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Famous fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has died

The German fashion ambassador Karl Lagerfeld, iconic designer of the Chanel and Fendi brands died on Tuesday February 19 at the American hospital in Paris at the age of 85, probably following a long fight he led against pancreatic cancer.

Karl Lagerfeld, iconic Artistic Director of Chanel has died at the age of 85

photo of Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld in his black suit with ponytail and black glasses on a black background

The fashion designer’s media career spanned more than six decades, beginning in 1954 alongside Pierre Balmain, who had chosen him as his assistant after a Woolmark sewing competition won at the time with Yves Saint Laurent. His career then led him to lead the creation of various houses such as Jean Patou, Chloé, Valentino, Fendi and finally Chanel in 1983, whose image he will shape in order to make it the prestigious luxury brand, popular and very profitable that we know today.

After Balmain, Chloé, Patou and Valentino, Karl Lagerfeld joined Chanel in 1983

Photo of Karl Lagerfeld in front of his drawings and sketches in the workshops of Chanel in the 80s

Hard worker, the “Kaiser” as he was nicknamed, has never ceased to reinvent the world of fashion by bringing touches of pop culture, like Andy Warhol, to whom he was often compared in his work of democratization of an elitist art. A popular figure with a pronounced Germanic accent, the native of Hamburg for whom “Elegance is an attitude” quickly understood the workings of modern communication and the strength of a precisely cropped image. Insatiably equipped with his black jacket on a white shirt, his mythical ponytail of white hair and his opaque black glasses, Lagerfeld has also been able to surprise throughout his career at Chanel, with his original and disproportionate parades that he considered to be more shows. artistic than simple fashion presentations. From Scotland to Seoul, via Havana, it thus moved away from traditional formats with its decorations sometimes inspired by an airport, a supermarket or a beach with reconstituted waves.

Le Kaiser revolutionized the world of Haute Couture with its extraordinary fashion shows

Karl Lagerfeld and his extraordinary parades in an airport and a beach recreated for Chanel is dead

Multitasking artist, Karl Lagerfeld who called himself above all a designer, has also distinguished himself by his work as a photographer, director or author. With an image that went far beyond the borders of the small world of Haute Couture, he did not hesitate to associate it with various major brands such as BMW, Coca-Cola, Barbie or Optic 2000. In addition from his own fashion label which bears his name since 1984 and his enormous work within Chanel and Fendi, the couturier has also put his creative sense at the service of the general public, by creating in 2004 a capsule of 30 products in collaboration with the popular ready-to-wear giant H&M.

Lagerfeld is behind the success of the Chanel empire

Karl Lagerfeld during a fashion show of the Chanel fashion house of which he was artistic director, died of pancreatic cancer

Since the announcement of the death of Karl Lagerfeld, many personalities have paid tribute to one of the most emblematic representatives of the world of fashion, from Virgil Abloh to Pharell Williams “The goat sleeps” through the Supreme brand “Karl Lagerfeld rest in peace, you inspired us all, thank you ”or Victoria Beckham. The house of Chanel, which now finds itself orphaned by its iconic creator, has appointed Virginie Viard, its long-time assistant, to take up the torch of the artistic direction of the group..

The fashion world is losing one of its icons

photo of Karl Lagerfeld on a catwalk after a Chanel show, who died on February 19 of cancer

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Karl your genius touched the lives of so many, especially Gianni and I. We will never forget your incredible talent and endless inspiration. We were always learning from you.

A post shared by Donatella Versace (@donatella_versace) on Feb 19, 2019 at 3:51 am PST

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So incredibly sad to hear this. Karl was a genius and always so kind and generous to me both personally and professionally. RIP? X vb

A post shared by Victoria beckham (@victoriabeckham) on Feb 19, 2019 at 4:04 am PST