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The flagship color of 2021 – plum hair

It’s official, the color of the year 2021 is ultra violet! What better opportunity to treat yourself to flashy mane vision? Like the plum hair will be the real hit of the hair trends to come, today we are here to inspire you to try this perfect mix between blue and red. Purple shades are the ultimate natural tones that will enhance our hair all year round. If you’re ready to be tempted by their enchantment, don’t wait any longer to consider our tips and ideas for your irresistible vision..

Be on the lookout for 2021 trends by opting for plum hair color

purple hair for whom, trendy hair coloring 2018, dark purple shade dye

The plum color is a shade both sensual and mysterious that seduces us with its many assets. Often found in nature, not only in the form of delicious fruits but also flowers of incomparable beauty, the flagship shade of the year is here to magnify our feminine look. Whether you have a strong personality to manifest or a romantic and dreamy soul, purple highlights will undoubtedly bring out your best qualities. Reading this, you are probably asking yourself the question: but is this trendy hair color really for me??

Layered haircut with long side bangs lightly illuminated with purple highlights on the black base

mid-length layered hair hairstyle with side long bangs, purple colored tips with black roots

Plum coloring variants

Normally, like every trend, the results of plum coloring depend on our body type and especially on the association with the complexion and color of our eyes. The good news: Thanks to its versatile nature, the violet dye can boost a pale complexion or even harmonize perfectly with tanned skin. In addition, you have the possibility to choose from several partial or full coloring techniques which are intended to sublimate the particular features of the face. Thus, apart from the classic dyeing with a coloring product like that of L’Oréal Paris, you can also opt for balayage or purple ombré, tie and dye, ephemeral coloring in chalk, highlights or even colored extensions with clips.

Dark purple color highlights olive or tanned skin tone and gives more radiance to fair face

young girl with purple hair tied back with colorful dreadlocks, dark makeup with matte burgundy lipstick and brown eyeshadows

Which coloring technique to choose?

Plum hair is a great variation for ladies with a dark or tanned complexion. Dark shades of purple will flatter the face while intensifying the look. On the other hand, it should be noted that if your natural hair is brown and too dark, it may be necessary to bleach your hair before coloring (otherwise the effect will not be clearly visible).

For fair-haired and fair-skinned coquettes, all-over coloring can create a contrast that is too pronounced. This is why, if you are tempted by purple undertones, you can think of softer alternatives like a pastel highlight coloring or a purple ombré..

Experiment with different coloring techniques including purple ombre and tie and dye in pastel shades

how to adopt plum color long hair, hairstyle of hair tied up in buns with black bangs and pastel purple strands

Styling side

Once the coloring is done, we move on to styling the hair. Obviously, the plum dye is enough to catch the eye, but it never hurts to add an even more enchanting touch, especially if it’s a special occasion. Among the hairstyle trends of 2021, we find the cut with bangs as well as the square cuts. Braids are always the go-to element for a romantic look, a bohemian chic look or a casual hairstyle. Hair accessories and jewelry are also welcome!

Fantastic hairstyles models for purple hair

dark shade purple coloring on long hair, hairstyle of half-tied hair in crown braid

The purple coloring on the red carpet

Even though purple tones will now conquer the fashion world, many stars have already tried bold hair color. Some of the most popular examples include: Katy Perry, Jessie J, Kylie Jenner, Vanesa Hudgens and many more. They all dared to adopt purple shades and their choice was flawless. The proof in pictures in the gallery below.

Gorgeous vision of Katy Perry with shoulder-length hair and purple locks

Katy Perry with purple hair color, shoulder length curly haircut with black roots and purple tips

Flashy version of the plum coloring to bring out its individuality and its rebellious spirit

hairstyle with dark plum hair half tied up and curly, braid hair with asymmetrical bangs in purple color

Sleek and modern look with black roots and naturally curly purple tips

what hair color to choose for a brown base, coloring with purple tips and black roots

The plum shade invites itself to fashion trends in the form of balayage and purple highlights

plum purple shade hair color trend 2018, makeup for blue face dotted with freckles

An idea for a romantic bridal hairstyle in a fairytale spirit

bridal hairstyle with long curly hair tied sideways, hair with black roots and tips colored in pastel purple and pink shade

Darker variant of plum dye for ladies with dark or tanned skin

purple hair dye on brown base, bridal hairstyle with long hair tied sideways with gold jewel

plum haired woman with black curly roots, black v-neck midi dress model

The floral shade sublimates Katy Perry’s hair in curly or smooth version

Katy Perry celebrity hairstyle with dark purple hair and black highlights, black sunglasses model for women

hair dye trend 2018 with purple color, ultra long curly hair in purple shade, matte brown lip makeup

