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HBO to prepare a spin-off series on the history of the Targaryens

A few months after the official end of the hugely popular Game Of Thrones series, fans are still not done with Westeros and its ruling families, including the Targaryens. If HBO has hinted that no direct sequel was to be expected, the cable channel has already confirmed its interest in the production of spin-off series turned towards other horizons than those of the characters who made the success of the mother series.

HBO may launch a spin-off series on the history of the Targaryen dynasty

According to Deadline, HBo would have started production of a pilot episode on the history of the Targaryens

This is how the American channel unveiled in June the launch of the production of the pilot episode of a prequel entitled Bloodmoon, with Naomi Watts and Josh Whitehouse in the cast and whose plot goes back several millennia in the past. of Westeros, at the time of an interminable winter nicknamed “The Long Night” by George RR Martin and having seen hatch the white walkers.

HBO reportedly gave green light to shoot a pilot from the book Fire & Blood by George R.R. Martin

HBO has reportedly started production of a pilot on the history of the Targaryens from the book Fire & amp; Blood by George R.R. Martin

As the filming of this pilot seems to have come full circle and it is still not known if HBO will follow up on it., American media Deadline seems to know that the channel was continuing its exploration in the Game Of Thrones universe and had launched last fall the production of a new test episode, this time from Fire & Blood, the book by George R.R. Martin, the first two volumes of which came out in the fall and last spring.

Bloodmoon and Fire & Blood, two prequels to Game Of Thrones

After Bloodmoond, HBo Launches Another Prequel Project To GoT, Dedicated To The History Of The Targaryen Dynasty

Set 300 years before Game Of Thrones and devoted to the history of the Targaryen family, the potential new series co-written and co-produced by Ryan Condal and the father of Game Of Thrones tells the tale of the former kings of the Banner at dragons like Aegon the Conqueror, creator of the Iron Throne of Westeros and Aegon III the Unlucky, both direct ancestors of Daenerys and Jon Snow.

“We need to seriously think about the need not to kill the golden goose” Bob Greenblatt, Warner

Inspired by the book Fire & amp; George R.R. Martin's Blood, HBO's new spin-off retraces the history of the Targaryens

While HBO has not confirmed the launch of such a pilot, George R.R. Martin announced that his book Fire & Blood would likely support one of the potential GoT prequel series, which seems to be the case today. However, it will take more and more patience before seeing the shadow of a Targaryen onscreen again, as HBO seems to want to take its time so as not to make the wrong choice regarding the GoT legacy. “We must seriously think about the need not to kill the golden goose and not to offer series that would not be up to the level of quality of Game Of Thrones” said Bob Greenblatt, member of the Management by Warner, owner of HBO.