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The best products and techniques to achieve smoky makeup

the smoky makeup is loved by women especially for its transformative power and the effect it creates on our vision. Nothing more impressive and eye-catching than an accent on the eyes. In addition, the deep and well-emphasized look highlights the feminine elegance. So if you want to be eye-catching, impress with a slightly dramatic look, or just feel irresistible with evening makeup, don’t hesitate to try this proven technique. In the following article, you will discover several easy-to-do tutorials, all the products you will need, and an impressive selection of smokey eyes..

Enhance your beauty with smoky makeup

everyday makeup, eye shadow, peach foundation, black false eyelashes

Before you start, get the magician products

smoky eyes tutorial, translucent powder, smudge brush, false eyelashes, cosmetics, black smoky eyes

To achieve a smoky makeup you will need the following cosmetic products:

  • an eyeshadow primer
  • an infiltrated pot
  • an eyeshadow palette
  • eye pencil
  • a mascara
  • a smudge brush

The fundamental trick to achieving the smoky effect: Apply the products consecutively as in the image below. Start with a coat of white eye shadow. This will be the basis of the makeup. Continue with a coat of charcoal black shade, afterwards with dark marbled gray shade. Put the finishing touches using a silver illuminator and a black pencil.

The secret of the smoky effect: apply the products consecutively in layers of iridescent shades

black smoky eyes, how to achieve a smoky effect, smudge brush, black pencil, eyeshadow palette

Which product to choose to obtain the smoky effect?

everyday makeup, which product to choose, smoky lash mascara, brown eye pencil, dark blue pencil

Having mastered the main techniques to achieve a smoky makeup is undoubtedly a great asset for every woman. However, in order to achieve the best results, care must be taken with the products used. If you’re still unsure about cosmetics, don’t worry. We have made a precise selection of the “wizard tools” you will need. Take a look at the ranking of the top 6 products and also take advantage of the links to get everything you need online.

Number 1. Eyeshadow primer. It is a product that plays a major role in allowing your makeup to stay on longer. It is in particular a make-up base that is applied to the eyelids. The latter helps us hide and mask dark circles and shadows around the eyes. The virtual space is full of proven brands. A perfect choice will be theeyeshadow primer Urban Decay.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer

everyday makeup, eye shadow primer bottle, primer potion, urban decay cosmetic product

Number 2. Infiltrator Laura Mercier. This sorceress box combines two concealers. The concealer for circles under the eyes helps us hide imperfections (apply only to the area below the eyes). Translucent setting powder helps perfect makeup and keeps it in place for longer. In addition, the Laura Mercier jar and very compact and can be carried everywhere.

Perfect makeup with the Laura Mercier infiltrator 

smoky makeup, cosmetics, laura mercier, eye corrector, translucent powder, infiltrated jar

Number 3. Eyeshadow Palette. One of the key elements in achieving smoky makeup. Choosing the most suitable product depends completely on your taste and preferences. Here, we offer you the Smashbox Full Exposure Palette. The latter offers us a range rich in neutral colors (for a lighter and more natural effect) as well as dark shades (for a more pronounced result).

Smashbox Full Exposure Eyeshadow Palette in 14 Shades 

everyday makeup, smudge brush, eye brush, eyeshadow palettes, smashbox

Number 4. Eye pencil. Use a pencil in your favorite shade to create a smokey effect – blue, purple, brown, pink, green … Yet, it’s easier if the pencil has an applicator built into the back. To get the classic effect in black, you can try the Color Riche pencil LeSmoky by L’Oréal Paris. The latter is distinguished from an ideal blending tip to achieve the desired results.

L’Oréal Paris Color Riche pencil for a smoky effect guaranteed

smoky makeup, cosmetic product, black eye pencil, blending tip, L'Oréal Paris

Number 5. Mascara. The choice of the perfect mascara is personal and it varies according to our tastes. Mascara Volume Effect False Eyelashes Yves Saint Laurent is a superb variant. The product provides more volume and intensity to the eyes by emphasizing the look. Thus, it creates a false eyelash effect without applying it in several layers. Thanks to its brush, you can enjoy high intensity color and spectacular eyelashes.

Yves Saint Laurent The Shock Volume False Eyelash Effect Mascara

everyday makeup, volume mascara, the shock, black smoky eyes, black mascara brush

Number 6. Smudge brush. To perfectly contour the eyes, a smudge brush is often used, which also makes it easier to achieve smoky makeup. the e.l.f model. is ideal and at a really affordable price. Professional ergonomic brush adapts to fingers to simplify makeup application.

E.l.f. smudge brush to easily apply smoky makeup

everyday makeup, smudge brush, black smoky eyes, smoky makeup, e.l.f. makeup brush

How to achieve smoky makeup with black eyeliner? 

First, prepare the area around the eyes. Start with the eyeshadow primer. Also apply the concealer and translucent powder to hide the puffiness on the eyes.

  1. To intensify the look, apply the black pencil inside on the lower gutter.
  2. Use eyeliner to outline the base of the eyelid. Start from the inside out.
  3. Using a smudge brush gently blend the eyeliner on the outside of the eyelid.
  4. Lightly repeat the previous step below the lower gutter.
  5. Blend the skin color with the eyeliner. Use eye shadow in a darker shade (on the outside of the eyelid) and in a light shade (on the inside of the eyelid).
  6. Put the finishing touch on by applying your favorite mascara.

Smoky look with black eyeliner and eyeshadow in white and black undertones

everyday makeup, black false eyelashes, blonde eyebrows, blue eyes, black eyeliner

Video that shows how to easily achieve a smoky makeup

If you want to improvise and get out of the comfort zone of classic black, you have the option of experimenting with colors. In the tutorial below, you will find out how to achieve a smoky effect with shiny undertones. If you are looking for other awesome ideas for original makeup, visit the site makeupgeek.