An irresistible shade for women with a strong character

trendy color palettes 2018, purple hair on brown or blonde base, hairstyle of half-tied hair with dreadlocks

how to adopt plum color black hair, hairstyle for long curly hair with black roots with black capeline

The purple strands adapt perfectly to long or short hair

trendy purple coloring, basic black layered haircut with purple highlights, nude lip makeup

purple hair color 2018, long and healthy basic brown haircuts colored in plum purple

Color of wild nature that gives us a more sensual air

pastel purple hair color, long and naturally curly haircut with pastel purple highlights

Sweet Plum Haired Jessie J Look

Medium Haired Jessie J Celebrity Hairstyle with Straight Bangs Ultra Purple Hair Color

dark purple hair coloring on black base, brown hair with pink and purple highlights, hairstyle with curls and black capeline

Example of perfect shading in black and purple tones

ombre hair dye idea in black and purple, long square cut with black roots with plum highlights and tips

purple hair for what face, hairstyle with long hair colored in dark plum or pastel

Naturally inspired hairstyle with artificial highlights in yellow and purple

short haircut with straight bangs in purple color, hairstyle with purple and yellow dreadlocks

purple hair for fair or olive skin tone, bridal hairstyle with curly hair with accessory in floral design

Fantastic and purple ombré for dark hair

plum color long black hair, Jessie J hairstyle with colored tips in purple, what makeup for green eyes

idea how to adopt the purple coloring on dark basic hair, hairstyle of half-tied and curly hair in plum color

Bohemian chic spirit with black capeline and colorful braid of purple shades

brown hair color with purple highlights, bohemian style hairstyle with bangs and side braid

trendy hair coloring 2018 with black roots and purple tips, pastel coloring in pink and purple

If you are not for permanent changes, you can try colored clip in extensions

medium length haircut with bangs in natural brown color, hairstyle with clips extensions of pastel purple shade

purple hair for olive face or tanned complexion, makeup for blue or green eyes with beige eyeshadows and nude lips

Fatal vision in electric purple hair 

visions femme fatale with shoulder-length hair with purple bangs, trendy coloring 2018 plum hair

purple color on shoulder-length hair, purple coloring for olive face or mat complexion, retro style hairstyle

Glamorous coloring of blue and purple shades

medium length haircut degraded purple shade, purple hair with dark blue highlights on brown base

how to choose your coloring according to the complexion of your skin, plum color long hair with natural brown base

Passion, courage, wisdom and style – traits highlighted by purple undertones

purple color idea on short hair, modern cut with short hair and short purple bangs

hair dye trend with the tie and dye technique, medium dark brown hair with pastel purple extensions

For even more individuality, we opt not only for the purple dye but also for the short bangs

shoulder length purple haircut with bangs, makeup with golden eyeshadows and black mascara

purple color for trendy hair 2018, natural makeup with powder and pink lipstick

Ultra violet for short, mid-length or ultra-long hair!

idea for a hairstyle with purple hair, short layered cut with straight bangs, mid-length hair cut with purple highlights

Short hair hairstyle idea for women, trendy coloring 2018 of plum purple shade

Coloring light and dark shades of the flagship color of 2021

plum hair coloring on black base, short cut woman with short bangs with purple highlights

pastel gray hair with black roots, plum purple clip-in extensions, hair color trend of 2018

Blue-purple shade that makes us envy

Balayage coloring technique with dark roots and colored tips in blue and purple undertones

black hair dye with pastel purple highlights, plum coloring for tanned complexion

If you’re looking to add shine to brown hair, try plum highlight hair color

plum color basic brown natural hair, hairstyle with dark hair with plum purple highlights

pastel gray coloring with black roots and colored tips in plum purple, makeup for blue eyes

Cosmic inspiration from Jessie J

medium length haircut with purple colored bangs, Jessie J hairstyle with ultra purple and black hair

purple coloring for which face, long and straight hair in purple red shade, trendy purple color 2018

Ultra cute tie and dye on mid-length layered hair and long bangs

coloring with the tie and dye technique in purple and blue color, mid-length layered haircut

medium curly hair hairstyle, trendy dye 2018 of plum purple shade

Hairstyle with braid and half-tied hair totally magnified by purple highlights

pastel purple hair color, romantic hairstyle with curly hair tied up in a braid with purple highlights

2018 ultra violet trendy coloring, shoulder-length haircut with purple bangs

Bold choice of color and cut with short bangs

dark plum hair for olive complexion, what makeup to choose for purple hair, cut long hair with bangs

brown basic hair color with red and purple highlights, mid-length square cut with curls and highlights

Dark plum hair enhances the matte complexion

black basic natural hair coloring, curly hair hairstyle with plum shade colored tips

hair dye with purple balayage technique, hairstyle for long curly hair with black roots and plum tips

Girl-mermaid with long hair painted in purple and blue shades