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Dark pink or pastel hair – a flashy trend in 81 photos

Experimenting with her look is a feminine hobby that includes many activities and various beauty treatments. If you are reading this article, it means that you like to surprise with an original hairstyle. One of the most adored beauty techniques for women is hair coloring. Following the great abundance of shades of blonde and brown, we try to highlight its individuality with more vivid colors. Want to impress with exceptional vision? We have an interesting idea for you. Dare to say yes to dark pink hair or pastel!

For some, coloring their hair in a bright shade – pink, green, blue etc. is a rather extremist or crazy decision. But, if you are an adventurist, you can accept the challenge and stay really happy with the results. Indeed, pink brings out feminine beauty. Pastel shades are a sign of softness and sensuality. The darker tons reveal a rebellious character but still feminine and rich in emotions. If you prefer a more subdued view, just add a few pink highlights or opt for an ombré effect..

Before deciding definitively to such a step, it is necessary to be well informed to avoid unpleasant surprises. Here are our tips for having awesome pink hair:

  • First of all, take into account the natural color of your hair. If you are blonde, you can achieve the desired effect at home. But for brunette women, the colorization will be more intense and it may require professional help..
  • Then, it is necessary to aim to obtain a harmony between the color of your hair and the complexion of your skin. For women with warm complexions – go for hot pink with undertones of orange or yellow. If you have cool skin tones, darker shades – purple or blue are more suitable.
  • Maintaining treated hair requires as much effort as the colorization itself. Pink tones fade faster. To keep the cool effect of your pink hair, avoid using products, especially shampoos, that contain sulfates. Also consider a conditioner for color protection.
  • In order to always look phenomenal, experiment with hairstyles often. Braids, half updos and pin-ups are a good idea.

Dark pink or pastel hair – go for exceptional vision

pastel pink hair color, floral patterned shirt, hair accessory, pink lips

Bright shades highlight your individuality

dark pink hair, red lips, sleeveless denim jacket, black strap

Look stylish and unique with pastel pink hair

pastel for hair, dark pink lips, dress in white and gold, pastel pink coloring

Manifest your uniqueness with an ultra impressive hairstyle

flashy color, dark pink hair, natural makeup, pink dye

Hairstyle with heart in several shades of pink

pink hair girl, pink ombre hairstyle, heart hair decoration, light curls

Make-up complements your extravagant vision

pink blonde hair, shiny makeup, multicolored manicure, blue pearl necklace, pastel pink dye

Original hairstyle with locks in different shades of pink and blue

dark pink hair coloring, wicks in pink and blue shades, turquoise eye makeup

Enchanting look with pastel color and pin-up with floral decoration

pastel hair color, pin-up girl with floral accessories, shiny makeup, pastel pink hair color

Show off your strong character with a bob cut in dark pink

dark pink hair, square cut for straight hair, black tank top, pink dye

Bring blonde hair new life with some pastel pink highlights

girl pastel pink hair, white tank top, natural makeup, pastel hair

The female mind is a storm of emotions

flashy color, long hair, floral patterned blouse, hair pastel, pink hair girl

Go for accessories the same color as your hair

pink hair girl, pink eyeglasses, light blue dress, pastel hair

Show off your rebellious character with a hairstyle in dark pink

flashy color, long straight hair, dark pink hair, blue highlights

Pastel shades emphasize softness and sensuality

pastel for hair, dress in pastel pink, necklace with flowers, green manicure, pastel pink coloring

Lady Gaga’s Glowing Vision – Dark Pink Hair

flashy color, dark pink hair with bangs, Lady Gaga, dark pink top

Pastel pink shade makeup and adorable hairstyle with bangs

pink hair girl, pastel pink hairstyle, pink makeup, black t-shirt, pink dye

Katy Perry always knows how to attract attention

flashy color, banana hairstyle, crystal hair accessories, Katy Perry, dark pink hair

Rita Ora said yes to pastel pink hair

pastel for hair, Rita Ora, sporty outfit in pink and black, square cut in pastel pink

pastel pink hair color, long straight hair, pastel pink hairstyle with bangs

Decorate your hairstyle with a wreath of fresh flowers

pink blonde hair, medium hairstyle with pastel pink highlights, flower crown, purple makeup

pink hair coloring, pastel pink hairstyle, braid, long straight hair

Ariana Grande sends you lots of kisses 

flashy color, Ariana Grande, long curly hair, white dress, dark pink hair

Go bohemian style by adding a floral hair accessory 

pastel hair, pink dress, floral hair accessory, pink purple hair

“Femme fatale” vision with dark pink hair

flashy color, red lips, half tied hairstyle, white tank top with black lace, dark pink hair

pastel hair, pink manicure, pastel pink jacket, pink hair hairstyle, sunglasses

Pastel color adapts to every style

pastel pink hair color, multicolored floral blouse, black beanie, pink hair girl

flashy color, square cut straight hair, dark pink dye, pink makeup

Extraordinary idea for a vision spectacular

pastel for hair, black shirt, hairstyle with bangs, girl pastel pink hair, crown with flowers

