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Goat beard – you shoot or you point

Very trendy during the 90s, the beard goat classic surrounding the mouth, has since suffered from a rather “has-been” image, before returning recently as a fashionable “accessory”, notably the “anchor” or “imperial” models playing on its total vintage side. Certain personalities have of course helped the goat to reclaim its place in the catalog of barbers, notably Johnny Depp or Tom Hardy, who have proudly displayed themselves for years with this hairy protuberance around the mouth. An ally of round faces, the goat is also suitable for all other types of features. Its version in two parts, chin and mustache, enjoys an unswerving success, the mustache alone is already trendy in a hipster style. Applied in a short and discreet fashion, the billy goat brings a touch of virility to a youthful face that would not or could not wear a full beard and helps make wearing a mustache less stereotypical. Different shapes are therefore possible, according to taste, ranging from classic rounding the features, to a more pointed design thus lengthening the face. The thickness and width are also flexible.

The beard goat in its different variations

models different styles of goatee style johnny depp

The neo retro imperial beard goat with curly mustaches

goatee imperial beard old school hipster style chin mustache

The goat connected to a mustache with small curls

goatee beard hipster mustache and chin beard style

Thick white bearded goat, contrasting with bald head

trim beard goatee hairs bald and bearded

Tom Hardy, his hair shaved and his goatee

tom hardy with beard goatee mustache chin hairs

Bryan Cranston, his bald head and goatee, for his role as Walter White in the Breaking Bad series

beard goatee style walter white breaking bad Bryan Cranston bald and bearded

Leonardo Di Caprio, his beard collar and his retro goatee in pointe for his role in the film Django Unchained by Quentin Tarantino

vintage goatee beard style retro leonardo di caprio django unchained

Rapper Common and his eternal bearded goat

common sense photo bald rapper and goatee beard style black man

Man in hipster style with 3 days old beard and goatee

trim his hipster beard with goatee and trendy man haircut

Thin and square goat in a 90s style

how to trim a thin 90s goatee beard around the mouth

Brad Pitt, his long blond hair and his grizzled goatee

how to trim beard like brad pitt with goatee and long hair

Kanye West and his beard goatee

how to trim a sculpted beard kanye west style goatee necklace

Pompadour style hairstyle and discreet goat

johnny depp stylish hipster male goatee beard model

Johnny Deep and his legendary anchor goat

pointy beard goatee man johnny depp

Pierce Brosnan and his vintage billy goat

pierce brosnan with imperial goat beard in peak retro style

Idris Elba and his goatee beard

photo idris elba with goatee beard style bearded black man

Mustache and goatee for David Beckham

david beckham styles with goatee and hipster mustache

Tom Hardy and his smiling goat

tom hardy with goatee and mustache bearded actor

Retro hipster style with handlebar mustache and little goatee under the lip

mustache buckle hipster style little goatee lip

Full goat for Hugh Jackman

hugh jackman style beard with goatee

Goat beard for Christian Bale 

how to cut your Christian Bale style goatee beard

Discreet beard goat for Colin Farrell

photo colin farrell beard cut with shaved head collar

Christian Bale and his big goat thick beard collar version

trim his beard below neck like Christian Bale

Brad Pitt and plaited and grizzled point goat

johnny depp with goatee beard in point long braid hair beard

Tom Hardy and his billy goat

photo tom hardy actor with goatee short beard

Original gray goat diagonally

man with goatee original idea beard chin style

Harrison Ford and his chin goat

harrison ford with white short beard goatee

beard model what mustache goatee hipster style retro

tom hardy with short hair and long goatee short beard

Di Caprio, his slicked back hair and his light goatee

maintain his beard goatee cut like leonardo di caprio

Very thin discreet goat and bald head

shave beard goatee fine mustache fine trim short

male beard model mustache goatee style

The beard goat in 4 examples

male goat models with fine point beard

Robert Pattinson and his furry goat

Robert Pattinson with goatee beard without mustache

Viggo Mortensen

photo viggo mortensen with goatee mustache beard chin black and white

Pepper and salt goat

Pointed goat model anchor style rock model man

Wide goat in beard and mustache collar

vintage beard necklace mustache red chin beard

Goatee and mustache with style

carved goat mustache buckle retro hypster style

Mel Gibson and Imperial Goat

mel gibson pointed goat beard and imperial mustache

Long mustaches and braided goatee

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