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Artist and director Agnès Varda has passed away

Director Agnès Varda, a pioneer of the French New Wave with a six-decade career, died on Thursday March 29 at the age of 90 from cancer. An announcement confirmed by the family to the Afp: “Director and artist Agnès Varda died at her home on the night of Thursday March 29, from cancer. She was surrounded by her family and friends ”.

Multi-talented director Agnès Varda has died aged 90

Director Agnès Varda, long married to Jacques Demy, died on March 29 from cancer

Belgian by birth, Agnès Varda was born in 1928 in the town of Ixelles and then settled in France where she attended several Parisian art schools such as Beaux Art and the Louvre school. She began her career as a director in 1955 with the shooting of the film “La Pointe Courte” played by Philippe Noiret. She then printed her style, considered a few years later as that of the New Wave, then popularized by Jean-Luc Godard and François Truffaut. She continued in 1962 with “Cléo de 5 à 7”, her first great success which followed the impatience of a singer facing the wait for her medical results..

Agnès Varda was considered the pioneer of the new wave genre

Photo of director Agnès Varda, pioneer of the new waves of the 60s, who died at the age of 90

After stays in Los Angeles, her style becomes more engaged, raising themes such as feminism or racial discrimination in the United States with a documentary on the Black Panthers made in the late 1960s. She then won a Golden Lion. at the Venice Film Festival for her film “Sans Toit Ni Loi” starring Sandrine Bonnaire in 1985, then released in 1987 the controversial feature film “Kung-fu Master” with Jane Birkin. A year later, she released the documentary “Jane B. by Agnès V”, still with Jane Birkin. One of his latest projects to date was “Faces Villages” released in 2017, a documentary on rural France produced alongside artist JR. “Varda par Agnès” will follow, presented in Berlin last February. Among her many awards, she notably received the Palme d’Honneur at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival.

Agnès Varda has distinguished herself throughout her 60-year career

Film and documentary director Agnès Varda died on March 29, 2019

Agnès Varda was married to Jacques Demy from 1962 to 1990, forming a legendary duo of French cinema. They will have a son, Mathieu, who became a filmmaker and half-brother of Rosalie, born in 1958 from Agnès Varda’s relationship with director Antoine Bourseiller.

“She made this profession as important for women as men and has always been in fair fights”. Claude Lelouch

Agnès Varda, who died at the age of 90, was the pioneering director of the new wave style before Godard and Truffaut