a whole. In this regard, the construction of the fence should be approached with great attention and seriousness, having thought through all the details in advance: the height, the material used, the technology. However, technology is the second thing. The most important thing is to decide on which fence you will choose, fortunately, the choice today is considerable, as are the types of materials used for this:

The curved fence looks very original The fence must necessarily fit into the design of the general landscape. A reliable fence is, above all, reliable protection There are a lot of options for building a fence, as well as materials. Spectacular design of a fence with a gate for a suburban area

Choosing a material for building a fence

Probably, everyone needs a strong and reliable fence first of all. After all, no one wants to put on public display what is happening in the circle of his family. Therefore, to isolate oneself from prying eyes is a completely natural desire of everyone..

The fence should serve as reliable protection of your territory.

Here the question arises, from what material to build a fence for yourself? After all, I want something to not be very expensive for this pleasure, but at the same time it turned out to be very durable and reliable. Well, I don’t want to forget about the aesthetic side either, because the fence will help give the landscape design a sense of completeness. And if he is strong and tall, he will also protect those who like to profit for free from all kinds of assassination attempts..

If the fence is high, then thieves are less likely to enter your territory.

The original design of the high fence, which serves as reliable protection

Some types of fences can be built very quickly and cheaply. However, there are those that are quite expensive. We will analyze the most common materials used for the construction of fences.

  • a wooden fence is the most convenient and cheapest type, especially from a slab, it is easy to build and looks good, in general, wooden fences are most popular in summer cottages and have long taken root, because natural fences breathe, and this is important for a site, however, they are still called durable it is impossible, because their lower part begins to rot rather quickly, so it is necessary to treat the boards with stain, but from an aesthetic point of view, such fences can be very beautiful, especially if you cut various patterns on them;

The wooden fence has long taken root as a fence for suburban areas Wooden fence with slats - an easy option and a beautiful design The wooden fence `` breathes '', which is important for the site

  • a fence made of corrugated board – this type of fence can be coated with steel or galvanized, its sheets are firmly and firmly connected to each other, relative to a brick fence, its price is cheaper, as well as the assembly is simpler, the main thing is that you should definitely use a level, by the way, the installation of a tape corrugated board is the most convenient;
  • metal fence – today there are a huge number of varieties of metal fences, up to forged and laser-cut, they look wonderful and impressive, by the way, if you have a creative imagination, then you can usefully use the existing unnecessary iron junk, making a wonderful fence out of it , which will stand for quite a long time (more than a dozen years), especially if you choose high-quality pillars for the strength of the structure, and if you make sharp tips on the fence, then your country thieves will simply tear their pants;

Metal fence with wrought iron elements - spectacular design The original metal fence can be combined with other materials

  • brick fence – this type is no longer cheap pleasures, and its installation will require the purchase of gravel and cement, which will cause additional expenses, by the way, many people believe that a brick fence will be as strong as a brick house, in fact it is two completely different things, firstly, a brick fence is highly susceptible to weather conditions, and secondly, the foundation plays a huge role, and thirdly, as a decoration for such a fence, the best option is paint plaster, which is more durable;
  • a fence made of concrete panels – this type is not very overhead, besides, there is a huge variety in the choice of shades, especially since it will always be easy to repaint the fence with facade paint, if you get tired of its color, concrete panels have a very pleasant appearance view, the only thing that needs to be observed during installation is to monitor their level in order to avoid tilting the fence, and also, use the remnants of the solution to seal the slab pillars and upper joints so that after hardening they do not stagger;
  • a fence made of natural stone – a very beautiful type of fence, wonderfully in harmony with any landscape of the summer cottage, is very durable, because consists of natural natural ingredients and serves, as a rule, for at least 50 years to its owners;

Natural stone always looks impressive and fits any landscape

  • wattle and hedge – a beautiful option for a fence with plants planted along the perimeter lines, giving extraordinary charm, usually hedges are trimmed to give them the desired shape or left growing freely, patiently waiting for a certain size, the plants are selected depending on which hedge. needed: freely growing plants are hazel, rose hips, lilacs, and if you are going to cut them, the most suitable will be thuja, hawthorn, spruce, as for weaving – you can buy or make it yourself, which will be much more interesting, for this most of all willow and willow are suitable, although other types of trees can also be used, do not forget that their main support is pillars and iron rods, on which the whole structure actually rests, the service life of the weaving is in the region of five years, subject to its correct location: the bottom rises slightly above the ground, and it should also be constantly treated with antiseptics

