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Trend alert: the women’s tuxedo invades our hearts and our wardrobes

Whether it’s a special event or a formal occasion, the key to the success of the perfect outfit most often lies behind an impressive dress pattern. However, in recent years, it is not uncommon to see more daring looks where the chic women’s pantsuit plays a leading role. The end of the year abounding with parties and special moments, today we are inspired by the best fashion trends to offer ourselves a sublime and irreproachable vision. In this article, we focus on the many ways to wear the tuxedo for women.

The tuxedo for women: a key trend to get noticed

how to dress well for a woman in a tuxedo, classy outfit idea for woman in slim black pants and white tuxedo blazer

The tuxedo for women is an excellent alternative to stand out. This timeless piece exudes a modern and sophisticated presence while bringing a more chic and mysterious air to the vision. Thanks to the evolution of fashion (and the fantastic designs of Yves St Laurent!), Ladies can now find tuxedos exclusively designed to highlight the female figure and boost self-confidence..

A timeless outfit that exudes a modern and classy presence

elegant female suit model in black color, wearing tuxedo with classy white shirt and black butterfly

When to wear a tuxedo ?

The tuxedo is, above all, an outfit reserved for night events. It is therefore intended for special occasions such as a gala evening, a ball or an official dinner. However, in recent years it is not uncommon to see it in version wedding attire (in the United States). Sometimes it is even possible to incorporate it into her everyday look as part of a business meeting to sport a sophisticated and classy look..

Sophisticated vision for big events in a women’s tuxedo

example how to wear a woman's tuxedo for a special occasion, classy outfit ideas in a black tuxedo blazer and flowing pants

What is the difference between tuxedo and suit ?

Before daring to replace your favorite dress with a chic and comfortable tuxedo, you still have to know how to differentiate it from a suit. For this, the first thing to note is that the tuxedo is distinguished by elegant accents marked on noble fabrics such as satin or silk. Indeed, it is the lapel of the collar of the jacket and the band on the side of the pants that make all the difference..

The tuxedo is available in different models composed of 2 or 3 pieces (jacket and pants with or without jacket). In terms of colors, the range of tuxedos is more limited than that of suits. The emphasis is on classic colors like white and black, but more often we can see models in dark blue and more rarely in red..

Know how to differentiate a tuxedo from a suit

formal woman outfit in black tuxedo with puffed shoulders blazer, classy woman look from Rihanna with black and white clothes

How to wear it ?

As a rule, we combine the tuxedo with a white shirt, but depending on the occasion, today we are more free to experiment with the top so you can also opt for an elegant blouse (for example in silk or satin). In terms of accessories: the bow tie remains a timeless element of this classy and stylish outfit. If you’re a jewelry junkie, extravagant necklaces work just as well. Need a clearer idea of ​​how to pull off your tuxedo look? Here are the best ideas in the gallery below.

4 ideas how to wear a woman’s tuxedo in a flawless way

stylish outfit in a neutral color women's pantsuit, women's white tuxedo models with black shoes and butterfly

White shirt, tuxedo and bow tie: the key elements for a perfect look

elegant woman dress style for formal occasion, example of classy woman suit in black

What are the most suitable accessories for a classy and chic outfit ?

how to wear a chic wedding suit, stylish woman look in a black tuxedo with white shirt and hat

White and black combine beautifully to create a sophisticated vision

idea how to wear a chic black suit with white shirt for a classy look

The tuxedo invades the feminine wardrobe

elegant woman suit pants model in black fluid design, formal woman outfit in black tuxedo and white shirt

White tuxedo with black lapels for a girlboss look

model of woman pantsuit for ceremony, classy woman look and style in white suit with black collar border

Replace the black dress with a modern tuxedo for big events

stylish look idea in black woman blazer set combined with white shirt and accessories pocket and black shoes

And is it possible to attend a wedding ceremony or get married in a tuxedo ?

chic female pantsuit model for formal wedding, female guest look in black suit with nude shirt

Jessica Alba’s canon and classy look 

stylish woman dress style in black suit and white shirt, idea how to wear woman tuxedo jacket

Timeless outfit with modern accessories, makeup and nail art

black woman pant suit overall model, formal outfit idea in white and black with silver jewelry

 Complete the chic woman’s vision with a pair of heeled shoes

classy woman outfit in black woman dress pants combined with white shirt and high shoes in red

Total black look for a business meeting

total look black elegant woman in tuxedo woman in black color, how to wear a tuxedo with heels shoes

Add an original note to your classy outfit by choosing a shirt with an inlaid collar 

chic woman pantsuit model in black color with blazer with slit sleeves and original white shirt

Ashley Benson in black tuxedo with silk collar accessory

how to dress for a formal occasion woman, overall idea black woman pantsuit

Timeless outfit and dramatic makeup showcased by smoky eyes and red lips

chic woman pantsuit idea for wedding, formal wedding guest outfit with black tuxedo and white shirt

Idea for a 100% successful businesswoman outfit

how to wear a classy woman's pantsuit with a satin shirt and trendy black sunglasses accessories

dress style woman Anne Hathaway in black tuxedo with black satin shirt and black heeled sandals

how to dress well for a formal woman occasion, idea how to wear a woman tailor set

