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Dr Dre laughs at the university affair and then changes his mind

Dr Dre posted an Instagram photo this weekend in which he proudly poses alongside his 18-year-old daughter who had just been accepted to the University of Southern California, without failing to add his two cents regarding the alleged corruption scandal at the University of Southern California. within American universities in which would be involved, among others, the actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin.

Dr Dre proudly poses alongside his daughter Truly mocking the Corrupt Universities affair

Dr Dre poses with his newly accepted daughter at USC with a sarcastic message to actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin

The two actresses are indeed suspected of having paid 500,000 and 15,000 dollars to American universities in order to facilitate the enrollment of their children, in particular through the payment of bribes. Not without irony, the 54-year-old rapper / star producer, real name Andre Young, proudly posed alongside his daughter Truly Young and her admission certificate, adding to his post the message “My daughter is made accepted by USC on its own. So, no prison !!! “. Only, after some congratulations from personalities such as Busta Rhymes, Timbaland or P.Diddy, Dr Dre will delete his post shortly after Internet users recalled that the former member of NWA and his counterpart Jimmy Iovine had donated to this same USC university of $ 70 million in 2013, in order to finance a new branch, the Iovine Academy & Young for the art, technology and business of innovation. In the meantime, his daughter will have a proud poster “My work has paid off, I am accepted into a cinema course (USC School of Cinematic Arts).

Internet users reminded Dr. Dre of his $ 70 million donation to USC, for which his daughter Truly was just accepted

The daughter of Dr Dre Truly young posted on Instagram My work paid off, I was accepted into film studies at USC School of Cinematic Arts, a university funded by her father to the tune of 70 million in 2013

Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine laying the foundation stone of the “Iovine Academy & Young for the art, technology and business of innovation “

Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine donated $ 70 million to the University of Southern California in 2013, in which Truly Young was accepted as a student

Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine thus financed the creation of this course linked to business and engineering of the arts world, after having themselves experienced real entrepreneurial success in parallel with their musical careers, with the development of their company Beats Electronics created in 2008, specializing in the marketing of high-end headphones, then resold it to Apple for an amount of $ 3 billion in 2014. This four-year university program thus funded includes areas such as “arts and entrepreneurship “, Or” Design and marketing of conceptual and commercial platforms “. A generosity hailed at the time by the President of the University of Southern California, who thanked the duo for “Their vision and generosity which will profoundly influence the way we perceive and experience the artistic media”.

Dr Dre aka Andre Young and Jimmy Iovine, founders of Beats Electronics

Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine had founded Beats Electronics which they sold for $ 3 billion to Apple, then funded a university course at USC