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Disney unveils the first Mulan trailer

Disney continues its dynamic focused on remakes in this successful year for the firm with the big ears. After the planetary success of Aladdin which continues to hit the box office, the launch of the highly anticipated The Lion King this month and the announcement of the casting of the next version of The Little Mermaid with the young singer at its head Halle Bailey, Disney just unveiled the first trailer for Mulan, another adaptation of an animated film released two decades ago.

Disney unveiled the trailer for Mulan, the 1998 cartoon remake, scheduled for March 2020

Poster of Mulan, the remake of the 1998 cartoon for which Disney has just unveiled a first trailer

Worn by the American singer and actress of Chinese origin Liu Yifei alias Crystal Liu, the trailer was broadcast during the half-time of the Women’s World Cup final between the United States and the Netherlands, while the film is only scheduled for the month of March 2020. A film adaptation of the 1998 cartoon, this remake directed by Niki Caro (The Zoo Keeper’s Wife) takes up the story of Hua Mulan, following a script signed by a team led by Elizabeth Martin. Promised in marriage, the young woman intends to take her destiny in hand and that of her people in the grip of an invasion of the Huns. Passing herself off as a man in order to enlist in the Imperial Army, against the advice of her family and that of her emperor played by Jet Li, she will be accompanied by her sidekick Chen Honghui, played by Yoson An..

Mulan version 2.0 trailer

Human version of Mulan to be portrayed by Chinese-American singer and actress Liu Yifei

Disney unveiled first Mulan 2020 trailer, starring Liu Yifei aka Crystal Liu as Hua Mulan

Resolutely focused on the action of the original story, this Mulan 2.0 seems to play on the musical comedy atmosphere present in the 1998 cartoon, ignoring the sung scenes and relying more on the dramaturgy and the grandiose side of the fight. of young Hua Mulan in Chinese and New Zealand landscapes.

This 2020 Mulan skips the sung stages, dear to the original version

Liu Yifei plays Mulan in the remake of the Disney cartoon, whose trailer was unveiled this Sunday

Disney is once again taking on one of its previous successes, with the original version of Mulan released in 1998 grossing over $ 300 million and being nominated for the Oscars and Golden Globes at the time..

22 years later, the Chinese Mulan returns to the big screens in a Disney Live version

Disney Continues Series Of Classic Cartoon Remakes With Mulan March 2020 Release