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DJ Khaled pays tribute to Nipsey Hussle in his new album

famous American hip hop producer DJ Khaled is about to release his new album, which will feature the track “Higher” produced in collaboration with Nipsey Hussle, who was assassinated on March 31. The 43-year-old DJ paid tribute to the rapper on Twitter and said the rights to the track in question would be fully transferred to his children, aged 2 and 10, respectively. “Recently, I embarked on an inner journey that I never imagined taking in a million years. It all started when a tragedy deprived the world of an awakened soul, a brother, a father, a partner and my friend Nipsey Hussle “read the post in question.

P.Diddy, Jay-Z, DJ Khaled & Nipsey hussle

photo of P Diddy, Jay-Z Dj Khaled and Nipsey Hussle in clear costumes at a ceremony

Dj Khaled, very touched by the loss of his friend, also reveals their moments spent together a few days before the rapper was murdered in front of his store in Los Angeles. “He was transmitting his energy and positivity to me while filming our track Higher, which I share with the world after much prayer and reflection and with the total blessing of the Asghedom family.” The producer adds that the track in question is a good illustration of what Hussle stood for, “always rising and moving forward”. “It is in this spirit that with the label and my associates we decided to donate 100% of the proceeds of the song elsewhere to Emani and Kross, the children of Nipsey. ” he added.

Dj Khaled pays tribute to Nipsey Hussle on Twitter

Dj Khaled paid tribute to Nipsey Hussle for the title Higher, present on his new album Father Of Asahd

Shooting of the video for “Higher”, Dj Khaled feat. Nipsey hussle

On the sidelines of this tribute paid by DJ Khaled to the rapper, the press also revealed that the latter’s sister had just filed an appeal in court to become the legal guardian of the two children.

The proceeds of the song Higher by Dj Khaled and Nipsey Hussle will be entirely donated to the latter’s children

Dj Khaled has decided to donate the proceeds of the song Higher to the children of Nipsey Hussle, who died in a shooting on March 31, 2019

DJ Khaled’s new album, Father of Asahd, containing the track in question “Higher”, will be released this Friday, May 17th.

DJ Khaled – Father of Asahd, out May 17th

Dj Khaled paid tribute to rapper Nipsey Hussle who collaborated on his new album Father Of Asahd on the track Higher