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What hair color for green eyes? The ultimate guide and 80 ideas for finding sublime hair color

Changing your hair color isn’t just a feminine whim. It is a necessity, an inner call to manifest your character, to express your individuality through her sublime hairstyle. In addition to that, if we are familiar with the tips to find the colorations that best match our morphology, facial features, eye color and pigmentation, we can find ourselves with an absolutely magnificent vision where the hair highlight the look and the total charm of the face. In order to make this task easier for you, today we invite you to take a look at the key points to find the perfect hair color for green eyes. If you are already looking for reliable solutions to establish an excellent harmony or a dazzling contrast between your hair and your beautiful eyes, this is a special opportunity before you. Let’s not wait any longer to find out which are the best variants to ensure a natural and attractive look.

If you are asking yourself the question: what hair color for green eyes, come and find the answer in the following lines!

how to choose your hair color, long and naturally curly hair of dark chestnut shade

In general, when choosing your color, the essential factors to take into account are two: the color of your eyes and the tone of your skin.

Step 1. Determine the color of her eyes.

If you are reading this article, you obviously have green eyes. However, there are some variations of this color that can be classified into the following categories: completely green eyes (light or dark green) or green eyes with hazelnut highlights. Thus, the choice of coloring depends on the desired effect. If you have hazel green eyes and you want to bring out the warm undertones of your gaze, then you should go for a coloring of warm colors. If, on the contrary, you want to emphasize green or gray tones, it will be best to go for cold colors.

To choose the perfect shade that will sublimate our look, we must determine the exact color of his eyes. You have light, dark, or hazel green eyes?

hair color, choose coloring according to eye color and skin tone

Step 2. Determine the color of your skin

To ensure satisfactory results, you must also take into account the color of your skin. Normally, the tones of pigmentation vary from very white skin to very dark skin. In the following lines, we are going to look at the most pleasant variations for coloring depending on the skin type, especially for fair skin, olive skin tone, warm skin tone, or cool skin tone. This way you will be able to more easily choose the hair color that is right for you green eyes..

Extra tip. If you can’t tell your skin color, this is an easy test to do. You just have to watch your wrists in natural light. If your veins appear blue or purple, you have a cold complexion. If your veins are green, you have warm undertone skin. In case you cannot tell them apart, it could be a neutral skin tone or an olive tone..

The second factor that plays a main role in the choice is the undertone of the skin

hair color, determine the undertone of your skin to choose hair color for green eyes

Clear skin

If you have fair skin, you can easily experiment with light undertones as well as darker tones. For best results, remember to take your eye color into account (green, hazel green etc.).

  • Red coloring. If you like to try a bolder shade of red coloring, you can go for light or dark tones of red as well as brown coloring with red highlights. Garnet red for example is also a good alternative.
  • Brown coloring. For the ladies who prefer the warmer, more natural colors of the brown palette, the possibilities are also numerous here. You can choose between warm tones such as golden brown, chocolate and cooler tones of ashy highlights.
  • Blonde coloring. If your choice is the blonde range, there are several variations to consider among which – light blonde, white blonde or honey blonde.
  • What colors should you avoid if you have green eyes and fair skin? Especially the black. Shades that are too dark tend to make fair skin very pale, so it is recommended to avoid them. In this category we will also add the golden or copper coloring, as well as auburn which could bring out the imperfections of the face.

Among the flagship colors of the excellent coloring that combines with green eyes and fair skin we see garnet red, golden brown and white blond

hair color for eyes green, copper color, long bob cut with curly hairstyle and hair tied to the side

Olive complexion

Overall, olive skin stands out darker in tone than white skin. Most often these are green, yellow or beige tones. If you have olive skin and green eyes, let’s see what your outlook is on perfect hair color..

  • Red coloring. Ladies with olive skin are quite lucky because they can experiment with a wide range of coloring from red and copper undertones. Among the top choices is auburn.
  • Brown coloring. If you are thinking of a more brown hair color, then chocolate brown and golden brown are two good alternatives..
  • Blonde coloring. To give your face radiance, opt for a golden blonde color that goes perfectly with olive skin.
  • What colors should you avoid if you have green eyes and olive skin? If you have olive skin, it is better to avoid ashy and white undertones such as platinum blonde. In general, eccentric colorings such as green, blue and violet are also to be avoided..

If you have olive complexion, you can experiment with chocolate brown, golden blonde, or even darker tones.

brown hair color

Warm complexion

In principle, skin with a warm complexion is the one that tends more towards yellow (and not towards pink). In this case, the colors that will give your face radiance are especially the colorings of warm shades such as red and orange.

