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Disney unveils first image of Lady and the Tramp

After the success of Aladdin and especially the Lion King, soon followed by The Little Mermaid, Disney continues to ride the wave of remakes of its greatest hits, with the arrival of the first image of the future La Belle Et Le Trochard, featuring the two dogs who will embody in flesh and blood the iconic Lady and Tramp from the original 1955 cartoon.

The Lady and the Tramp remake arrives November 12 on Disney +

Disney Twenty Three magazine unveiled the first image of the Beauty and the Tramp remake for Disney Plus

As announced upstream of the project, Disney has chosen to make its remake in live-action, thanks to a real duo of dogs, Monte and Rose, respectively crossed and English cocker spaniel. Unveiled in preview on the front page of the official magazine of the studio with big ears, Disney Twenty-Three, the two doggies would have been saved from abandonment by trainer Mark Forbes, to then be adopted by members of the production, thus offering to the two four-legged actors a new home, just like their other canine companions present in the film.

Disney Twenty-Three magazine unveiled the first image of Monte and Rose, the two heroes of La Belle Et Le Trochard 2019 live-action version

Justin Theroux and Tessa Thompson to voice Lady and Tramp

The two dogs of Beauty and the Tramp will be voiced by Justin Theroux and Tessa Thompson

Rose and Monte, aka Lady and Tramp, will borrow the voices of actors Justin Theroux (The Spy Who Dumped Me, Star Wars VIII) and Tessa Thompson (Men In Black International, Avengers: Endgame), accompanied by the cast of Sam Elliot , Benedict Wong, Kiersey Clemons and Yvette Nicole, under the direction of Charlie Bean (Lego Ninjago), responsible for making this remake in a live-action version.

The remake of the famous 1955 cartoon will launch the Disney + platform on November 12

Disney Unveils First Photo of Two Dogs From 1955 Classic Remake

Scheduled for November 12, the launch date of Disney +, La Belle Et Le Trochard will inaugurate Disney’s new streaming platform, which now promises to be a serious competitor to Netflix. With a very extensive catalog, Disney could win the hand thanks to its offer widely connoted to the general public and the family, the core target of its activity since its beginnings in 1923..

Disney continues to bet on its classics that make it feel good

The Lady and the Tramp remake will air on November 12 for the launch of the Disney Plus VOD streaming platform