pink purple hair, nature, yellow flower wreath, dark pink hair girl

It is possible to look natural with pastel colored hair

pastel pink hair color, pink tank top, long straight hair, pink dye

Gorgeous look – hairstyle with bun and bangs

pastel pink hair color, bun hairstyle with bangs, orange makeup, pink coloring

pastel hair, white tank top, peach eye makeup, girl pastel pink hair

Wedding inspiration with a braid decorated with white roses

pastel pink hair color, braid hairstyle, flower hair accessories, flashy color

flashy color, tied hair, dark pink bun, dark pink hair girl

pastel pink hair color, white blouse, blue eyes, pastel pink blonde hair

Hairstyle with headband and pink hair – Demi Lovato style

pink hair color, Demi Lovato, hairstyle with headband, pastel pink hair color

pastel pink hair color, short hairstyle, pastel pink blonde hair, pink blouse

Iggy Azalea impresses with light locks in pink

pink coloring, pink blonde hair, Iggy Azalea, pink highlights, blue dress

pastel pink hair color, light curls, white blouse, natural makeup, pink hair girl

pastel hair, pink dress, pink makeup, crown with crystals, girl pastel pink hair

dark pink dye, long straight hair, braid, white blouse, pink hair coloring

Like Rita Ora – confidently walk the podium of life

pastel pink hair color, Rita Ora, square cut straight hair, blue dress, pink blonde hair

pastel hair, pastel pink jacket, white top with lace, long hair, pastel pink dye

Combine pink and black for an ultra modern and chic result

dark pink hair color, braid and ponytail hairstyle, black hair, dark pink dye

pastel for hair, black shirt with roses, pink blonde hair, pink highlights

Laid-back look with shades of pink

pastel pink hair color, black tank top, dark pink and pastel hair girl

pink coloring, black sweatshirt, long curly hair, dark pink dye

pastel pink hair color, turquoise bracelets and rings, beige poncho, pink blonde hair

The boho style also inspires us to adopt pastel shades

pastel pink hair color, white overalls, bohemian look, half bun, pastel pink dye

pink coloring, long hair, pink flower, white t-shirt, pink dye

pastel pink hair color, wedding hairstyle, dried flower crown, pastel pink dye

pastel pink hair color, dark red lips, green eyes, pink blonde hair

Casual and teen vision with pastel pink hairstyle

pink hair coloring, crochet hat, hairstyle with braid and bangs, pastel pink hair girl

dark pink hair color, purple earrings, purple pink curly hair

pastel pink hair color, highlights in shades of pink, dark blue sleeveless shirt

pastel for hair, hairstyle with curls, dark pink lips, dress in light blue

Match the pink hairstyle with an elegant outfit in white shirt and gold necklace

dark pink dye, white shirt, gold necklace, dark pink hair, long hairstyle

pastel pink hair color, dark pink lips, pink square cut

Blake Lively feels great with her new female outlook

flashy color, hairstyle with braid and curls, white dress with floral patterns, pink coloring

pink hair girl, white tank top, gold necklace, orange lips, pink blonde hair

flashy color, long straight hair, black shirt, dark pink hair

The bangs emphasize your look, especially when it is pink!

pastel pink hair color, hairstyle with bangs, pink lips, pastel for hair

dark pink hair, gray blouse, dark pink coloring, black bracelets

Refresh your blonde hairstyle with a pink strand

pink blonde hair, hairstyle with braid, pink locks, dark pink manicure, black dress

pink blonde hair, dark blue floral jacket, dark pink lips

pink purple hair, gray blouse, denim pants, hairstyle in dark pink

Simple and natural hairstyle for everyday vision

pastel for hair, hairstyle with braids, pastel pink hair coloring

pastel pink hair color, black blouse, peach makeup, curls, flashy color

pastel hair color, black t-shirt, medium hair, pastel pink hair color

pastel pink hair color, gray blouse, natural makeup, pink blonde hair

For an ombré effect – consult a specialist

flashy color, black blouse, natural makeup, black hair with pink ombre effect

dark pink dye, black straight hair, ombre effect with dark pink undertones, flashy color

pastel for hair, hairstyles with braids, natural makeup, white tank top, pink blonde hair

Fresh vision – ideal for summer days

pastel pink hair color, square cut, sunglasses, pink dye

pastel pink hair coloring, white sleeveless shirt, medium hair

pastel hair color, medium length hairstyle with curls, pastel pink hair color

Katy Perry with a pink curly hairstyle

pink dye, square cut hairstyle with curls, hair accessories with flowers, pink coloring

pastel pink hair color, gray blouse, crown with flowers, purple eye makeup, pink coloring

pastel pink hair color, long ponytail, red manicure, gray blouse

Dark pink or pastel hair – Rihanna’s perfect choice

pastel pink hair color, Rihanna, curly hair, natural makeup