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How to wear eye makeup this season?

This season, the eyelids will be super colorful and the sequins will make our eyes shine brightly! We would in no case want to go unnoticed! How to wear eye makeup this season? Well, the color red invites itself on our eyelids. But we also find colors like apple green or electric blue, which make our eyes mesmerizing. Neon orange is one of the flagship colors of this season. The metallic finishes and the wet effect on the eyelids will make the coming winter more radiant.

How to apply eye makeup during the fall-winter 2017-2018 season?

  • Let’s start with the face – it’s luminous and radiant, thanks to the water-based formula foundation. It is easy to apply and provides a very healthy and natural appearance to the skin. Goodbye to the “mask” effects of the foundation!
  • The lips are dressed in gloss in flashy and pearly colors. For thin lips, we will opt for glosses in bright colors, to visually increase the volume, for full lips, we will choose natural shades, in shades of pink.

Must try:

  • The red eye shadow! Before applying it, don’t forget your base, which is mandatory in this case (the dripping red might scare someone). With this type of eye makeup, just apply a light stroke of eyeliner and black mascara. The lips in this case are sober.
  • Make-up in metallic shades, in silver, gold or bronze. It brightens up your eyes and gives a slightly futuristic look. With the brush we create pretty shades and glamorous reflections.
  • The eyeliner applied in such a way as to create graphic patterns on the eyelids. Structured makeup for a captivating look! A new generation cat eye, with futuristic shapes and colors.
  • The gold look! Hyper trendy. To dress your eyes with luxurious luminosity. And we apply a black mascara on the eyelashes, on which we will apply gold color. With this type of makeup, we will wear a dark colored lipstick, to obtain a very expressive and charismatic face..
  • Eyelids in turquoise blue and pastel green! If you think about it, nothing like it to wake up your winter look, which is often based on colors like black, gray and dark blue..
  • The yellow eyeshadow! Use with caution, however, if you have a fair complexion, so as not to look bad. If you opt for this color of eyeshadow, be careful not to dress in overly colorful outfits..
  • This season’s smokey eye has been revisited, with more covering and sophisticated make-up on the lower eyelid. To get an even more dramatic look, you can opt for false eyelashes, size XXL.
  • The combination of 3 eyeshadow colors, for example yellow, orange and green.
  • The glossy eyeshadow. The wet look is all the rage this season! Mainly in the color green. Once you have finished making up the eyes, apply the gloss with a finger or a brush, in a small touch on the mobile eyelid. You can also apply a little on the lower eyelid, to brighten the eyes. Do not go up to the crease of the eye. During the day this makeup will spin and that is the goal – to achieve a very sexy nonchalant effect!

See below our proposals for the makeup of your eyes during this season.

How To Apply Eye Makeup To Get A Doe Look?

brown eyes makeup tutorial how to do brown eyes makeup step by step pictures

Here are the steps of the realization of this makeup to make you doe eyes:

  1. Apply an eyeshadow primer to the mobile eyelid (or if you don’t have a primer, apply a dab of foundation to the eyelid, before applying makeup); the base also has the function of smoothing the delicate skin in this area. Blend with a brush, to cover well.
  2. Apply a taupe eye shadow on the eyelid crease.
  3. Apply a new base coat on it, then blend with a brush.
  4. Apply a new layer of taupe eye shadow, then blend it towards the eyebrows for a slightly lighter shade.
  5. Apply light-colored eyeshadow on the mobile eyelid.
  6. Secure the top layer of taupe shade to create the contrast.
  7. Now draw a thin line of black kohl pencil at the level of the lashes and stretch the line towards the temples. Its tip will touch the end of the taupe eyeshadow.
  8. Use a small brush to draw a delicate line of taupe eyeshadow on the lower eyelid.
  9. Apply a line of the black kohl pencil to the level of the eyelashes of this eyelid.
  10. Finish by applying the black mascara, taking care to catch the eyelashes with the brush from their roots, then go up towards their tips with a zig zag movement..

How to wear makeup for the day? Here is an interesting variant

blue eye makeup with white base brushed for a sparkling look

Here is how to do this makeup at great effect for blue eyes:

  1. Apply an eye shadow fixative in pearly ivory color on the upper eyelid. Above draw a line of pearly beige eyeshadow.
  2. With a large brush blend, to subtly blend the two colors.
  3. Apply a thin layer of the base in pearly ivory color on the lower eyelid.
  4. With the small brush, draw a line of smoky gray eyeshadow on the upper eyelid, stretching slightly towards the temples.
  5. Now drop a thin line of black kohl pencil on the corner of the upper eyelid.
  6. On the lower eyelid draw a line of kohl pencil in electric blue.
  7. Apply black mascara, curling the lashes slightly towards their tips. Smile!

