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Designer Dapper Dan takes sides in Gucci controversy

One of the must-see fashion events of 2018 was of course the surprise collaboration between the avant-garde designer from Harlem Dapper dan and the Italian fashion house Gucci.

Dapper Dan takes position in Gucci black face sweater controversy

photo of Dapper Dan in red suit on burgundy velvet background for article on his Gucci collaboration and controversial blackface sweater

After the Italian group was accused of plagiarism by taking up the particular concept of a jacket created by Dan in the past and offered some apologies, Gucci decided to bet on the one who marked the urban fashion of the 90s with his creations. using the logos of the major European fashion houses and thus creating the first street wear “bootlegs”. After a long, checkered relationship, this collaboration was finally born in 2017 between the two rivals of yesteryear, accompanied by the opening of a clothing workshop in Harlem, Dan’s home district, a boutique, as well as the publication of a book on the influential creativity of the street creator within his district.

Dapper Dan speaks out on the matter affecting his new partners

photo collection Dapper Dan Gucci on the steps of a building in Harlem with Dan in a gray suit

If everything seemed to be going perfectly in this new relationship of trust between Dapper Dan and Gucci, a controversy has come to put its two cents and spoil a collaboration promised to be a great success. Indeed, Gucci has decided to play with fire and opens the breach of a foreseeable scandal by marketing its turtleneck sweater and design of prominent lips, directly accused of racist concept and reminiscent of the popular game of bad taste of “blackface” . If some celebrities like Spike Lee or TI quickly reacted and called for a boycott of the Italian brand, the latter’s new partner finally took up the question: “I am a black man before being a brand”, said Dapper Dan, now 74, adding: “Another fashion house has made a terrible mistake and nothing can justify this type of insult. However, the Gucci boss has volunteered to come this week from Italy to meet with me and members of the Harlem community. There can be no inclusiveness without accountability. I will therefore hold everyone to account. “The details of this meeting as well as the speakers likely to take part are still unknown..

The turtleneck sweater at the heart of the Gucci “black face” controversy

image of the Gucci turtleneck sweater type blackface which is controversial and position taken by Dapper Dan

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If the choice of Dapper Dan by Gucci may have seemed to some to be a foil for the Italian company, it is without taking into account the probably tenacious resentment of the New York designer to the big European brands who had sued him for the unauthorized use of their logos on his own designs, before closing his offices in 1992 and making him persona non grata in the fashion industry for several years.

The 74-year-old designer’s still complicated relationship with the big fashion houses

Dapper Dan in a green suit on a red velvet background for Gucci collaboration