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An 80’s party – how to dress and accessorize your outfit

You’re invited to an 80’s party – how to dress? If this is the question that interests you, you have come to the right page. We will help you decipher the fashion of the last century and find the best outfit for you. The twentieth century is characterized by particular fashion trends which are very different. Each decade has its own micro-trends and identifiers. From the middle of this period – the 50s and 60s – the fashion world has a free spirit which leads to different trends for years to come. After the rockabilly wave, graphic patterns and bright colors, women started to wear pants and unlike the 50s, the ladies of the 60s already rejected high heels. The 1970s brought the hippie movement to the global stage. The skirts got shorter and the hair longer. Floral prints and sunglasses made a big impact on ’80s fashion.

The eighties are emblematic of the fashion world. You can still feel their spirit today. They bring embarrassing fashionable appearances, but also contemporary fashion masterpieces. Some of the most famous names that still dominate the trends are known around the world thanks to the fashion of the 80s. Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren have become famous with their models of sportswear. Fashion industry giants such as Thierry Mugler and Azzedine Alaia have paved the way for new styles and designs for women’s clothing. Also, Christian Lacroix, even if he did not appear independent until the end of the 80s, his art-inspired models fascinate with bold saturated colors like orange, yellow, green, light pink. and coarse jewelry.

Fashion for men has used both the 80 as inspiration for the clothes we see in today’s collections. Find more information and thousands of photos on the subject of clothing, hair, accessories, makeup trends in this period, below this page.

80s party – how to dress in modern clothes

1980's evening, how to dress eighties disguise, h & amp; m brand new collection inspired by the 80s

The four outfits you see in the photos above are from the brand h&m and their retro-adapted collection from the past year. She treats the theme of ’80s fashion by bringing it to the stage today. Each of us can dress in style by adapting the trends of the 80s. This is the easiest way to choose our outfit for an 80s party when you don’t have enough time. So, at the last moment, we chose high-waisted slim jeans, a large belt and a loose white shirt. These are articles of clothing that almost each of us has in her wardrobe and it is easy to combine for the retro look of the year chosen.

A second option is to wear a flared dress in a pale pink color. This is an adaptation of the trend to wear solid dresses that are one size fits all. It was very fashionable in America during the first half of the 1980s. Another easy option to recreate the last moment is the mini-skirt jumpsuit, even better if the skirt is in faux leather, and a blouse. larger than your actual size. Faux leather overalls and floral shirts were as modern as mini skirts, so this option will be perfect for you if you already have such clothes in your wardrobe. If not, we can advise you to visit the local thrift store to find your 80s evening outfit. Get inspired by the images you can find below this page.

Idea for the 80’s party – how to dress in sportswear

80s clothing, 80s costume, 80s theme, women's dress and men's sportswear

A trend of the 80s is to wear sportswear as day wear, and even as evening dress. This trend is adapted by the fashion brands of the previous century, but also those of today. It can be found in the collections of Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste, Thierry Mugler etc. And although many famous women, like Gigi Hadid, Rihanna, Eva Longoria, wear their sporty outfits with heels, one can also opt for the sport shoes. The obvious classic sportswear brands are Nike and Adidas. However, there are plenty of other key influencers, sneakers from Kappa, Reebok, and Umbro all have classic silhouettes that ooze vintage. Fila collaborated with Gosha Rubchinskiy, launching a full line of shoes. This collaboration is vintage Fila design, with the collaborator adding his own touch.

Beautiful clothing designs inspired by 80s style – choose a sportswear style dress

80s look Lacoste modern brand, 80s costume, 80s evening, how to dress cool

All you need to know for the 80’s party – how to dress and how to do your hair

80s wavy hair, wavy hairstyle to complement 80s disguise, evening party retro clothing

The hairstyles of the 80s are, perhaps, the most remarkable trend of this period. There is no doubt that people of this decade thought they were “so rad” (that was the phrase they used to say that something is too cool). The photos show that not all hairstyles were a success. Extreme volume isn’t right for all facial features, but no one cared. It was the look to copy. Big curls, hairbands, streaks in amazing colors, waffle hairstyles, anything you can imagine that seems inconceivable these days, it was all all the rage. The simplest variation for your outfit and hair is to make a very high ponytail and opt for a t-shirt slipped in combination with jeans with hemmed ankle.

Invited to an 80’s party – how to dress and highlight the look with trendy makeup from this period

Jelly bracelets, jelly shoes and large bows of soft hair. Those who remember the 80s well sometimes wish they could forget them. The fashion sense was outrageous, brilliant and it showed on the faces too. The hair was that far back there, literally. What about makeup? Well, looking at the old photos you would think we applied the products with a large painter’s brush. There was nothing soft, delicate or subtle about the ’80s. Hair, makeup and fashion sense were far from shy. It’s no surprise that people are throwing 80s flashbacks today. It was interesting and fun to dress in the days. Younger generations still find the styles and colors exciting, although they can’t wear them today without a legitimate excuse. There are 80s costumes, 80s wigs and even 80s-style gym events with terry cloth headbands..

