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Mother-daughter outfit – how to pull off your looks together

Identical and matching clothes for mother and daughter are very cute, but can sometimes look a little weird. To make a successful mother-daughter outfit, it is important to remember to highlight your advantages, but also those of your daughter. A chic outfit can be completed with its help. She should be free to at least choose her own accessories. Once the two of you are in agreement, comes the satisfaction of choosing your little one. And she does them because you’ve been successful in teaching her to have class instead of just copying yourself. Plus, comes the joy of seeing your daughter take you as a tasteful example and that’s why she wants to be like you. The last few years have seen the mini-me trend increase. And why not ? It looks cute, pleasant, and sometimes fun to choose a matching mother-daughter outfit. We even see the example of Beyoncé and her daughter in matching looks, Kim Kardashian taking her daughter to the red carpet as a mini copy, Reese Witherspoon coordinating her outfit with her daughter, and many more. Whether it’s for you or not, the choice is yours.

Where does mother-daughter fashion come from? ?

While sisters (of all ages) have worn the same clothes for centuries, mother-daughter attire was not popular until the early 1900s. Seamstress Jeanne Lanvin started the trend after giving birth to her only one. child, Marguerite, in 1897. So, discovering a gap in the market, she created a high-end children’s line in 1908, using the same luxurious textiles as for mothers and avant-garde styles that characterize her women’s clothing. , albeit simplified for younger tastes and bodies. Marguerite served him as a model and a mini-self. The inseparable pair have often been spotted parading around Paris in coordinating haute couture outfits. A 1907 photo of them in masquerade ball costume – with matching pointy hats – inspired the stylized logo of the house, designed by Paul Iribe, which is still used on its labels. Years later, Marguerite confessed that she found the attention awkward, saying, “As soon as I got dressed, all I wanted was to hide. “

Like mother, like daughter – a tendency to follow or not ?

If your child is happy with this attention and wants to dress like you, it is totally okay to choose to dress as a duo. History tells us that the working mom amplification in the 1970s effectively interrupted the mom and me outfit trend. Even non-working women took inspiration from those who did, wearing sophisticated wrap dresses, pantsuits and midi skirts. In the 1980s, “knowing how to dress” flowed from the boardroom to the street. Lilly Pulitzer, one of the first providers of “mother-daughter pairing,” closed in 1984, before being relaunched in 1993, when the market became more receptive to pastel-print summer dresses. And it’s current today, even more thanks to the nostalgia for the ’90s that are all the rage again. And when to the question if this is a trend to follow, the best answer will be given by your daughter. Ask her if she wants to participate or not.

Mother and baby daughter in pale pink dresses – great idea how to dress for her vacation in Florence

Beautiful mother-daughter outfit identical pink lace dresses, matching clothes mother daughter photo Florence cathedral

Well, even if you don’t yet know the answer to the question of whether your daughter wants to pair with you, you can take a look at the photos below this page of adorable mothers and daughters in matching, identical outfits that will give you at least a big smile. And if the two of you are sure you want to wear a beautiful mother-daughter outfit, find some inspiration to pull off your looks for a special event, for your vacation or for a look of the day..

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Kim Kardashian and Chicago West in Shiny Silver Dresses

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