A hedge is always a very spectacular sight

  • plastic fence – even one person can install such a fence, because the kits are fully equipped with detailed instructions, such fences are easily mounted and dismantled (made of PVC), which is very convenient if you need to reinstall the fence to another place without losing performance, besides, plastic fences are very reliable and durable and can last about 20 – 30 years, however, they need good care, restoration and special treatment
  • a fence made of polycarbonate – this type is not susceptible to moisture, corrosion, insects, as well as mold and fungi, as well as temperature drops, polycarbonate fences withstand significant shocks and loads, bending and taking various shapes, and also have a reasonable price and very with an original appearance, by the way, it is possible to choose any shade and any degree of transparency, but do not forget that, despite its impact resistance, this material can in no way be compared with materials such as concrete, stone or metal, therefore, use you need to be careful with him

Polycarbonate in combination with wood is also a good option for summer cottages

Design matters too

The choice of a fence for a suburban area should be approached extremely carefully, otherwise it will be impossible in a hurry to build a functional and even a beautiful fence that will be in harmony with the garden plot.

The fence is in perfect harmony with the rest of the landscape design.

Therefore, everything should be well thought out in advance, paying special attention to the design of entrances, gates and gates. For example, if the area of ​​the site is large enough, especially if the site has access to different streets, in this case, it is recommended to make several gates around the perimeter of the fence, some of which will be front doors, and others – workers (for access for freight transport) Location of the wicket and gates on the front of the garden fence should also be thought out, in the place where the approach to the house is most convenient, and the site offers the best view. After all, the beautiful design of the site and the entrance openings are the first thing that catches the eye of both the owners and guests who have come, not to mention just passers-by.

The gate should be located opposite the entrance to the house The design of the entrance gate should be considered carefully - this is a very noticeable element Beautifully designed gates are the hallmark of the entire landscape area The place for the front gate should be thoughtful and convenient

It should also be remembered that the materials from which the wickets and gates will be made must necessarily be combined with the materials used in the construction of the fence, as well as with the general appearance of the house. The relief of the site should be taken into account first of all when designing the fence, because on a slope, the construction of a structure is significantly complicated. In the case of a large height difference, a stepped fence will look very impressive, the sections of which are placed on a concrete foundation in steps.

Stepped fence design - exclusive look Stepped fence on relief terrain - a spectacular and original look

Such a fence has a uniform top line, however, it is still advisable to pre-level the slope using imported soil. And the shrubs and trees planted alongside will help soften the monotony of the capital fence, especially when the tops of the plants in several places cross the edge of the fence..

If you build a fence with your own hands

If you decide to build a fence on your own, in this case it is better to adhere to several recommendations so that the result obtained from your work will please you for a long time:

  • for the fence to stand for a long time and turn out to be of good quality, it is very important to use a solid support, because the durability of your fence depends on it, for this it is best to use metal supports, even if the fence itself is wooden;
  • you should think carefully about the place of attachment of the gate, as well as what they will be: swing, sectional, folding, etc. The classic solution for a do-it-yourself fence is a welded rectangle from a metal profile pipe, while the size is determined independently, but so that the rectangular profile has a size slightly smaller than the niche in the fence left for decorating the gate, the material for profile sheathing can be use the same one that the fence was made of, for example, corrugated board or boards, although you can experiment;
  • it’s time to think about double-sided handles on the gate (if necessary, and on the latch, if any), if a patch lock is installed, then it will be necessary to fix metal hinges on the gate, and if the lock cuts in, in this case, on the gate door and on one of the support pillars (of course, from the side of the lock) holes should be made both for the lock itself and for its tongue

Finally, I would like to note that very often when designing a country house, the owners forget to pay attention to such an important design element as a garden fence. But it is a beautiful fence that complements and completes the entire composition of the site, consisting of various garden buildings.

A beautiful fence is the final touch of the whole design It is very important that the fence gives a sense of completeness to the composition. Spectacular design where obstruction is a wonderful conclusion The erected fence harmoniously completes the entire composition

Therefore, you always need to take into account the fact that any type of fence can organically fit into any garden style – you just need to remember about it!