Smoky makeup in bright shades for a shocking and extravagant look

brown eyes makeup tutorial, black eyeliner, golden yellow eyeshadow, makeup brush

Start by applying a translucent base and a light coat of orange shade

makeup tutorial, makeup brush, eyeshadow, easy smoky eyes, brown eyebrows

Add a layer in a darker shade such as brown or purple

smoky eyes tutorial, purple eyeshadow, smudge brush, long eyelashes, brown eyebrows

Using a brush, blend in a lighter shade towards the inside of the eyelid

smoky makeup, how to apply eye shadow, smudge brush, brown eyebrows

Put on a final layer of shiny yellow or golden eye shadow

makeup tutorial, eye brush, peach foundation, golden eyeshadow

Intensify the look with a black eyeliner outline and a black pencil line on the inner gutter

everyday makeup, black eyeliner, smudge brush, smoky makeup, golden tint

If you are aiming for a shocking effect, go for false eyelashes

smoky makeup, black eyeliner, black false eyelashes, golden tones, brown eyebrows, peach foundation

Shocking eyes with a chocolate smoky effect

brown eyes makeup tutorial, black pencil, black mascara, smudge brush, smoky makeup

Achieve classic and elegant black makeup in less than 5 minutes:

everyday makeup, black smoky eyes, nude lips, nude manicure, brunette hair, smudge brush

Brown eyes makeup tutorial, steps to follow, black pencil, black mascara, smoky makeup

Tutorial of 3 easy techniques to get smokey eyes:

eyes makeup tutorial, pink lips, black shirt for women, brown hair, blue eyes, foundation

Divide the eyelids into 4 main areas to apply the different layers more easily

smoky eyes tutorial, mascara, green shades, smoky effect on the eyelids, black eyeliner

smoky makeup, black mascara, green eyeshadow, makeup tutorial, makeup illustration

Brown eyes makeup tutorial, smudge brush, black mascara, smoky makeup, dark shades

smoky makeup, black mascara, eyeshadow, brown eyes makeup tutorial, black eye pencil

Natural look for brown eyes

makeup tutorial brown eyes, pink lips, blonde hair, steps to follow, makeup tutorial

Brown eyes makeup tutorial, blonde hair, easy smoky eyes, pink lips

daily makeup, steps to follow, smudge brush, brown eyes makeup tutorial

To define the eyes well, use an eyeliner pencil

eye makeup tutorial, illustration how to apply eye shadow, smoky eyes tutorial

Brown eyes makeup tutorial, smudge brush, black eye pencil, smoky makeup

Evening makeup idea: natural looking smoky eyes

makeup tutorial, arrows to divide the eyelid areas, eyebrows, white tint

brown eyes makeup tutorial, how to apply eyeshadow, white shade, black mascara

everyday makeup, black eyeliner pencil, white eyeshadow, smoky makeup

Brown eyes makeup tutorial, eyebrows, black eyeliner, smoky makeup, dark eyeshadow

easy smoky eyes, smudge brush, white shade, black pencil, false eyelash effect mascara, makeup tutorial

smoky makeup, brunette straight hair, peach lips, peach foundation, black mascara

brown eyes makeup tutorial, smudge brush, white eyeshadow, black eyeliner pencil

Matte lipstick perfectly complements smoky eyes

everyday makeup, earrings, gray matte lips, tied hair, gold ring

black smoky eyes, black mascara, peach foundation, brown hair, white eyeshadow

smoky makeup, brunette hair, pink lips, black mascara, black eyeliner, foundation, green eyes

The beauty of Jennifer Lawrence’s eyes is highlighted by the smoky technique

smoky makeup, blonde hair, gold short sleeve dress, pink lips, earrings, Jennifer Lawrence

everyday makeup, dark undertones eye shadow, eyebrows, green eyes, smoky makeup

everyday makeup, easy smoky eyes, black mascara, black eye pencil, nude lips

Rita Ora and a good choice of makeup that matches perfectly with the black dress

everyday makeup, Rita Ora, easy smoky eyes, nude lips, black dress, black scarf

smoky makeup, nude manicure with black lace decoration, blue eyes, brunette hair

everyday makeup, burgundy blouse, tied hair, smoky makeup, black mascara

Mila Kunis in red dress, curly hair and ultra impressive makeup

smoky makeup, Mila Kunis, red dress, curly brunette hair, nude lips, easy smoky eyes

easy smoky eyes, beige blazer, gray blouse, pink lips, black hair, smoky makeup

Jennifer Lopez with smoky makeup in golden undertones

smoky makeup, Jennifer Lopez, nude lips, blonde hair, everyday makeup

smoky makeup, black eyeliner, peach eyeshadow, black mascara, brown eyebrows, easy smoky eyes

easy smoky eyes, blue eyes, eyebrows, black mascara, golden eyeshadow, smoky makeup

Extravagant vision of Jessica Alba with smoky makeup in blue undertones

smoky makeup, Jessica Alba, black lace patterned dress, easy smoky eyes, earrings

smoky makeup, brunette hair, everyday makeup, nude lips, brown blouse, light smoky eyes

smoky makeup, black eyeliner, black mascara, golden eyeshadow, easy smoky eyes, peach foundation

everyday makeup, pink lips, tied hair, ponytail, black smoky eyes

smoky makeup, green eyes, pink lips, curly brunette hair, purple eyeshadow

easy smoky eyes, matte burgundy lips, brunette straight hair, black eyeliner, brown eyebrows

smoky makeup, red lips, blue manicure, easy smoky eyes, black hair, earrings

smoky makeup, black manicure, black dress, brunette hair, matte nude lips, black eyeliner