Green eye makeup for the holidays

brown eye makeup in royal blue for parties with white Swarowski stones

Makeup in orange with a wet effect – one of the big trends for this season. We use transparent glossy eyeshadow

how to make up eyes in orange yellow with porcelain complexion and natural lips

Two eye shadow colors – pink and pastel green, for an attractive look

green eye makeup in pastel green and pastel pink with neutral gloss lips

For very expressive and sexy green eyes

learn how to apply makeup for smoky eyes doe eyes with pastel pink lips

This season, try purple mascara. It is ultra trendy. Nothing better, to enlighten the look in 2 seconds!

how to make up eyes with electric blue mascara and pale nude lips

Sophisticated makeup, done with electric blue, pastel green and purple eyeshadow and black kohl pencil

green eye makeup in royal blue and pale green with pastel pink for lips

Remember that with heavily makeup eyes, your lips will need to be made up to a minimum. Ideal for doing this are glosses in neutral colors, or lipsticks with “nude” shades. Your eyes will be the stars of this type of makeup.

Appropriate makeup for blue eyes and red hair

makeup tip in bronze color for the eyes and matte burgundy color for the lips

Try the blush combination at purple eyelids with a gloss lips in orange shade

how to apply makeup brown eyes and pastel orange lips thick eyebrow orange blush on the eyes

The eyelashes of the above makeup are also made attractive: on those of the upper eyelid black mascara was used, while on the eyelashes of the lower eyelid white mascara was used. It makes the gaze very magnetic. A style to imitate!

A look for the holidays. Eyebrows in electric blue. Would you dare?

brown eyes makeup with black pencil and blue makeup eyebrows special occasions makeup

Eyes in Cleopatra style, with a gloss pink glitter sheer lips

green eyes makeup with Cleopatra style black pencil and lips with transparent pink gloss

How to wear red and yellow eye makeup? For an eccentric look

blue eye makeup in red and yellow with flame red lips original evening makeup

Purple mascara reinforces the hypnotic side of blue eyes 

eccentric style blue eye makeup in electric blue green and black with flashy blue eyebrows ending with black bird feather decorations

Purple eyeshadow combined with a raspberry-colored gloss

how to make up with lilac eye shadows with fuchsia lips dyed unified porcelain foundation

Eyelids with white and taupe eyeshadows, with black eyeliner. And a beautiful bright red for the lips, for a femme fatale look

make up eyes with black pencil doe eyes and red lips femme fatale style

Pink blush with white pencil 

green eyes makeup with pink eye shadow and black eye liner with pale pink lips

If you wear glasses, don’t neglect eye makeup! Here we have a dark frame on blue eyes

learn to wear makeup when wearing glasses girl with big black retro frame

How do you apply makeup to your eyes when they are blue? Here is an idea

how to apply eye makeup green eyes makeup with pencil and electric blue eye shadow

And another idea for blue eye makeup

blue eye makeup with black pencil and delicate lilac and black mascara blue eye makeup

Red eye shadow tends to fade towards the temples. It particularly enhances light eyes – blues and greens   

makeup green eyes with eye shadow in red and lips in ruddy red ombre and blush blend

Pastel shades for eyes reminiscent of butterfly wings 

brown eye makeup in pastel pink and blue colors with glossy lips in pale red

The smoky look, 2017-2018 season version

makeup green eyes fashion shows in Paris Milan Rome current look fall 2017

Colored eyebrows are a hot trend. We would rather wear them in the evening, or during parties

how to apply eye makeup learn to apply eye makeup in bright colors eye shadows in red and yellow

Eyes and lips in metallic green. A look for special occasions

green eyes makeup with eyeshadow in green and gray and black khol pencil mouth makeup in green and shades of black makeup for special occasion

Patchwork-type makeup, in bright colors

blue eye makeup in colors patchwork type in bright colors

Lines of make-up and black pencil for an enigmatic look. A very attractive daytime look

how to apply eye makeup brown eye makeup makeup eyes with black lines femme fatale in a new way

Mesmerizing blue lines

makeup tutorial with kohl pencil in electric blue posed in an interesting way with lips without makeup

The make-up eyelids under the lower eyelid is clearly visible! In electric color, of course!