Make-up and hair for an 80’s party – how to dress, make-up, do hair 

80s hairstyles, 80s makeup and disguise, how to dress today for a vintage party

If you find a 1980s fashion magazine, be sure to check out the models’ eyes. A popular look at the time was heavy makeup eyes. Women wore heavy mascara on their upper and lower lashes. This was then accentuated with a thick layer of black eyeliner on both the upper and lower eyelids. The effect was rocker’s eyes that quickly spread over the lids and face, creating a mess after a night of rock at Motley Crue. Lipsticks were also a theme to be addressed by choosing different colors

And how to get the look for an 80s party – find in the tutorial below

Accessories from the 80s and early 90s – immerse yourself in nostalgia

80s costume idea - what accessories to choose, 80s costume, original secondhand clothes

The accessories of the 80s are as eclectic as the clothes. Jelly bracelets – the more you wear, the better, charm bracelets, Swatch watches neon color. These are some of the options that were very popular. If your ’80s party outfit includes any of these accessories, you’ll definitely be ahead of the rest of the crowd. And above all, you will have a lot of fun wearing such an accessory. The easiest to find is perhaps the choker, because it is currently on top of the trends. We can’t forget to mention the scrunchies, leggings and jelly shoes. These are the essential accessories for the 80s look.

The rock style was too popular in the 80s – cool idea how to dress for an evening retro

80s outfit, famous couple from the last century, 80s dress style, for the 80s kids party

Neon colors are almost always a part of the 80’s party – how to dress when the theme is sporty

80s women's costume, 80s dress style, neon-colored sportswear

How to import the spirit of the 80s these days – cool 80s costume

80s dress style, 80s costume, special vintage outfit and how to copy it

Skating was too popular and we can accessorize our outfit with cheerful colored roller skates

80's evening, how to dress 80's clothes, so rad, chaya rollers and socks

Today’s fashion takes trends that were current during the 80’s and turns them into gorgeous outfits like the one below

Current fashion in 80s disguise, 80s clothing in beautiful neon colors, original evening dress

Adorable pink woman’s suit – fashionable 80s style today

80s suit in pink suit, vespa 80s clothing, vintage clothes or elegant mother's clothes

T-shirt with Mickey Mouse print, mom jeans and long coat – great idea of ​​how to dress in the spirit of the 80s

Jeans and t-shirt with 80s cartoon, 80s clothing, the best clothing recoveries

Mini A-line skirt and sweater with rainbow – cool idea how to dress for an 80s party

80s costume idea, the famous mini skirt, choose 80s clothing, unforgettable models

Glitter is your best friend when it comes to a retro themed party, plus round sunglasses are

Clothing inspired by the 80s style, sequined blouse, 80s clothing, sylée outfit to try on for the evening

80s sportswear can be your costume for the 1980s party

80s party fashion wear sportswear everywhere, how to dress 80s look, special outfit

The 80s rock look – cool idea how to dress for an 80s party

80s rock costume, 80s look, last century eclectic style, blonde woman curly hair, motorcycle jacket and ac dc t-shirt

Nice idea how to dress for an 80s party – black high waisted jeans and original choker accessorized shirt

80s clothing, 80s look jeans and shirt, 80s look top, chic clothes, chocker necklace

Women in business suits from the 80s are totally cool – idea how to mix the different squares

80s look, 80s costume, trendy suit of the decades, the style of before

The disco era and Flashdance – idea of ​​disguise took movies of the 80s

80s costume, 80s look, retro vibes for an evening with Flashdance friends

Costume inspired by Madonna who shows her preferences for Michel Jackson

80s look with jeans and michel jackson t-shirt, 80s outfit inspired by Madonna, cool thrift clothes outfit idea

Cool costume idea for couple for an evening on the theme of 80s fashion

costume idea torque 80 year, 80 year look, holding the nice evening

Pop stars incorporate ’80s style into their music videos, as in the case of Katy Perry

Eighties Inspired Music Video Katy Perry Costume Green Mini Skirt Neon Off Shoulder Top, Heels, Eclectic Look

80s woman and man costume, 80s outfit for couple, costume for the coolest of the evening

Rihanna loves the ’80s look – cool modern two-piece denim jumpsuit

80s dress style, Rihanna retro today s trends beautiful vintage outfit

80s party Rihanna costume pink dress and pink heels, how to dress 80s dress, disco party

Beyoncé and her daughter Blue Ivy costume – transforming into Michel Jackson and her sister 

