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Converse’s Chuck Taylor is ready for winter

While summer has just said its umpteenth farewell to make way for the season as much hated as it is admired by some, autumn, its colors, its gray, but above all its rain and its stammering cold. Now is the time for a change of wardrobe, summer clothing taking a well-deserved rest after a non-stop quarter, in favor of warmer pieces with longer ends. To do this, shoes are not left out if we want to get through the next few months with peace of mind. This is where the revised Chuck Taylor comes in.

Converse presents the 2019 Chuck Taylor MC18

Converse presents its 2019 Chuck Taylor MC18 winter shoe

Like Adidas, which has just released a special edition of its famous and historic Stan Smith by embellishing them with insulating technology Gore-Tex, Converse is also getting up to speed and revisiting its Chuck Taylor All Star classics for the second year in a row in different ways. This is to adapt the pair born in 1917 just as much to an off-piste excursion as to a rainy day in the city..

The Chuck Taylor 70 Bosey and its leather upper

Converse takes back its Chuck Taylor Bosey 70, the winter leather version of the famous All Star

This is how the Chuck Taylor MC18 makes its appearance again this year, after a remarkable debut in 2018. Leader of this winter collection from Converse, the ankle boot made of rubber is in fact a re-adaptation of the Extreme Cold Weather Boot, a military-oriented shoe designed by the Boston brand in the 1950s.

The Converse Chuck Bosey MC, available from November 7

The Converse Chuck Taylor Bosey MC winter shoe, available from November 7

Other updates to Converse’s historical catalog, the Chuck 70 Bosey and the Bosey MC, models with leather uppers fitted with a reinforced toe guard, designed by the brand in the 1940s. Another novelty specially dedicated to the female public, the Chuck Taylor All Star Lugged, with a wedge sole with reinforced grip, as well as a waterproof Gore-Tex lining.

The Chuck Taylor All Star Lugged and its wedge sole, vintage but in tune with the times

Converse released a womens Lugged wedge version of their Chuck Taylor All Star

While the winter models Chuck 70 Bosey and All Star Lugged are already available on the Converse site and from retailers, it will be necessary to wait until November 7 to see the arrival of the new 2019 version of the Chuck Taylor MC18 and other Bosey MC.

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