how to apply makeup tips for green eyes with green eye shadow under lower eyelid

A suggestion for Halloween

how to make up eyes extravagantly in blue and gray with geometric patterns

Clear base and eyeshadow in shimmering electric blue

how to make up with eye shadows in flashy blue in the classic way with base to hold better

A look for a big night

makeup tutorial in pink with red shades for special evenings with burgundy lipstick

The glossy finishes on the eyes and on the lips are one of the dominant features of the fall makeup of 2017.

how to make up eyes and lips in reflections and shades of red makeup with wet effect finish

A hyper trendy variant of the smoky look, for your special evenings 

green eyes makeup how to make up your eyes smoky effect with lips in burgundy color

Pastel blue sublimates your eyes during the day

learn to apply makeup in pastel blue makeup green eyes with natural lips and thick eyebrows

A look seen at the Chanel fashion show

brown eye makeup in orange and yellow a look from the house of Chanel looks mysterious

Black for the eyes and for the eyebrows and bright yellow for the lips

makeup trick with black pencil and yellow lips sublimated eyebrows with black pencil very thick lines

Red blush combined with red blush, deposited like a delicate veil  

how to make up eyes with flashy red shade of orange nude lips with dark brown pencil eyebrows

Makeup for green eyes

makeup tutorial in shaded green and gold and blended with the thick light brown eyebrow brush

brown eye makeup with beige brown and delicate yellow blush and dark brown eyebrows

brown eye makeup in electric blue with natural pink lips very light gloss

how to make up your eyes in electric blue hair with caramel balayage natural lip gloss lips

how to apply makeup for blue eyes with extreme length false eyelashes and light burgundy blush femme fatale makeup tutorial learn how to wear makeup evening makeup charcoal eyes dark almost black eyeshadow blue eyes makeup blonde hair color lips in wine color with red eye shadows blue eye makeup with pastel blue and facial decorations in the form of white crystals make up eyes in garish colors electric blue and yellow cocoa colored lips exotic tribe makeup style green eye makeup how to apply eye makeup for going to the office and for daytime activities

how to make up eyes n electric blue fashionable look launched by the catwalks

green eyes makeup learn to apply makeup with fuchsia lipstick and white and blue pencils eyes

makeup tutorial how to apply makeup with eyes surrounded by black lace patterns remarkable look

blue eye makeup with sublimated lips in coral color eyes with blurred edges for a dramatic effect green eyes makeup with pastel green and pastel orange natural lips blonde hair make up eyes with yellow pencil make up green eyes complexion with clear base makeup tip catwalk look eyelids with brush work for shapes of stripes in black and colored eyebrows in blond yellow green eye make-up in red fully ringed eye with almost transparent blond eyebrows makeup tutorial learn how to wear makeup in pink and white eyeshadow eyebrows in dark brown princess style green eye makeup with lilac lids and pink lips how to put on makeup with light green lenses for Halloween or for other holidays how to apply green and yellow eye makeup with extreme length false eyelashes and pale pink lipstick lips

How to apply makeup to the eyes to make their blue color even more radiant? Here is:

makeup tutorial how to apply makeup with pencil in electric blue and white

Another variant for blue eyes:

makeup tutorial with eyeshadow in green and blue with white and lips in pale pink

Here are some looks that will not leave anyone indifferent

how to make up the eyes with trendy and colorful pastry delights with orange-red lips how to wear makeup like a femme fatale black eyeshadow wet glossy effect and pink glossy lips learn how to wear makeup to go to a party green eyes makeup tip flashy blue lip makeup make up eyes in turquoise blue with pencil and with slightly different shade of shade

make up eyes with dark blush and burgundy lips blue eye makeup for the day

how to make up eyes with golden shiny blush and brown pencil for the edges of the eyes black mascara how to wear makeup for a Christmas party and for the New Year silver rhinestone eyelids with wet effect on the entire eyelid up to the eyebrows makeup for brown eyes and makeup for green eyes with green eyeshadows and brick terracotta color with natural lips make up eyes makeup tip with beige, salmon pink and smoky black eye shadows

Magic in the air …

wet look blue eye makeup and glossy smoky effect attractive look

How do I apply makeup to my eyes if they are blue? Here is:

makeup tip how to make up eyes in turquoise blue and black pencil on the upper eyelid makeup tutorial with khol pencil in turquoise blue and lilac and black pencil with lips in pale pink

How to apply eye makeup for a shiny look? A big YES to the lashes with gold-colored eyeshadow 

blue eye makeup how to wear makeup for the end of the year learn to makeup with mascara in gold color