80s Beyoncé and her son costume, Janet and Michel Jackson Halloween costume, 80s cool style for cool kids

Stella McCartney’s 80s party gives a lot of great ideas on how to dress for such a party

80s celebrity style clothing, 1980s fashion craze, disco and punk years

Stella McCartney retro party, strapless mini dress, beautiful 80s clothes, 1980s fashion madness, disco and punk years

80s look, second-hand clothes popular music glamor look of Madonna with off-shoulder tee, sunglasses, bandana

The shoulder pads and the tailor with mini skirt are the clothes to choose for your party 80

Idea disguise year 80, dress style for years, square mini skirt suit

80s dress in a woman s suit, how to wear white shoes, incorporate the 80s style of dress, today

The ’80s men’s look dictated by the Miami Vice TV show

80s men's costume, outfit to use today with a retro touch, Miami Vice style men's suit

Patrick Swayze is one of the icons of the 80 men and copy these gorgeous looks

Adapt the 80s look for your fashionable outfits, casual chic style for men, the handsome Patrick Swayze in blue shirt and jeans, cool 80s outfit idea for men

The preppy style was in fashion, as were the clothes with brand logo

80's evening, how to dress 80's disguise, capitalist brand pants and jacket

You’re a boy invited to an 80’s party – how to dress to be too cool and eclectic

80s clothing interpreting the hip hop style, 80s disguise, 80s hip-hop theme

Men's jacket 80s fashion, 80s costume, how to dress today

80s look, 80s costume, 80s party, how to dress cool, Tommy Hilfiger men's t shirt

80s man costume, 80s costume for boys, evening party retro clothing 90s hip hop style disguise idea, late 80s disguise, colorful original clothes

80s clothing series of hbo, 80s clothing style for the 80s kids party

80s woman costume, 80s dress style, sportswear for day wear

Eighties dress style, red shirt and white skirt, eighties costume, special outfit

80s costume, 80s clothing, original evening dress

80's evening, how to dress 80's clothes to be so rad, cool neon outfit idea

80s party fun – how to dress to be in the spirit of the decade

80s look with jeans and vintage style shirt, 80s clothing, cool eighties style

Eighties suit with acid wash jeans, eighties clothes, black top and wavy hair, second-hand or mother's clothes

80s jeans and top, 80s black leather jacket, the best clothing recoveries

80s costume idea, striped lacoste dress 80s clothing, unforgettable models

Couple outfit from the 80s, clothing from the 80s, sylée outfit to try on for the evening

80s woman costume, 80s clothing, cool idea how to dress, yellow mid-length skirt, denim shirt

80s dress style, 80s clothing, original idea for outfit, denim mini skirt, white blouse top from Levi's

80s party, how to dress 80s look, special outfit inspired by young Carrie Bradshaw

Eighties costume, modern look inspired by eighties fashion, eclectic style of the last century

80s clothing, 80s look, the 80s top look, chic clothes, blouse and mom jeans

80s look with short overalls, 80s costume, trends from the decades, the style of before

80s woman costume, jeans shorts and sneakers, 80s clothing, cool idea how to dress

Neon 80s costume, 80s look clothes, retro vibes for a retro evening inspired by the look of the last century

Modern neon outfit with nude heels, cropped white top, high waisted A-line skirt in neon color

80s dress, 80s dress, cool thrift clothes outfit idea, burgundy peplum dress

80s woman costume, 80s outfit for the coolest of the evening with roller skates

Eighties dress style, choose today's trendy retro accessories, beautiful vintage outfit

80's party, how to dress 80's dress, disguise disco party for fun

80s style neon sportswear, 80s fashion madness, disco and punk years

80s look, second-hand clothes popular music glamor look jeans and white shirt, julia roberts style

80s costume, yuppie look for women and men, stylish idea, jeans and jacket idea how fashion is transformed

80s disguise idea, dress style for the years, jeans and sweater

80s dress, how to incorporate the 80s dress style, today

80s woman costume, today s outfit with a retro touch with cropped top

Adapt the 80s look, for your chic casual style fashion outfit, denim jacket

A knitted neon green dress and an eclectic top, it’s definitely an 80’s party – how to dress in photos gives a good idea

80s look, neon green dress, 80s clothing, cool eighties style, idea how to dress and accessorize the outfit

80s evening outfit all in jeans, how to dress 80s disguise, heeled denim ankle boots

80s clothing, 80s costume, 80s theme, jacket with underlined shoulders

80s look with flared pants, 80s costume, 80s evening, how to dress cool

80s denim costume, 80s costume, retro party clothing, asymmetric skirt

Modern outfit inspired by the eighties, 80s costume, how to dress today

80s dress style, sportswear for 80s outfit, original idea for outfit

80's evening - how to dress, fashion over the years, disguise of the decades, original secondhand fashion