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AMC threatens state of Georgia to relocate The Walking Dead

Along with other production companies, AMC announces its intention to reassess its installation and investments in the US state of Georgia, following the recent enactment of new laws increasingly repressive against the right to abortion, planned to enter into force from 2020. “If this new legislation is applied, we will have to reassess our activity in the State of Georgia (…) This fight will be long and difficult and we are monitoring the situation closely, knowing that other bills have already been adopted in several other states ”commented the American media. The filming of the hit series The Walking Dead could thus be relocated, thereby hitting Atlanta in the wallet..

AMC threatens Georgia with relocation

AMC, producer of The Walking Dead, now threatens Georgia to relocate productions if its new anti-ivg law is enforced

Like Warner Bros., Netflix or HBO, AMC has chosen to locate its productions in Georgia, especially that of The Walking Dead which is in its tenth season, thanks to tax incentives offered by the Georgian state. These companies, to which are added Sony Pictures, CBS, Showtime or NBC, are now questioning their establishment in this southern state, protesting against new political decisions going against women’s rights and more particularly the law. to abortion. CBS, Showtime and especially the giant Netflix, have declared themselves hostile to a continuation of their activities in Georgian territory if the legislation in question were to be implemented. “If this law were to be applied, we will rethink our investments in Georgia” argued Netflix Director of Programming Ted Sarandos.

“If this law were to be applied, we would rethink our investments in Georgia” Ted Sarandos, Netflix

Netflix, HBO, Disney or AMC threaten Georgia to relocate their studios in the face of new anti-abortion laws

While these statements and threats are generally confined to the conditional, due to the complexity of moving these companies and the advantages they have, they would still be damaging to Georgia if they were to be carried out. Indeed, 92,000 local jobs are linked to the activity of film or television productions, representing a financial windfall estimated at nine billion dollars, which is not insignificant for a state already affected by growing poverty..

Georgia and 15 other states tighten abortion rights

Majority of film and series production companies threaten to leave Georgia as its IGV law tightens

In the event of departure from the studios in Georgia, other states with adapted fiscal conditions have already come forward to welcome them, such as California, New Jersey, New Mexico, Maine, Colorado or even Washington and New York.

The Walking Dead could one day fly to sunny California or New Mexico

The Walking Dead, AMC's main production, could therefore have to leave Georgia to settle in another more permissive American state