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Forever 21 offers diet bars and creates controversy

The Forever 21 chain of stores is at the heart of a controversy launched by some of its customers, surprised to have received dietetic foods from the Atkins brand with their orders of clothing from the brand’s “plus size” range..

Forever 21 sent diet bars to their customers

Forever21 brand is accused by its customers of incitement to diet after receiving Atkins diet bars

Several of those concerned have since expressed their dissatisfaction on social media, pointing to the apparent fat-shaming of Forever 21 in this awkward and frowned upon operation: “I felt very insulted and honestly, even though I like shopping at Forever 21, I’m not sure I want to continue shopping for clothes from a company that thinks I should be a different size ”.

Accused of fat-shaming, Forever 21 claims to have sent Atkins products to all of its customers

Forever 21 reportedly sent Atkins diet bars in packages to its customers

If most of the dissatisfaction concerns orders of large size clothing and therefore led to an accusation of discrimination against a category of customers, Forever 21 wanted to correct the draw by affirming that this promotional approach targeted all orders without distinction: ” Sometimes Forever 21 spontaneously includes promotional products or samples in customer orders. The product mentioned by some of our customers is one of them and has accompanied all orders for a limited period of time, without distinction of size or category. It has since been withdrawn. We sincerely apologize to our customers who may have felt offended, because it was not our intention “thus defended the American brand.

“Please remind me that my body is not yet ready for the beach” A client on Twitter

Forever21 Plus Size Customers Criticized The Brand For Targeting Only Strong Women With Atkins Bars

After discovering the product in their packages, some customers did not hesitate to share their dismay on social networks, especially on Twitter, recalling that the so-called Atkins diet, based on a very limited consumption of carbohydrates, was regularly singled out, for some favoring eating disorders.

“I bought a swimsuit online from Forever 21 and they sent me an Atkins bar with it. Please remind me that my body is not yet ready for the beach ”or“ In principle, Forever 21 sends Atkins bars with all its commands, which sends an extremely dangerous message to ALL of its customers (…) Not only it looks like grossophobia, but in addition it could also trigger health problems in people of all sizes ”we read from the people concerned.

“A priori, Forever 21 sends Atkins bars with all of its orders, which sends an extremely dangerous message to ALL of its customers” A client on Twitter

Twitter comments have grown after Atkins diet bars were found in packages from Forever21 customers