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Jean Paul Gaultier announces his new project

After announcing in January that he was retiring from the fashion industry at the end of his last and flamboyant Haute-Couture show, Jean Paul Gaultier has clearly not said his last word. However, the famous 67-year-old French fashion designer does not yet seem determined to break away from an industry he has rubbed shoulders with during his 50-year career and has just announced his new strategy. “I am pleased to announce the new concept of my Haute Couture line. Each season, I will invite a designer who will interpret the codes of the House in his own way “posted Jean Paul Gaultier on Twitter.

Update 03/31: due to the covid-19 crisis, the launch of the said collection is postponed to January 2021.

Jean Paul Gaultier and Japanese designer Chitose Abe

Jean Paul Gaultier announces that he will entrust the next Haute Couture collections to various designers

Jean Paul Gaultier has not said his last word

Two months after his last haute-couture show which was to mark the start of his retirement, Jean Paul Gaultier has nevertheless announced his new brand strategy. If the pope of modern Frenchy style seems to have definitely hung up on the needle, the Gaultier house should continue its journey, thanks in particular to the intervention of several renowned designers. Indeed, each new season will be designed by a different designer, invited to reinterpret the style of the Parisian house according to his own codes. An idea seems to have been carefully considered by the main interested party: “The idea that different designers interpret a Haute Couture brand came to me in the 90s, when a Parisian Maison of the time found itself without a designer. “. A concept also implemented by the Moncler brand and its Genius project.

Sacai designer to lead Gaultier house for a season

Chitose Abe will be the first designer to take charge of Maison Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture

Feminism and originality for the future Jean Paul Gaultier x Chitose Abe collection

In order to inaugurate this new post-Gaultier challenge, the sailor pattern has chosen the Japanese Chitose Abe from Sacai, who will present the new collection next July. “I’m glad the concept is coming to fruition now, with Sacai designer Chitose Abe as the first guest.” Chitose Abe first cut her teeth with the Japanese brand Comme Des Garcons, before launching her own Sacai house in 1999. Recognized for her style combining layering, recycling and streetwear, she became one of the most influential designers in the world, signing several collaborations with big brands like Nike (Sacai x Nike LDWaffle) or The North Face, while presenting each of its collections at Fashion Week in the capital. “I have a long-standing admiration for Jean Paul’s singular vision of subversive femininity, as well as for its originality. Two things that have guided me since my beginnings. It is a real honor to be the first designer invited to this project and to have the keys to the Gaultier house in hand (note: for one season) “declared Chitose Abe.

Created in 1999, the Sacai brand has established itself as a global benchmark in terms of luxury streetwear

Jean Paul Gaultier does not completely leave fashion and announces that the House will be managed by several designers

Jean Paul Gaultier will now entrust the keys of his Haute Couture house to various designers

Chitose Abe takes the reins of the Jean Paul Gaultier house for the next season