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HBO sweeps away any hope of sequel for Games of Thrones

It has not escaped anyone’s notice that the biggest hit series Game Of Thrones in television history has come to an end, leaving millions of fans orphaned from their Sunday date and the characters they have. loved to hate or adore throughout the 8 seasons that the HBO channel program lasted. While the broadcaster has already announced the upcoming production of three spin-offs from the GoT universe, many viewers are hoping for a direct sequel to the protagonists’ adventures, whose epilogue hinted at possibilities for a possible sequel..

HBO has refuted any sequel idea for Game Of Thrones

HBO logo announcing not wanting to create a sequel to Game Of Thrones and its characters

Indeed, many began to dream of being able to follow the new adventures of Arya Starks, embarked on a ship to conquer as yet unexplored territories and oceans of West Westeros. But, beyond the disappointment generated by the scenario of this final season, for which fans and Internet users have risen to the point of asking for the renewal of it, Casey Bloys, the programming director of HBO, comes also to announce that the hopes of one day seeing a sequel, that is to say a sequel to Game Of Thrones were indeed to be forgotten: “No, there will be no sequel, because I want everything to ‘first that the Game Of Thrones remains as it was imagined by David Benioff and DB Weiss and that I do not want to see these magnificent characters in another world which is not theirs. GoT must remain a unique piece that one should not try to stretch and copy endlessly (…) George’s (R. R. Martin) universe is so immense that it offers many possibilities. So that’s why we don’t want to stand still and why a sequel doesn’t make sense to us “.

“There won’t be a sequel, because I want Game Of Thrones to stay as it was imagined by David Benioff and DB Weiss” Casey Bloys, HBO

HBO Programming Director Casey Bloys Refuses To See GoT Characters In A Sequel Or Another Universe

That said, it would be a shame not to take advantage of the boulevard offered by the character of Arya Starks, complex and promising given his age and his always limitless ambition. The hope of finding Maisie Williams is therefore quite possible, even if it appears compromised in the near future..

The hope of GoT fans that they can follow the adventures of Arya Starks in new adventures is now buried

Many GoT fans thought they would find Arya Starks on her new adventures west of Westeros

HBO justifies itself by saying it wants to explore new facets of the universe of George RR Martin

HBO announces that it does not want to limit the work of George RR Marin to the only Game Of Thrones and does not want a sequel of GoT