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What to do when the first wrinkles appear?

From the age of 40, in most women the first signs of aging appear. Certain areas of the face seem to relax slightly, dark circles become slightly deeper and the first expression lines mark the forehead, eyes or mouth. How to prevent them from seeing each other too quickly?

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Accept them!

The first phase to go through when we start to see appear our first wrinkles, it is to accept them. This phase is important because it is a way of understanding that wrinkles are more the reflection of our emotions and our memories rather than a mark of old age. At a time when the beauty trend is natural, it makes sense to do that first psychological job. Accepting your wrinkles is first of all accepting yourself!

Choose your first firming cream

From 40 onwards, it is important to use a cream suitable for the skin on your face. Whatever texture you choose (serum or rich cream), you will have to choose your cosmetic products from the ranges lifting creams and firming creams like those that can be found at Dr Pierre Ricaud for example. They come in various textures to suit different skin types. Some treatments are to be used over a certain period of time and others are designed for daily application (day creams and night creams). These firming creams have both a shaping and reshaping effect, but also nourishing virtues to plump the face..

Get to the facial gym

Did you know that the face is one of the areas of the human body that contains the most muscles? Yet it is the one we work the least on. What if the secret of youth went through the facial gym. On the Internet, there are many articles and videos on this subject. With just five minutes of exercise per day, you will find in a few days that the contours of your face are more tonic.

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Adopt a daily beauty ritual

From a certain age, it is necessary know how to pamper yourself a little and adopt a daily beauty ritual. Firstly, because it feels good to take a few minutes for yourself every day. It helps relieve stress. Secondly because you are going to be able to take care of your skin by adopting the right actions:

  • Remove make-up well in the evening
  • Apply a night cream
  • Cleanse your skin in the morning
  • Rinse it with cool water
  • Apply your day cream

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Have a healthy lifestyle

This aspect of the problem is still too much neglected.. The beauty of the skin however goes through a healthy lifestyle. To start, eat a balanced diet, including varying fruits and vegetables as well as foods rich in vitamins and trace elements. Then, if you are a smoker, stopping smoking will allow you to regain a better complexion as well as reducing your alcohol consumption. Exercise regularly and you will easily find a balance in your body as well as a more radiant skin and face.

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