Dakota Johnson in total black look 

black color formal wedding woman suit idea in 2 pieces fluid pants and blazer, dress style from Dakota Johnson

example how to wear a woman's suit for formal ceremony, formal dress style of Anne Hathaway

formal look of Victoria Beckham in black woman tuxedo with black heels, total black woman class look

Dark blue 3-piece women’s tuxedo

3-piece women's tuxedo model in dark blue color with waistcoat, classy guest outfit in dark blue suit

women's pant suit model for official ceremonies, classy white and black outfit with 2-piece suit

elegant woman dress style by Amber Heard, formal outfit idea for a ceremony in black woman suit

Stylish look in black tuxedo with pink silk collar

elegant two-tone women's blazer ensemble model in black and pink, classy woman look idea from Miley Cyrus

how to dress well for an official ceremony woman in pants, classy outfit in a tuxedo for women

chic woman pantsuit model for wedding, stylish woman look in black 2-piece suit

Idea how to replace the traditional butterfly with a crystal and pearl accessory

Classy woman dress style in black 3-piece tuxedo, dress model in fluid pants woman dressed

example how to wear the pantsuit woman, dress style elegant woman in 2 piece suit

total black woman look in a chic woman's pantsuit, elegant black 3-piece suit model for women

Oversized tuxedo jacket for a trendy look

trendy clothing fashion 2019 oversized blazer, oversized woman tuxedo jacket model combined with white shirt

women's pantsuit set model with black design and floral patterns, 3-piece women's suit model

how to wear a chic women's pantsuit for an official ceremony, classy outfit idea for women in slim pants

Nicole Kidman shows us how to stand out by opting for a fuchsia pink shirt

idea how to match the colors of her clothes in a classy woman outfit for formal occasion, model of woman pantsuit

elegant woman dress style in white and black outfit, female pant suit template combined with white shirt

example how to wear a black woman's tuxedo with white shirt and butterfly, classy outfit idea in a 2-piece suit

Blake Lively in a blue tuxedo dress

how to dress well for a formal woman's ceremony, overall model of a woman's blazer worn as a dress

black woman pantsuit model with asymmetric cut long back short front blazer, classy woman look in black and white

how to dress elegant woman in blazer suit and black pants with white shirt and black sandals

classy woman outfit in black 2-piece suit with white shirt, black women's suit with floral design

Modern look in white and black with a nice accent in a blue-green lapel version

black color woman suit model with green and blue collar, how to dress well for a formal occasion

wedding guest woman tailor idea, classy guest woman outfit in dark blue 2-piece suit

chic woman suit set, formal woman outfit in black skinny pants with black blazer and white shirt

chic woman suit pants model, woman outfit dressed in black 2-piece suit with gray shoes

woman's pantsuit model for official ceremony, white and black outfit woman class in 2-piece suit

Total white look where the white shirt is replaced by a tank top with a jagged neckline

classy woman blazer ensemble model, idea of ​​elegant woman outfit in white clothes and black shoes

woman dress dressed in white and black, classy woman pantsuit model in black with heels

woman wedding tailor model, classy guest woman outfit in black 2 piece suit with white shirt

chic black women's suit set with white shirt, how to dress well for an official event

classy female suit pants model in black, elegant female dress style with black suit and white shirt

woman pantsuit model for ceremony, elegant woman outfit idea in black 2 piece suit and heels

Gigi Hadid dressed in classy clothes from the Ralph Lauren collection

elegant woman dress style in black high waisted fluid pants and white shirt, classy woman outfit in white and black

white color women's blazer set, formal wedding woman outfit in flowing pants and white tuxedo jacket

how to wear a woman's tuxedo jacket for an official event, classy woman dress style in black and white

Chic women's pantsuit model in dark blue color, official women's outfit in dark blue 2-piece suit

how to wear a black women's tuxedo jacket, elegant outfit for official event in black clothes

white woman dress pants model combined with white tuxedo jacket, elegant woman total white outfit idea

Elegant and modern look in black tuxedo dress and gold accessories

classy woman suit model with sleeveless roba in long blazer design, elegant guest outfit idea

classy woman suit set, idea of ​​official woman outfit in black 2-piece suit worn with high shoes

elegant women's blazer and high waist pants set, classy outfit in dark red satin tank top and black suit

how to dress well for a formal woman occasion, classy outfit in a dark blue women's pantsuit

how to wear elegant woman suit with flat shoes, semi official outfit in black woman suit

elegant outfit idea in white 2-piece suit, stylish wedding woman suit model with fluid pants and belted blazer

black women's pantsuit set, how to dress elegant woman in a 2-piece suit

how to wear a chic womens pantsuit for a wedding in red color with sweater and black heels

elegant female pantsuit model in black, formal outfit idea in neutral color 2 piece suit

How to wear a sophisticated tuxedo or suit for a business date ?

Chic women's pantsuit for wedding, guest outfit idea in red 2-piece suit with nude blouse

chic dark blue women's suit overall model, elegant woman outfit idea in 2-piece suit with sweater

how to dress well for a woman's wedding, official outfit in red 2-piece woman's suit

chic woman pantsuit idea for wedding, female guest outfit in dark blue 2 piece suit and black shoes

classy woman outfit in white 2-piece suit with high shoes, stylish look in a woman's suit

Chic and elegant vision of Blake Lively in a 3-piece tuxedo with mint shade tie

dress style of Blake lively, woman's outfit dressed in a pastel pink woman's suit with fluid pants