  • Red coloring. One of the favorite shades that highlight warm complexion and green eyes is burgundy red.
  • Brown coloring. If you are more oriented towards the brown palette, caramel, brown chocolate, brown with caramel highlights are to be considered.
  • Blonde coloring. For ladies who prefer blonde tones, go for golden blonde, honey, champagne or even platinum.
  • What colors should you avoid if you have green eyes and hot skin? Always black and shades that are too dark, as well as blonde or ashy brown colorings, blue and purple highlights should be avoided if you have hot skin and green eyes.

Ladies with warm complexion will be able to magnify their vision by means of shades such as burgundy red and coloring with caramel highlights.

honey color hair, celebrity hairstyle woman with hair tied up in high bun and colored with blond balayage technique

Cold complexion

As you can guess, unlike skin with a hot complexion, cold skin is the one that feels pinkish. If you are people who fall into this category, you have plenty of possibilities when it comes to sublime coloring..

  • Red coloring. For women who adore red hair, there are many variations. Red with purple reflections is a very nice choice.
  • Brown coloring. Do you like brown undertones? So, you can opt for an ash brown or light chestnut coloring..
  • Blonde coloring. If you are a fan of blonde undertones, you can experiment with light blonde, ash blonde or white, or even strawberry blonde..
  • Blue or purple coloring. Yes, it’s true! If you have cool skin and green eyes, you can even try bolder hair colorations with a blue or purple base..
  • What colors should you avoid if you have green eyes and cold skin? It is not recommended that you choose black unless you want to create a very strong contrast between your skin color and hair. Golden blonde, caramel or honey as well as copper tones should also be avoided.

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Light colors soften the face with cool undertones, while darker colors bring out facial features

honey-colored hair, medium-length and slightly curly haircut in dark chestnut shade with blonde highlights

Perfect example of the absolute harmony between dark blonde coloring and green eyes

copper hair, young woman with long and curly hair of light brown shade with honey blonde highlights

Darker coloring of chestnut highlights for a gorgeous hairstyle that gives more character to the face

hair color, long hair of dark chestnut shade with light chestnut highlights and light curls

Do you know that the color of your eyes can change visually depending on the color chosen?

mahogany hair color, coloring on brown hair with dark red highlights, Angelina Jolie hairstyle with long bangs on the side

Play with blond and brown tones that brings out the beauty of the face dotted with freckles

hair coloring, natural makeup on freckled face with black eyeliner and nude lipstick

The treated hair must be treated regularly in order to keep its shine and health

coppery brown hair, long curly hair in a coppery chestnut shade, choose your coloring according to the color of the eyes

Rihanna is one of the stars who show us there are no limits to natural beauty

mahogany hair color, Rihanna celebrity hairstyle, light or dark coloring for green eyes

Amanda Seyfried’s soft feminine vision

light brown hair, blonde coloring on light brown hair with light blonde and honey blonde highlights

Square cut and black coloring for ladies who want to show off their character

how to choose your hair color, medium length black haircut for women with green eyes

Balayage is one of the top trends of 2017

copper hair, blonde balayage on brown hair with dark roots and caramel blonde undertones

Emilie Clarke in two fantastic visions – bob cut in light-dark brown undertones and long hair with red highlights

hair color, medium length haircut in dark chestnut shade with light chestnut highlights by Emilia Clarke

The coppery coloring combined with the green eyes creates a fairy look like that of the little mermaid Ariél

copper color, what hair color for green eyes to choose, woman with pale face and long copper hair

Rachel McAdams and her very adorable hairstyle in copper tones

coppery color, mid-length layered haircut with long side bangs, coppery coloring with dark roots

Red shades, especially mahogany and auburn are colors that bring out the uniqueness of the woman

mahogany hair color, woman casual outfit with white skull design t-shirt and roses under khaki jacket

brunette with green eyes, makeup with red eyeshadow and face contouring in dark foundation and white powder

mahogany coloring, long layered haircut of brown shade with dark red highlights, Kristen Stewart hairstyle

Scarlett Johansson has tried many different hair colors and each time she looks even more fantastic

how to choose her hair color, short haircut in white blonde coloring with black streaks by Scarlette Johansson

mahogany hair color, basic brown long curly hair hairstyle colored with red highlights

hair color, medium length hair hairstyle with black roots and blonde tips for women

Blonde hair color is arguably one of the most favorite colors to pair with green eyes.

honey color hair, pink jumpsuit model with golden glitter decoration and belt

dark brown hair, Leone Lewis celebrity hairstyle with shoulder length blonde curly hair with dark roots

honey color hair, long hair hairstyle with curls and side braid, light brown hair with blonde highlights and tips

brown hair color with lightened highlights, ponytail hairstyle with straight hair

