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Adidas Superstan mixes Superstar and Stan Smith

Why choose between Superstar or Stan Smith? There is now the Superstan

As the brand’s famous three-stripe sneaker celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, Adidas pays homage to its flagship model by launching a limited version of Superstar. In order to stay in the family and highlight its heritage, the German equipment manufacturer has chosen to mix the fiftieth anniversary with another iconic shoe from its catalog, the Stan Smith. A combination of the two models which gives… the Superstan.

Adidas launches Superstan for 50 years of its Superstar

Adidas launches the Superstan, a model that mixes the Stan Smith and the Superstar

Adidas Superstan, the best of both worlds

Announced for several weeks already, the Superstan has just officially seen the light of day last weekend. As the name suggests, here we are witnessing the birth of a shoe with a hybrid look. Here are mixed elements of the Superstar, model acclaimed since the 80s and its promotion by the group Run DMC, and the timeless Stan Smith, born of the tennis courts in 1964. The latter has moreover never ceased to shine over the decades, remaining one of the most loved and sold shoes in the world.

The Superstan uses the sole and toe cap of the Superstar or the perforated leather upper of the Stan Smith

stan smith or superstar? Adidas created the Superstan, a hybrid sneaker

Superstan, an anniversary limited series

Marketed as part of the 50th anniversary of the Superstar, the Superstan therefore incorporates the characteristics of the latter, namely its signature Iconic shell sole, as well as its traditional shell-toe or rubber shell, which makes it recognizable at first glance. for half a century. The rest of the shoe is for its part from its big cousin, the Stan Smith. We thus find the premium white leather upper of the famous tennis shoe, marked on its sides with the famous three perforated bands. His traditional green heel as well as his tongue stamped with the portrait of Stan Smith are also in the game..

Between the court and the floor, the hybrid sneaker no longer chooses

Adidas launches Superstan hybrid limited series for Superstar's 50th anniversary

Where to buy Stan Smith Superstan ?

To enhance the release of his new creature, Adidas has put the small dishes in the big in terms of communication, publishing a video montage in which appears the American tennis player who gave his name to Stan Smith in 1978, now aged 73 years old.

The Superstan has been available in Europe since February 22, on the Adidas website and at some distributors.

Available from February 22 at the price of 110 euros

The Adidas Superstan uses the leather upper of the Stan Smith and the rubber sole of the Superstar

Superstar’s toebox mixed with Stan Smith’s slender rod

the German brand mixes two of its classics and creates the Superstan, a hybrid shoe in limited series

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Introducing the Superstan; a merging of two archival icons. Available on and at adidas stores from February 1st globally and February 22nd in Europe .. See more at

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