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JIK: Kanye West launches second AWGE merch collection

Hallelujah, Kanye West’s long awaited album “Jesus Is King” has finally come to the end of its tracks after the many delays and twists we have told you about on several occasions. To celebrate, Yeezy has decided to launch a new range of derivative products, designed by the AWGE team and drawn from the very spiritual universe of the opus, a few days after a first official drop made at the end of last week..

Kanye West drops second merch drop for “Jesus Is King”, designed by AWGE

Kanye West launches second official Jesus Is King clothing collection designed by AWGE

While the first articles launched on Friday highlighted the wise sobriety of the elements generally offered by the designer cap rapper, this new range clearly relies on an uninhibited and assumed proselytism, under the guise of the very spiritual universe of the album at title more than evocative of the overflowing faith of a Kanye West in full mystical reflection.

Merch “Jesus Is King” X AWGE

AWGE signs new merch collection for Kanye West's Jesus Is King album

Already offered for sale on Kanye West’s official website shop, this new version of products stamped “Jesus Is King” is based on Yeezy cotton items and is printed with kitschy images and graphics to the glory of the Christian prophet, with a resolution close to that of a rave flyer underground from the 90s. Made up of T-shirts branded with portraits of Jesus, crosses and reminders to the traditional Sunday Service, the merch capsule of Kanye West’s ninth album also includes a range of sweatshirts illustrated with biblical images, shorts, jogging pants, a cap and even socks. A range finally close to what is already offered by the first salvo of products launched on October 25, neon colors and provocation in addition.

While the first collection of derivative products focused on sobriety, the second is proselytizing

Kanye West launches second drop of merch merchandise by AWGE for Jesus Is King album

Designed by AWGE, the creative team set up by rapper A $ AP Rocky, this second capsule taken from the universe of the album “Jesus Is King” and the Sunday service Sunday Service is already available for pre-order, for a shipping within the next 4 or 5 weeks. Item prices range from $ 20 for a pair of socks to $ 260 for a crossover hoodie, with “If The World Hated You, Keep In Mind That He Hated Me First” written on the back.

Offer a pair of Kanye West socks for next Christmas

Jesus Is King X AWGE, Kanye West and A $ ap Rocky unveil a second merch collection for Jesus Is King

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