Amanda Seyfried’s honey blonde sublimated by a hairstyle with light curls

honey-colored hair, natural makeup with red lipstick and peach shade foundation

what hair color, young girl with green eyes and long hair of light brown shade and blonde tips

Brown undertones are also a nice alternative for women with green eyes.

bronze hair color, long hair hairstyle with long side bangs, light brown coloring with dark highlights

how to choose her hair color, young woman with long hair in a braid and with locks in front of brown shade

Light brown hair color with blonde highlights – the excellent hair color for green eyes

hair coloring, hairstyle of hair tied up in casual high bun with curls and locks

brown hair color with copper-toned highlights, nude orange lip makeup and smoky eyes

dark brown hair with thinned ends of dark blonde shade, hairstyle with curls and hair accessories

What hair color for green eyes? The correct answer is quite complex

brunette with green eyes, light undertone face makeup with matte burgundy shade lipstick

dark brown hair, Mila Kunis celebrity hairstyle with long straight hair in dark shade

what hair color, young woman with green eyes and straight dark hair

Cool combination between light green eyes and dark hair

brown hair color, how to choose its coloring according to the color of the eyes and the sub-tone of the skin

dark brown hair color, ponytail hairstyle with highlights in front, hairstyle of actress Marie Avgeropoulos from the series Les 100

brown hair color, green eye makeup with burgundy lipstick and black eyeliner

Classic ponytail hairstyle modernized by gray strands

ash brown hairstyle of Rihanna with long black hair tied in a ponytail with gray and green tips

dark brown hair, how to choose coloring according to eye color and skin tone

Dark brown or brown – the hair color for green eyes that brings out the beauty of the look

brunette with green eyes, hairstyle of long brown hair half tied up with curls and volume on the top

bronze hair color, long haired Rihanna hairstyle with black roots and thinned ends

Ultra natural vision with green eyes and dark brown coloring

what hair color, long hair slightly curly dark brown natural shade

dark brown hair, olive skin face makeup with pink lipstick and smoky eyes

coppery color, long haired girl with dark chestnut roots and thinned tips of coppery undertone

how to choose your hair color, medium length haircut in black color, blue dress with turquoise necklace

Short haircut in dark undertone that highlights the female face

brown hair color, freckled face makeup with black eyeliner and nude lipstick

dark brown hair, orange dress model for woman with green eyes, makeup for olive face and green eyes

copper color, young woman with green eyes and orange colored hair, makeup for green eyes with nude lips

what hair color, dark brown natural base long hair hairstyle with copper highlights

bronze hair color, long and thinned hair hairstyle of honey blonde shade with black roots

Angeline Jolie with light brown shade hair and a hairstyle with bangs

blonde hair color, celebrity hairstyle of Angeline Jolie with light brown hair with side bangs

brown hair color, how to choose its coloring according to the color of the eyes and the sub-tone of the skin

light brown hair, hair tied in a tail with dark brown roots with blonde highlights

how to choose her hair color, makeup for green eyes with peach shade foundation and pink lipstick

Green eyes go perfectly with golden blonde

hair color, dress model in pastel green with V-shaped bustier and straps, caramel blonde coloring with golden highlights

what hair color, coloring with light brown roots with lightened tips of honey blonde shade

Blonde is the hair color for green eyes that magnifies and softens female vision

Celebrity hairstyle Mary-Kate Olsen medium cut hair with longer locks in front

dark brown hair with blonde highlights by Gigi Hadid, outfit in powder pink jacket and pastel pink blouse

dark brown hair with curly copper tips, natural pink lip makeup and black eyeliner

Hairstyle of dark, half-tied hair that creates a romantic and soft look

what hair color, half-tied long hair hairstyle with front strands of dark chestnut shade

dark brown hair, what color to choose for green eyes and fair skin, nude lip makeup and pink powder

half up long hair hairstyle with curls and volume on top, celebrity hairstyle by Jessica Lowndes

medium length curly haircut in black color with dark brown highlights by Jenna Dewan

The hairstyle with bangs is an excellent choice if you are looking to give more character to the face.

long hair hairstyle with straight bangs, copper hair coloring with golden highlights

Celebrity hairstyle of Emma Stone with long copper hair with long side bangs

medium length curly haircut with dark brown roots and thinned tips of copper shade

Classic and seductive view of the blonde woman with red lips

how to choose your hair color, medium-length haircut of honey blonde coloring

what hair color, blonde long curly haircut with ash blonde roots

Short curly haircut with black roots with thinned ends of honey blonde shade

bronze hair color, how to choose your hair color, natural makeup with nude lips and peach foundation

Good example for the hair color for green eyes that sublimates the female vision

how to choose her hair color, long hair hairstyle of honey blonde shade with dark brown roots